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A professional auger juicer is an indispensable device in everyday life for every housewife. Why? The answer is simple: how to squeeze juice for your loved one for tomorrow, or grind tomatoes for seaming, or simply start losing weight - you can’t go anywhere without cocktails. Products such as herbs, vegetables, hard fruits or frozen berries will not be a problem in everyday use. Our short article will tell you how to choose the right juicer and which auger juicer is the best.

The content of the article

  • How the device works
  • What is the power of household equipment
    • How many revolutions can the machine give out
    • How the auger is connected
  • Drop-stop function in auger devices
  • Auger juicer rating of the best

How the device works

The principle of operation resembles an ordinary meat grinder - berries, fruits or other products are poured into the loading compartment. Further, everything collected is mixed to the smallest fractions, at low speeds, and then passes under high pressure through a special screw strainer. Thus, the juice comes out through one compartment, and the cake - into the other. The whole process takes literally 1-2 minutes, depending on the amount of food.

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What is the power of household equipment

Models from the top of the screw juicers have a power in the range of 400 - 450 watts. Indeed, not too loud indicators. But, thanks to the built-in gearbox, torque is transmitted from the motor, processed and transferred to the meat grinder at a higher speed.

How many revolutions can the machine give out

The auger cuts in the range from 45 to 110 rpm. These are specially selected revolutions in order to obtain juice with a maximum of nutrients, without foaming and residues of cake in the bowl.

How the auger is connected

Since the knife has a considerable mechanical load, the connecting frame must be made of metal. If you see plastic valves, run away from such a device. The term of use is not equivalent to the cost of a juicer.

A large feed funnel, approx. 75 - 85 mm, allows you to fill the device with fruits or vegetables without pre-cutting and removing stones, peels, etc. Just remember that some of the seeds from the fruit can affect the taste of the juice. For example, add bitterness.

Drop-stop function in auger devices

This special “drip-stop” function stops the flow of juice into the tank by closing a special spout on the body of the device. Also, you can first close the damper and get a mixture of various fruits at once, if you want multi-fruit or vegetable juice from several types of tops.

Auger juicer rating of the best

When selecting devices for our rating, we took into account:

  • Marks of power and speed of rotation of knives.
  • The quality of the assembled parts and the complete absence of plastic.
  • Ability to work with different types of products.
  • Noises while cutting. Quiet operation is the main advantage of screw models, they cope with cutting many times quieter than centrifugal ones. But here, too, some models stood out the most.


King Mix GP-20S is a device originally from China. The model stands out among competitors with excellent quality, despite the budget segment.

The King Mix GP-20S reducer has a metal gear that supports the operation of the device at height. The appliance has a wide funnel with a diameter of 80 mm, which allows you to immerse the fruit without additional cutting into pieces. The juicer operates at a maximum power of 50 revolutions, which allows you to cut hard and soft foods, leaving a maximum of useful substances in the juice.

King Mix GP-20S has a stylish stainless steel body, which provides the user with safe use and long-term enjoyment of juices and fresh juices.

Sana EUJ-707 is a horizontal screw crusher manufactured by a Czech company. All structural elements are made of metal, which guarantees the durability of your device.

A distinctive advantage of the device is multitasking. This is one of those devices that can thoroughly grind plant elements. The juicer handles fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Sana EUJ-707 is able to grind smoothies, fresh juices and even twist pasta. Also, you can buy and install an oil press, and turn a standard device into several at once: a juicer and an oil press. For adherents of healthy nutrition - the ideal solution.

Another plus is the warranty on the company's equipment. A whole 5 years of service!

Tribest SlowStar SW-2000 is a South Korean brand of home appliances. The juicer has sufficient power and is equipped with metal parts. Guarantee for the device – 10 years! Where else will you find this?

Tribest SlowStar SW-2000 is a device with a two-turn knife. The design allows cutting in such a way that large fractions or peel do not get stuck inside the device. The model has a wide funnel that can withstand the extraction of even the hardest products.

Funnel volumes - 37 x 62 mm, some products should be cut additionally. The standard operating mode is 47 revolutions.

Tribest SlowStar SW-2000 leaves more than 90% of the nutrients in the finished product. Additionally, the manufacturer has attached a grinder that allows you to prepare dishes for lovers of raw food.

Hurom Premium Alpha Plus HZ is one of the latest models produced. This is the most versatile and premium model with quiet operation from the South Korean manufacturer of home appliances.

Hurom Premium Alpha Plus HZ stands out from the competition with its unique design. The body is made entirely of stainless steel. The design of the funnel provides two compartments for loading products of various shapes at once. Additionally, the manufacturer put a nozzle for cutting citrus fruits.

In order to produce all the details of the device, the manufacturer decided to use the latest GE-Ultem material as a basis. This is an environmentally friendly material, while - the most durable. Juices, as a result of the operation of the machine, leave all the nutrients.

For fans of the “cheaper” option, the company came up with the Alpha Plus device in a plastic version. Also, the package does not include a citrus knife. Otherwise, there are no differences from the premium model.

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