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There are several explanations for why a vape tastes bitter. Most often, this phenomenon is associated with improper use of the device, insufficient fluid level. Although there are other reasons - each of them is discussed in detail in the presented article.

Why is vape bitter

The content of the article

  • Main reasons
  • What to do if vape is bitter

Main reasons

Before you figure out what to do if the evaporator gives off burning, it is important to establish a specific cause. Most often observed are:

  1. Insufficient amount of liquid in the atomizer tank. Because of this, the tips of the wick are not saturated with liquid, they begin to burn, so there is an extraneous smell and even taste.
  2. If the new evaporator gives off burning, it may be faulty. It is recommended not to disassemble the device, but to immediately return it to the store.
  3. But most often it is the old vape with worn filler that is bitter. It is constantly heated and in contact with the spiral, due to which soot is gradually formed in these places.
  4. The liquid is too thick - not all evaporators can cope with such compositions. However, they can be used in vapes with powerful atomizers. For example, drips are suitable.
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  5. The objective reason is the concentration of nicotine: the greater the strength, the stronger the taste of burning.
  6. Frequent puffs several times in a row. If the interval between them is short, new portions of the liquid will not have time to completely wet the spiral. It will be heated "dry", so there will be a smell of burning and a taste of bitterness.

What to do if vape is bitter

The evaporator gives off burning

In most cases, you can get rid of burning and bitterness. The main methods are:

  1. If the filler is badly worn, it must be replaced with a new one.
  2. It is advisable to buy a not very thick liquid. But in extreme cases, you can also use it by pouring it into a more powerful vape.
  3. If the new evaporator is bitter, already before the first use, it is necessary to moisten the filler of the replaceable evaporator with liquid. Before the first refueling, apply a few drops to the filler, and only then fill in the liquid (after a few minutes).
  4. It also happens that the liquid is too strong. Then you can purchase a different composition or dilute the liquid with a small amount of glycerin (available at a pharmacy). The bitterness will disappear, but the taste will not be so pronounced.
  5. Finally, while smoking, you should not take too many puffs. It is better to inhale the smoke evenly, taking short breaks.

Most often, the vape tastes bitter due to incorrect puffs or due to insufficient volume of liquid. You can control it in an atomizer with a transparent case. You can also purchase an advanced model with a display that shows the corresponding indicators.

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