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When choosing a Nikon or Canon camera, you should carefully study the technical specifications. Both brands produce quite reliable devices with a very wide choice of optics and functionality. However, each has disadvantages, which, along with the advantages, are described in detail in the presented article.

The content of the article

  • Nikon pros and cons
  • Canon pros and cons
  • Which is better: camera comparison

Nikon pros and cons

Camera - Nikon

Understanding which is better Canon or Nikon is quite simple if you carefully study the advantages and disadvantages of cameras from each manufacturer. Both brands have proven themselves on the positive side - if we talk about the specific advantages of Canon, we can highlight the following points:

  • a significantly large number of auto focus points;
  • the ability to control the flash;
  • large APS-C sensor;
  • high-quality materials and reliable assembly;
  • availability of additional options.

At the same time, there are also disadvantages. If we consider what is better than Canon or Nikon, it is worth mentioning the following disadvantages:

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  • rather high price;
  • average video quality;
  • unstable quality of night shooting (depending on the specific model).

Canon pros and cons

Camera - Canon

When choosing Canon or Nikon, you should also carefully study the advantages of Canon:

  • quality video;
  • affordable price for many models;
  • a high resolution;
  • lens with built-in motor;
  • simple controls - even a beginner can handle it.

There are also disadvantages, but there are not so many of them:

  • displays tend to be small;
  • some models cannot select a specific AF area;
  • no touch control.

Which is better: camera comparison

If you compare Canon and Nikon cameras, given their technical characteristics, you can find several advantages of models from both brands:

  1. In terms of optics, both manufacturers provide a very large selection. However, only Canon has motorized lenses.
  2. In terms of autofocus, Nikon is significantly superior to similar competitor models.
  3. Flash option - here the possibilities are about the same.
  4. Nikon is equipped with a fairly large touch screen - the competitor has smaller dimensions.
  5. In terms of image quality, many Nikon models look preferable compared to Canon. Even the flagship model Canon EOS-1D x is inferior in many respects to many competitor models.
  6. In terms of video quality, both brands are comparable, but Canon is developing more dynamically in this direction. Therefore, if the requirements for shooting are very serious, it is better to consider his models.

When studying which camera is better than Canon or Nikon, we can conclude that both brands have many advantages, although they are not without drawbacks. For example, Nikon is often criticized for problems with the shutter mechanism, while Canon is often criticized for rubber inserts that fade over time and can even cause an allergic reaction. In terms of price, Canon devices look more attractive.

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