Installing a satellite dish with their hands

In Belarus, for the installation of a satellite dish take permission of the executive committee. Required to provide a passport, a certificate for an antenna, a certificate of ownership of housing, photography facade of the site where the product is installed. Installing a satellite dish by yourself is prohibited without the consent of the completed project, and tenants and in Russia. Live peacefully only the owners of private houses.

How to install a satellite dish

Agree on a plate make, in addition to the signal it is difficult to clean. Professionals are satisfied priborchik showing signal strength, ordinary, users use built-in software provider (on the TV screen, the desired settings).

If the home - I mean the house - not the private property of wanting to install the antenna, will have to pass seven circles of hell, and to pay a tidy sum for the process. In Belarus, a fine fleece of 10 - 30 base for arbitrariness, but do not punish anyone. As it turned out, the rules in Russia harder. If the house looks out onto the main street, or refers to the historical monuments, the document would have to agree with the supervising architect's organizations and historical sense. The capital requirement rules are compounded by the device registration with certificate, which stipulates the appointment of a satellite dish.

Satellite Dish TV

No air conditioning, no TV or radio antenna is installed without similar procedures. In Krasnodar resident citizen of Turkish origin, who wanted to watch the satellite with their own language. The house has cable TV, but Russian program. I filed a companion application to the HOA and waits. The organization does not want to grant permission.

A citizen of Turkish origin put a small inconspicuous plate under the windows and got out of the HOA requirement to remove the product. Justified reason: dish spoils the appearance of the building. After three weeks, followed by a lawsuit. Motivation simply stunning:

  1. The house already had a cable TV.
  2. Antenna spoils the appearance of the building façade.
  3. Antenna is a "light interference".

Well, not the facade insulated or ventilated, get permission unrealistic in the latter cases. Thus, the court considered the claim by the HOA and rejected on grounds of:

  • It spoils the appearance of the facade and advertising placed on the disputed building. However, a profit HOA, so the advertising tolerated. Antenna benefits. The only member of the HOA, self-install a satellite dish. In addition, the small size, gray color and the height of the fifth floor of the suspension make the product hardly noticeable to the viewer, the viewer from the ground.

antenna installation

  • As a light interference satellite dish is not considered, given the size and the position does not create tenant neighbors willful interference.
  • Cable TV is available in the house, is not considered an analogue satellite antenna, does not provide a similar list of the plate channels.

Introducing definition, the court explained that this is the direct compliance with the articles of the Constitution. According to a written decision, any citizen has the duty to comply with the main law of the country, guided by the actions. The basis was the violation of the human rights of HOAs to free access to information.

Belarus illegally installed plate may justify in the eyes of Themis, if the conduct engineering surveys, showing that installation is done by the rules. If we take into consideration the price of a typical project, how much is the installation of satellite antennas qualified altitude climber and compare with the size of the penalty and research, it turns out that the act originally Law unprofitable.

Installing a satellite dish

Obtaining permission to install satellite antenna

To start watching digital TV is required to get permission to install a satellite dish. The list of documents provided by the house owner. In most cases this HOA.

  1. Application for installing the satellite antenna.
  2. on the plate certificate.
  3. The project is for the installation of a satellite dish from a licensed organization.
  4. Resolution tenants installation.
  5. Welcome home cable TV provider.
  6. The license of the contractor to perform the work.
  7. Guarantee that all kinds of problems that have occurred as a result of the installation, eliminate installers.

When installing a satellite dish on your balcony authorization from the cable operators do not need to. Otherwise, it may challenge the denial in court as unjustified. Installation of satellite TV antennas is conducted according to the instructions. Some experts believe that the project is needed only if the house is non-standard.

For example, it is considered an architectural monument. In other cases a license will suffice in the installer, to carry out work. Since the individual is taking responsibility. There is an attempt by local authorities to take control of the satellite antenna.

Marked single instances when the art of cable television provider cut wire from the plates between floors. The owner explained that a mistake and want to measure the signal line service provider. The situation has reached comic. Breakage produced from every two-three months. Constantly coming up with excuses, citing the incompetence of the technicians. Such pressures have sometimes a man, who decided on their own to install a satellite dish.

The project in Moscow is 20,000 rubles. We counted the zeros. It costs 4 sets for the reception of digital television from the spacecraft. Self installing a satellite dish Tricolor costing a pretty penny. In Moscow, the equipment must be registered, for example, that people did not complain that irradiated. We do not know where there is a dish that can send a signal to the satellite. For these purposes there are special up-link stations equipped with much more powerful hardware, and built on the requirements of the law. Setting yourself such a complex is simply impossible.

Independent antenna installation

The matter is complicated by the lack of a unified base of standards. Officials recommend waiting much - remains unclear. Custom cost satellite dish installation in Moscow starts from 250 USD With this money, take NTV + HD set and remote control in addition to full happiness. If you add the price of the design documentation (which requires a licensed organization), the mood disappears. The subscription fee against the background looks a penny.

We have decided to install a satellite dish Telecard - contractors sell services with the kit:

  • antenna;
  • cable;
  • receiver;
  • card access to the encrypted content.

If the antenna is already installed, an agreement by many providers is free. It is understandable why people gain self-determination on the installation of satellite dishes Telecard.

Satellite television Telecard

According to the installation instructions, which operates with the notion of the angle of the converter, there is hardly probable not the only provider in Russia broadcasting in linear polarization (probably horizontal). NTV Equipment + and Tricolor TV is not suitable without modification. For broadcasting uses 15 Intelsat satellite. I am glad that on the instruction information does not need to produce programs and calculators for calculating the position of celestial bodies in the sky. Call the operator to a company to get the coordinates.

We believe this is a little trick, the operator has the necessary computer program. But it is convenient, toll-free in Russia, and coverage excludes a number of areas of Kamchatka and the north. Even Khabarovsk and Vladivostok fall within the scope of broadcasting. For comparison Tricolor TV in the spring of 2014 only takes into orbit satellites to solve similar problems. Washer soared in March from Baikonur. In this sense, Telecard looks mishandled European provider or possibly Asian.

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