Detailed description of the apple tree of Welsey


The apple tree of Welsey was bred in the middle of the nineteenth century and is a frost resistant variety that is typical for almost all latitudes of the country.Fruits ripen late - already in the winter, so the apples themselves are stored for 4-5 months.Due to the presence of a number of positive characteristics, this plant has become widespread throughout the country.


Table of contents

  • General characteristics of the Welshy apple variety
    • Trees and fruits
  • Rules of landing
  • Aspects of care in different periods of growth
  • Pruning and Disease
  • What do experienced gardeners think
  • If we sum up

General characteristics of the Welshy apple variety

The Welshy variety originated from the Siberian cherry-apple tree

The apple tree is of the aforementioned American variety, but the selection originated from the Siberian cherry apple tree. The fruit tree was bred in the 1860s, but the spread in central and southern Russia occurred much later, only after careful research had been carried out.

As for the harvest, there are many advantages:

  • Fast harvest. The first collection of fruits can be made in the fourth year after planting.
  • Fruits ripen in the middle-end of October. In more southern regions, the ripening ends at the end of September. Therefore, they contain a lot of vitamins and useful components.
  • Attractive presentation. Each fruit has positive characteristics for apple trees.
  • Fruits do not require additional ripening. Apples are not stacked for vylezhivaniya - they can eat right away.
  • High yield percentage. With the average tree, you can collect about 200 kilograms of fruit per season.
  • Long-term storage period. Apples can lie until late winter, namely until January inclusive.
  • Plantnot exposed to traditional diseases, which are inherent in apple trees as a whole. There are also diseases that affect the fruits themselves.
  • Frost resistance is much higher, than other fruit trees.
  • Thanks to these advantages,breeders choose Wales as the basis for obtaining a new variety. There are about thirty of them already.
Apple apple variety Welsey

Negative features also take place:

  • If the harvest is not harvested in time, then it is simplycrumbles. In this case, the fruits are not stored for long - they start to wrinkle or dry.
  • Large number of cropscauses deterioration in fruit quality- reduction in size.
  • Weather conditions affect the taste. For example, apples can be sour when the weather during the season is rainy.
  • The same applies to the color scheme.Fruits can be purchased from bright red to light yellow hues. It also depends on the solar activity.
  • Wales fructifies for a quarter of a century, but not more. By the incident of this time the tree disappears.
  • For a high yieldauxiliary pollinators are needed: Antonovka, Mackintosh.
In addition, there are a number of additional factors that can affect the quality of fruits and the whole plant for the worse.

Trees and fruits

The tree itself is small in size. In height, the tree grows two meters, and the crown is wide. The branches are not too thick, raised upwards, because of this they often break off under the weight of the crop.The five-year-old tree has a pyramidal crown, afterwards it is rounded and further resembles a ball. Grow trees and shoots moderately, that is, gradually. At the beginning of the vegetative period there is no rapid growth.

The apple of the Welsey variety is small in size and has a red color

The deciduous cover is moderate. Each leaf has average dimensions. Their edges are curved, have a slight serrated shape. The color scheme is supposedly dark green or emerald, smooth and shiny texture. Cuttings under the leaves are thin and long. During flowering you can see pink or white buds of medium size, medium fill.

Fruit characteristics:

  1. Weight of one fetusin about 100 grams.
  2. Fruitwell transported, since the skin is elastic and durable.
  3. Through the main color protopayutsubcutaneous points, which are visible to the naked eye.
  4. Skin coloroften it is red or pink, there is less yellow.
  5. PulpWhite, yellow, and sometimes pink with scarlet veins.
  6. Taste of fruitssweet and sour.
  7. AromaExpressive, but still fresh with honey notes.
The quality of Welsey's fruit depends on the weather conditions

In many respects, the qualitative characteristics of the fruit depend on the weather conditions and the region of apple tree growth in Wales. If the season is rainy or too sunny, then the taste of the fruit will become herbaceous.


Rules of landing

Depending on the features of the sitewhen landing Wales, 10 rules are taken into account, which will become useful. If you take into account the accompanying nuances, then the apple tree will yield the maximum yield:

  • Groundwater must be at a depth of at least, meters. Otherwise, the plant simply will not be able to fully grow, and may even dry out.
  • Landing is produced earlyin springor latein autumn.
  • The tree is best placed in the part of the site where there is noexposure to direct sunlight.
  • Next to this fruit varietyit is important to place additional pollinators, namely other varieties of apple trees.
  • Soil is necessary for loose and transmitting air, so clay for landing purposes is not suitable.
  • Ground requires adjustment, viz.application of fertilizers and minerals.
  • Pitis formed by the size of the rhizome of the seedling.
  • In the center of the excavation in bulkFertile soil layer is laid.
  • After thatwe fall asleep a seedlingsurface layer of soil.
  • The earth is dampedaround a thin trunk, and then flooded with water: 1-2 buckets.
  • That the plant does not shy away,The trunk or branches are fixed to a peg.
Welsey Planting System

If you follow all the above rules, then the harvest will remain large and high quality from year to year. The tree itself in this case will not require special care.


Aspects of care in different periods of growth

Immediately after planting, care should be taken in accordance with the following scheme:

  1. If the seedling is planted in the spring, it is mandatoryshorten the central conductor.
  2. Apple tree treatmentin different periods of the year from certain pests.
  3. Thermal insulation of the trunkand rhizomes in the winter season.
  4. Periodicwatering and punchingsurface soil.
In subsequent years, care lies in the basic and additional aspects. There are few points, but they have an important influence on the growth and development of plants.

The first thing that is done in the following years is:

  1. Forming pruning, with the help of which the crown is formed.
  2. Care for the stump areatree.
  3. Periodicapple top dressingduring the year.
  4. Treatmenttrunk and foliage coverfrom pests.
  5. Sanitary pruningin order to remove the damaged branches.

Pruning and Disease

Forming pruning is carried out at the beginning of each season. So the crown becomes a definite shape and size. The branches do not break, but the fruit ripen evenly. In the first year of planting, the trunk is truncated mainly into three buds from the top. In each subsequent year, the same pruning occurs.

Annual trimming of the central trunk to 3 buds from the top

Wales is troubled by the same diseases and pests that bother and any other apple tree.Especially common are: powdery mildew, fruit rot, pests - apple fruit moth. The methods of struggle are the same as in the processing of any other. Get rid of diseases and pests can be with the help of drugs that are sold in stores for gardeners.

With regard to shaping trimming - the procedure is carried out every year. In the process, the longest processes are removed.

Shortening of shoots is done in the spring, before buds swell.

In the fall, the same procedure is performed less often. Pruning is done with well-ground garden tools, so as not to damage the bark and the branch itself.


What do experienced gardeners think

3-year-old apple tree Welsey

Experienced gardeners choose for mass planting with the Wales apple tree. Thanks to the positive characteristics:high yield and unpretentiousness to weather conditions, a large number of amateur gardeners start planting a garden often with a plant of this variety. They quickly take root and do not require special care. This is how beginners and experienced gardeners respond.


If we sum up

Applewood Wales has a lot of advantages, which led to its rapid and wide distribution. The fruit tree variety has a long history of use, so there are thirty similar kinds of fruit tree.

High yield and quality of fruits make the apple tree a target product for entrepreneurial activity, since the fruits retain their presentation for 2-4 months, and the taste characteristics are considered as acceptable for the buyer.

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