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Vaping is a good alternative to regular cigarettes. Such devices are suitable for those who quit smoking or practice smoking with the evaporation of aromatic liquids. If you plan to purchase a vape, you should study in detail the different types of devices. The article describes in detail the main types of electronic cigarettes, their features, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

The content of the article

  • By body size
    • Class A
    • Class B
    • Class C
    • Class D
    • Class E
    • Class F
    • By type of atomizer
  • By type of management
  • Disposable and reusable vapes

By body size

One of the main classifications of devices is related to the type and dimensions of the case. Types of electronic cigarettes and their names according to this parameter are divided into 6 classes.

Class A

There are different types of vapes, with the first being Class A. These are the most compact devices with a length of 10.5 cm and a cartridge volume of 0.3 ml. If we talk about the name of an electronic cigarette, we can mention another common name - "super mini".

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Their advantages are compactness and affordable price. On the other hand, this is not the most common class, since the volume is small. This amount is enough for only half a day. That is why it is advisable to understand what electronic cigarettes are in order to purchase the optimally suitable vape.

Class B

Such types of vape are called "mini". They are slightly different from class A.
The size is about the same, but the volume is slightly larger. Thanks to this, one full refueling will last for several hours. The number of puffs corresponds to 15 regular cigarettes.

Class C

These vapes are called "penstyle". The reason is what a class C e-cigarette looks like. It is similar in shape and size to a pen. pen). In length they reach 15-18 cm, they fit easily in pockets. At the same time, the volume of the cartridge is 0.9 ml, thanks to which a full charge is enough for 1-2 days even of active smoking. The battery capacity is usually over 300 mAh.

Class D

The photo of this type of electronic cigarette shows that it resembles a cigar. That's what class D vapes are called. The length is exactly the same as that of the penstyle, but the thickness is noticeably greater. Due to the increased diameter, the battery is more powerful, its capacity is up to 600-700 mAh. The volume of the cartridge is also larger, so after one charge you can use the vape for several days.


Class E

These types of electronic cigarettes with liquid are different from all those described above. They are not round, but rectangular. Moreover, the sizes can be very different - compact, medium and very large, which are even difficult to grasp with one hand. Often, mods are rectangular in shape, although there are other variations.

Within this class there is a division into 2 subclasses:

  1. Mechanical mods (mechanical mods) - the name of electronic cigarettes of this type speaks of their simple device. Vapes consist only of an atomizer, where all processes take place, and a battery, which is a source of electrical energy.
  2. Boxmods - the most popular types of disposable electronic cigarettes. Along with an atomizer and a battery, they have a board, that is, a microcircuit that provides comfortable control using buttons. These models are excellentFind out what types of electronic cigarettes exist and their names. Photo, description and technical characteristics. Which device is better to buy and why. Composition of electronic cigarettes.but convey the taste and give really a lot of steam.

Class F

Vapes of this class are also called e-pipes, since they really look like wooden pipes. The battery is very capacious, up to 1000 mAh. The tank also has a large volume, which allows you to actively use the device for several days.

But such varieties of electronic cigarettes are not as popular as the same penstyle. The fact is that they are not very practical - the pipe does not always fit in your pocket and smoking it every day is not very convenient. On the other hand, the pipe can be presented as an original gift.

By type of atomizer

An atomizer is the main device that is part of electronic cigarettes. It is he who heats the liquid and turns it into steam. Depending on the maintenance method, there are 3 types of atomizer:

  1. maintenance free – the case is completely closed, so consumables cannot be replaced. In the event of a breakdown, you must purchase a new similar model. A practical option for those who do not want to bother.
  2. serviced – it can be disassembled and, if necessary, replace components. Such an evaporator can be used much longer than a maintenance-free one.
  3. Combined - it can also be disassembled to replace the coil and other components.

If we consider what electronic cigarettes are, their types, we need to talk about the classification by types of atomizers:

  1. RDA ("drips") - instead of a tank for liquid, they are equipped with only a small reservoir. Moreover, the liquid is instilled directly through the mouthpiece. The design is quite simple, suitable for beginners. But you will have to constantly take a container with liquid with you.
  2. The RTA is equipped with a tank into which liquid is poured. Suitable for long-term use, for example, while walking. But there is a drawback - the tank does not transfer the taste as well as the RDA. The photo shows what the tank of this type of e-cigarette looks like.What are electronic cigarettes
  3. RDTA ("bakodripka") also has a tank. But the liquid is supplied from it through the wicks, which are lowered inside. Therefore, the taste is more pronounced compared to RTA. Another plus is that due to the presence of a tank, you do not need to take liquid with you.
  4. Cartomizer - this type of tank and evaporator are connected together. Therefore, the steam is very thick and saturated. The downside is that the hull is often opaque, so you can't see the goo level.
  5. Clearomizer - the design is the same, but the body is transparent.
  6. Genesis - evaporator with a special grid. Usually installed on expensive vape models.

By type of management

To study the types of electronic cigarettes and their names from the photo is quite simple. But from the picture it is not always easy to understand what type of control is implemented on a particular device. According to this parameter, all models are divided into 2 types:

  1. With automatic control.
  2. With manual control.

In the first case, there are few or no buttons on the case - the whole process is automatically regulated. The user cannot set, for example, power. The convenience is that he does not need to do anything, besides, the buttons will not be accidentally pressed when the cigarette is in his pocket.

Manual control is implemented on expensive vapes. They have wide functionality that allows you to customize the smoking process to suit your taste. In addition, a display is built into the housing, which allows you to monitor the status of electronic parts.

Disposable and reusable vapes

The difference between a cigarette and an electronic cigarette is obvious. A vape has a heater that evaporates the liquid, while a regular cigarette produces combustion products after lighting tobacco. Therefore, it is always disposable.

As for vapes, they can be:

  • disposable;
  • reusable.

In the first case, the device is inexpensive and does not differ in high power. It is suitable for those who want to quit smoking or smoke quite rarely, trying not to harm their health.

Reusable types of electronics have a design that allows you to change not only the liquid, but also the battery and other elements. This is a durable device that can last even more than one year. When choosing it, you should pay attention to the battery capacity, build quality, tank volume. It is quite clear what the electronic cigarette is called in a different way - this is a vape. But the most important thing is to know the name of a particular model and a description of its characteristics.

From the presented review it is clear what types of electronic cigarettes are. Of particular importance is the classification by type of atomizer, tank volume. You need to understand for what purposes, how often the device will be used, how bright you want to taste. If you evaluate all these parameters, you can buy a really good model.

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