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Own water supply system (in this case we are talking about a pump) is a “traveling” product in stores. There is simply no other option for raising water without a centralized supply.

Why do we need a pump: so that water goes to the tap of our private house or cottage under the necessary pressure.

Most owners choose the device on the advice of friends or their own instincts. As a result, there is a device at home with high energy consumption and low pressure in the tank.

The article aims to help you choose the most reliable submersible pump. You will find out why this option is better than the rest, and get acquainted with the rating of downhole submersible pumps. Let's get to the review!

The content of the article

  • Well pump rating: take a surface or deep format
  • Rating of the best submersible pumps - what to choose for a well
  • Rating of submersible pumps for a well
    • AQUARIUS 2300
    • "Sprut" 3S QGD 1-30-0.37
    • Vitals Aqua 5-4DCw 4535-1,0f

Well pump rating: take a surface or deep format

The choice should depend on the conditions of use of the equipment. For deep wells, it is rational to buy a submersible pump. For a small diameter and a shallow place, a surface option is also sufficient. Weigh the pros and cons of all models, and then choose the best one.

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What are the advantages of a deep (submersible) device:

  • almost does not make noise - does not interfere with work in the house;
  • an inexperienced user in this field can also install;
  • pumps water from great depths;
  • the body is specially designed so that no corrosion prevents it from fully serving in the house.

For a surface pump, advantages can also be distinguished - ease of installation and maintenance. The big drawback is that the devices are not protected in any way from the ingress of excess moisture. Installation of equipment is necessary only in a special place. This also affects the price - it is slightly lower than deep models.

Rating of the best submersible pumps - what to choose for a well

Before you buy one or another device from the rating of well submersible pumps, clearly trace all the technical parameters of competitors, namely:

  • motor strength;
  • the power of the entire system;
  • well dimensions for sampling;
  • pressure;
  • how many pickup points will be serviced at the same time.

Productivity - how much liquid you can pump in a period of time. Large-capacity formats allow you to provide 4-5 people without any problems. The optimal indicator is 3 cu. m of liquid per hour.

Power - the power of the pump motor, the ability to pump water out of the well. A large number is not always required to increase performance.

Especially the depth of the well affects the selection. If you have a well no more than 8 meters deep, then the surface option is enough (return to the previous block), for deeper places - only a submersible device.

How to determine the water pressure: measure the depth of the fence and add 30 m.

Consider the number of places for fluid intake. The more of them, the stronger the pump should be in terms of the level of water pressure. You don’t want to run into a problem when you unscrewed 2 taps, and they are without water, do you?

Also pay attention to the length of the cord - it should optimally reach the outlet. It is better not to use extension cords - there is a high probability of a short circuit and ignition of the wiring.

Rating of submersible pumps for a well




The vibration pump from the Ukrainian manufacturer is popular not only in the country, but also abroad. Able to work with both pure water and impurities. It is distinguished by its low cost and simple design.

The pump has a good performance indicator - 2300 liters per hour. Can support up to 3 feed points at a time. For a private home - what the doctor ordered. The pump and housing are made of stainless steel and aluminum - no rust will take such a unit. Engine power 330 W.


  • Productivity allows you to pump water both for the house and for the garden or vegetable garden;
  • The vibration base works great in a dirty environment;
  • Extended service life due to stainless materials;
  • The case has seals so that no water gets inside;
  • The water pressure is enough for the pump to raise the jet to the second floor;
  • Good security system at a low cost of the device.

"Sprut" 3S QGD 1-30-0.37

The Sprut pump is one of the best pumps for wells; it can be installed both in open areas and in a home well. The diameter of the device is only 78 mm. In terms of performance, it loses a little to the previous one - 1800 liters per minute, but it is quite enough for a small dacha and a simultaneous intake from 2 taps. The price is more than the previous one, and here's why: a diving depth of more than 15 meters and a head of 40 meters support the quality of this product. It is worth noting the larger power engine - 450 watts.


  • Large loading depth - 15 meters;
  • Non-return valve for emergency situations (so that water does not go down without electricity);
  • Case - favorite stainless steel;
  • Long cord - 10 meters is enough to get to any home outlet.

Vitals Aqua 5-4DCw 4535-1,0f

The Latvian company has specially created a pump for working in wells and wells in equal capacity. Fits in perfectly with any backyard. The leader in performance is 7680 liters per hour, but there is one caveat - the water should only be clean. If there is dirt up to 0.5 mm, it's not scary. For better performance and longer life, it is recommended to improve the filtration system. The immersion depth is 40 meters, while the pressure is 39 meters. The body is stainless steel, and the structural basis of the engine is brass. Automatic control turns off the device when the required liquid level in the tank is reached.


  • Works simultaneously with 15 fence points;
  • Powerful engine;
  • Dives up to 40 meters;
  • Long cable - 15 meters;
  • High-quality assembly and corrosion-proof materials.
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