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Penoplex and ants can be a source of problems. Insects do not eat heaters, but use them as a habitat, since a suitable microclimate is created inside numerous cavities in winter. How to get rid of pests in just a few days is described in detail in the presented article.

The content of the article

  • Do ants start in penoplex
  • professional tools
    • Muratsid
    • Thunder-2
    • a great warrior
    • Fas Double
  • Folk remedies
  • Basic Prevention Measures

Do ants start in penoplex

Ants in foam plastic can really start up, as in foam plastic, as well as in other materials with a porous structure. The fact is that these types of heaters have many internal cavities, inside which insects make moves, creating a kind of anthill. However, do not think that Styrofoam and ants are a problem, since the latter feed on the material.

In fact, only natural organic residues are eaten by insects. It can be both plants and other insects. Ants lead a predatory lifestyle and collectively attack different prey, even much larger than the size of an individual representative. Therefore, there is no doubt whether ants eat penoplex. In fact, it does not serve them as food, although it performs a number of other important functions:

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  • retains heat, which is especially important in winter;
  • contains a sufficient amount of air due to internal cavities;
  • does not contribute to an increase in humidity and thus protects against mold, fungi and bacteria;
  • allows you to safely hide in numerous passages and avoid external danger.
Penoplex and ants

It turns out that the insulation creates a suitable microclimate in which you can spend the whole winter before the onset of warm days. That is why the question arises of how to process penoplex from ants. To do this, use both professional and folk remedies. Moreover, it is worthwhile to understand that not only ants in foam plastic start up, but also other pests (insects and mammals):

  • beetles;
  • mice;
  • midges;
  • rats.

professional tools

You should not think about whether ants start in penoplex. There are several reasons for this, as described above. It is more important to understand how to deal with pests. First of all, it is better to use professional preparations, which are highly effective and quite affordable.


One of the options on how to protect penoplex from ants is to use the drug "Muracid". It is available as an aqueous concentrated emulsion in 10 ml vials. Consumption is minimal - only 1 ml per 10 liters of water. The specified volume can be reduced, for example, 10 times. Then literally 4 drops of the drug should be added to 1 liter of water (use a pipette).

The solution is poured into the sprayer and the total processing of the material is carried out. It is known that ants do not eat penoplex, but they can live there in whole colonies. Therefore, it is important to spray not only the affected areas, but also those where there are no signs of pests.


If ants start up in the penoplex, you can also fight them with the help of the Grom-2 insecticide. The drug is released in the form of granules, which fall asleep along the route of the insects. Can be evenly distributed in the space between the walls so that the pests touch the substances with their paws.


Due to this, they infect the entire colony, and complete death occurs within 5 days. The maximum protective period is 3 months, after which it is necessary to do the treatment again. Or you can completely replace the material, knowing in which insulation ants do not live. In this sense, foam concrete, ecowool, foam glass and expanded clay are safe. But each of them has its pros and cons that need to be studied before the final decision.

a great warrior

Penoplex and insects are a known problem that many residents have encountered. To solve it, you can carry out preventive treatment with the drug "Great Warrior". This is a gel, which includes 2 active ingredients at once - diazinon and chlorpyrifos. Usually the remedy is used for cockroaches, although it can also be used in the fight against ants.

The gel is sold in a convenient tube, from which it is easy to squeeze it out with a small jet and distribute it in places of accumulation. One syringe is enough to treat a room up to 60 m2. In order to protect the foam from ants as effectively as possible, it is important to apply the composition to hard-to-reach places.

Fas Double

Another effective insecticide that can be used against ants and other insects:

  • cockroaches;
  • fleas;
  • bedbugs;
  • flies;
  • ticks.

It consists of 2 active ingredients - cypermethrin and boric acid, which is also used in its pure form as a folk remedy. The drug is produced in the form of a gray or white powder. One package of 100 g is enough to treat a room up to 100 m2. During processing, it is important to open the windows.

Folk remedies

The truth is that foam and ants create a problem for many residents, since insects often hibernate in this and other heaters. If there is no insecticide at hand, you can try folk remedies:

  • vinegar essence - 300 ml per 2 liters of water;
  • wood ash, lime and crushed tree bark in equal amounts;
  • ash and salt solution (6 tablespoons per 1 liter of boiling water);
  • decoction of tops of tomatoes, potatoes or peppers - the stronger, the better;
  • ants in the insulation can be defeated with ordinary cinnamon (in powder form);
  • garlic - crushed slurry of cloves and leaves.
Ants in insulation

Basic Prevention Measures

Now it’s clear how to process penoplex from ants and mice. To do this, use store preparations and folk remedies. But do not think that one spraying will be enough. In fact, treatments should be carried out regularly - every 2-3 months. And in order to prevent another invasion, it is recommended to take several preventive measures:

  1. Cover the material with concrete or tin plate.
  2. Lay only high-quality boards - hard material without signs of damage.
  3. Design the construction of a house on a strip foundation.
  4. Before laying, treat the foam with a solution of blue copper sulphate.
  5. To cover the plates with paint - one layer is enough.

Thus, insects start up in foam plastic and other heaters, for example, eps and ants, polystyrene foam is also a source of the problem. To cope with it, it is advisable to use insecticides, because folk remedies are not always effective. But it is even better to paint the plates in advance or cover them with tin to exclude pests.

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