Review of washing machines Kuppersbusch

Washing machines Kuppersbusch do not need additional advertising, their quality was formed for years and checked by users. This technique can not afford every user, as the prices for it are high, like German quality.

Let's clarify the features of individual models of SMA "Kuppersbush".

Content of the material:

  • 1Where do the washing machines "Kuppersbush"
  • 2How is the washing machine
  • 3Which Kuppersbusch model to choose: customer reviews
    • 3.1Kuppersbusch W 1809.0 AT
      • 3.1.1Customer Reviews
    • 3.2Kuppersbusch WA-SL (R / L)
      • 3.2.1Customer Reviews
    • 3.3Kuppersbusch WA 1930.0 W
      • 3.3.1Customer Reviews
    • 3.4Kuppersbusch WA 1940.0 W

Where do the washing machines "Kuppersbush"

The brand Kuppersbusch dates back to 1875. Then Friedrich Kuppersbusch founded a small workshop, which was engaged in the manufacture of kitchen stoves.

The production grew and expanded, so in 1889 a company was founded under the name "Coopersbush and Sons where they manufactured elite equipment for the house.

In 1925, under the name of the brand, they began to produce not only household appliances, but also kitchen sets. To list all the discoveries and achievements of the company "Kuppersbush" can be endless.

In 1999, the company joined the TEKA, but continued to produce equipment under its own brand. The country-producer of washing machines is still Germany.

The company initially took a high bar, so the technique is popular today. Only the best equipment in factories, only the latest technology in technology. Today, the technology from the German brand is known for its quality and stylish design.

How is the washing machine

The design of these washing machines is not particularly different from other brands. The repair engineers notice that almost the only reason for the repair of the Kuppersbus equipment is the deterioration of the parts - the assembly is done so well.

The model range is mainly represented by front-loading washers. At first glance, these are minimalistic panels with electronic touch controls, but the simplicity of the forms produces a high class of technology. The display in Russian makes operation easier. You can read how to use the machine in the instructions.

The characteristics and functions of the machines differ from the others in the following points:

  • Setting the complexity of pollution. Allows you to customize the program depending on the type of contamination of the laundry. You can set the soak mode, adjust the cycle time.
  • Bio-phase. Activates substances in special powders, which allow to remove complex, organic impurities. For example, stains from fat, wine, blood.
  • Mode against allergies. Washing is carried out at high temperatures, removes dust, dirt, bacteria. Thorough rinsing helps to completely wash the detergent out of the fabric. Useful function for children and allergy sufferers.
  • Rotations of the drum during spinning start very smoothly. Such a trek retains the fabric structure. The maximum possible spin in this brand is 1800 revolutions. This is the highest figure among the remaining brands of washing machines.
  • Steaming by steam allows you to refresh the laundry without washing, smooth the folds on the fabric.
  • Technology Aqua-Sensor controls the state of water in the drum.

Washing machines "Kuppersbush" work quietly. To better understand their features, consider individual models.

Which Kuppersbusch model to choose: customer reviews

For a rational choice of technology, it is important to study not only the technical features of the stylalki, but also customer feedback.

Kuppersbusch W 1809.0 AT

Washing machine with front loading is designed for 5 kg of laundry. Electronic control with a large display will help you easily choose from 15 washing programs; you can take care of different types of fabrics.

From features of model W 1809.0 AT it is possible to allocate self-cleaning of a drum, function which automatically weights linen and doses a washing-up liquid. High-quality noise insulation super-silent makes the washing process "invisible" for you and your neighbors. The sensor determines the degree of contamination of clothing.

The hatch of the car opens 180 degrees. It is possible to reposition the door. The washing temperature is adjustable. Stiralka received full protection from leaks. The control panel is blocked from accidental pressing.

The energy consumption class of the machine is A +, for one hour it is used, 7 kW of energy. The water consumption for one cycle is 49 liters. Spin speed is 1800 revolutions, adjustable.

High cost - from 188 000 rubles.

Customer Reviews


After the old machine broke, my wife and I were advised to take this model Kuppersbush. We have been using it for two months, everyone is happy.


I ordered a dumb in the online store. Of course, the price is expensive, but the machine works perfectly, and most importantly - noiselessly. So far, I have not found any negative moments.

Kuppersbusch WA-SL (R / L)

Full-sized washing machine with dimensions of 60x85x60 cm. The drum holds 5 kg of laundry and, together with the tank, is made of stainless steel. In this case, strong sounds during washing do not disturb you - the car has a super-silent soundproofing.

The wide hatch is conveniently opened 180 degrees, the door can be outweighed to the right and left side. Time Manager technology saves washing time, even when the laundry is wetted with a jet method. The steam processing function operates in three modes: additional processing during laundry, a separate program for freshening and smoothing the fabric, self-cleaning the drum with steam.

There are 15 washing modes, among them "Protection against ticks". Things are processed at a temperature of 60 degrees, then rinsed in a lot of water. The spinning reaches 1600 revolutions.

The price is from 95 000 rubles.

Customer Reviews


Bought with her husband model WA-SL (R / L). I liked the design of the machine and the number of functions. Works really quietly, without any problems I load laundry for the night. Mode against allergies - generally a wand-rescue. Quickly disinfects children's clothes and bed linens. For such a price the car fully meets its characteristics.

Kuppersbusch WA 1930.0 W

A stand-alone model with the option of embedding. The dimensions of the case are 85х5, х64 cm. Drum loading 8 kg. The legs of the machine are adjustable in height. The door of the hatch opens 180 degrees and can be re-positioned.

Supersilent Plus technology allows the stylalk to work in silent mode. The drum is equipped with a backlight. Standard washing programs are included. Gathered on vacation? Use the delayed start mode up to 7 days. Load the laundry into the tank and set the cycle start time - after returning, you will find freshly washed clothes.

The sensor of contamination of laundry helps to choose the best washing schedule. Complete security system: multi-stage leakage protection, unbalance compensation, foam control, child protection.

In the course of operation, the washing machine consumes, 5 kWh of electricity, consumes 45 liters of water per cycle. Spin speed - 1600 per minute, the power can be adjusted.

The price is from 160 000 rubles.

Customer Reviews


I have been using the typewriter for a year now. The quality is excellent. I like the control panel with the touch buttons. The display in Russian, it's very important. Programs to choose easily, it's good that the choice is big enough. Stiralka spends water and electricity economically, did not notice a particular difference in the bills. I was important that you can wash a large amount of laundry. In addition, the car fits perfectly in the stylistics of my kitchen. It is happy with a choice.

Kuppersbusch WA 1940.0 W

Model with front loading, drum capacity - 8 kg. The machine features a touch-sensitive control with a large LCD display. The energy consumption class of the styralke is quite low kWh. The water consumption is 45 liters per cycle. The spin speed reaches 1600 revolutions, there is the possibility of deenergizing spinning.

The drum is equipped with a backlight, as well as 3D-Washing technology. The effect of water injection allows you to gently stuff things with moisture. Supersilent Plus technology provides high-quality insulation. Intelligent control automatically weighs the laundry, calculates the amount of water and detergent. It is possible to adjust the water when the drum is not fully loaded.

There are all the necessary programs for washing delicate, children's, sportswear. Special treatment for wool and angora will help to gently clean the delicate tissue from contamination. The chrome hatch opens at an angle of 180 degrees, there is the possibility of re-alignment.

Washing machine WA 1940.0 W is one of the most expensive in the Kuppersbush segment - from 18, 00 rubles. Unfortunately, we did not find user feedback on this model, so the choice is yours.

The Kuppersbusch technique definitely deserves your attention. This quality, tested by time, but it will have to pay dearly.

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