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Entrance doors with noise insulation are equipped with special material with a thickness of 80-100 mm or more. Usually these are heavy structures that protect both from sounds and from the cold. The rating of entrance doors presented in the article is made up of the best models according to consumer reviews and value for money.

The content of the article

  • Main selection criteria
  • Top 5 best soundproof doors

Main selection criteria

Before considering the rating of exit doors for sound insulation, it is worth understanding the basic requirements. The most important criterion is the ability to absorb sound. It depends on 3 parameters:

  1. door thickness.
  2. Fabric filler.
  3. The tightness of the gaps that separate the door frame and the door itself.

The easiest way to deal with thickness is to make an accurate measurement. Entrance doors to an apartment with sound insulation, the rating of which is presented below, have a minimum thickness of 80 mm. Thanks to this, the design will be simpler and really attenuate sound waves a lot.

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But in order for the absorption effect to be greater, it is extremely important to pay attention to the filler of the canvas. Moreover, not only the type of material is important, but also the number of layers - at least 4. They must have a porous structure, and the following fillers are most often used:

  1. Foamed polyurethane rigid type. It perfectly absorbs sound, because it consists of a large number of pores. Not prone to shedding, holds its shape well. It serves almost forever - the service life is 50 years.
  2. Mineral wool - a material consisting of silicate fibers, has good sound-absorbing properties and high density. It is recommended to consider those varieties that have an indicator of at least 70 kg / m3.
  3. Foam concrete - concrete with cells that have closed surfaces on all sides.
  4. Isolon - polyethylene that has undergone foaming. Often it is covered on both sides with foil - such material is called penofol.
  5. Corrugated cardboard is a lightweight, "breathable" material that also dampens sounds well. It is recommended to consider those species that consist of at least 3 layers.

Finally, there is such a criterion as the tightness of the gaps. In many ways, it depends on the quality of the sealant, which is laid along the perimeter. But the correct installation is also important - even small violations reduce the tightness.

Top 5 best soundproof doors

Given all the main criteria, as well as user reviews, you can rank the best soundproof doors. The list of models with the best value for money looks like this:

  1. Shelter Comfort TRIO - a box with insulation. It is a basalt slab 115 mm thick. The total weight of the structure is 105 kg. But it opens quite simply thanks to reliable fittings. The design is stylish and compares favorably with many similar models.Doors with noise insulation - 1
  2. Intecron Sparta San Remo is a door with 3-circuit insulation, which simultaneously performs soundproofing functions. Filler - mineral wool, protection against burglary is also provided.Doors with noise insulation - 2
  3. The rating of the exit doors to the apartment in terms of sound insulation continues the New York Labyrinth. The door leaf is equipped with a mirror, the appearance is quite attractive. The fittings are reliable, the web thickness is at least 130 mm.Doors with noise insulation - 3
  4. Person TECHNO LUX is another heavy door (140 kg) with reliable fittings and stylish design. Sealing contours are responsible for sound absorption. Fillers are represented by mineral wool, foil isol and expanded polystyrene.Doors with sound insulation - 4
  5. New Line R-346 - construction with steel box (sheet 1.5 mm). Has a powder coating on the outside, a double contour of insulation. The door is equipped with 2 locks, burglar resistance class 4.Doors with noise insulation - 5

Now it’s clear what to answer if you are asked: “Advise an entrance door with good sound insulation.” First of all, you need to consider the thickness and type of filler. Since the door usually weighs a lot, the quality of the box must also be checked.

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