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Malfunctions of the Atlant two-chamber refrigerator are usually associated with a malfunction of the thermostat and the cooling system. Modern models are equipped with a display that will show the error code. But often it is not possible to determine the cause on their own. An overview of the most common situations, as well as repair instructions, is provided in this article.

The content of the article

  • Symptoms
  • How to determine the cause
  • Refrigerator won't turn off
  • Backlight problems
  • Accumulation of water under the body or in the chamber
  • Snow buildup on interior surfaces


Malfunctions of the Atlant two-chamber refrigerator with 2 compressors manifest themselves in different ways. The following are most often observed:

  • the unit does not turn off and continues to work;
  • knocking sounds from the motor;
  • layers of artificial snow are frozen on the inner surfaces;
  • vibration is felt, and it can be so strong that the unit collides with the wall;
  • you can hear a creak, crack;
  • insufficient cooling;
  • Another sign of a malfunction of the Atlant two-chamber refrigerator is the red light is on.
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  • quick shutdown;
  • the light bulb does not light;
  • The temperature inside the freezer is unstable.
Atlant refrigerator - red light is on

How to determine the cause

If the Atlant refrigerator does not turn on or the red light turns on, information about the cause of the malfunction will be displayed on the display. To understand it is quite simple - you need to know the decoding of the code:

  1. E2 - the evaporator tap is broken,
  2. F1 - failure of the temperature sensor, due to which the system does not gain the required power.
  3. F2 - if the refrigerator has the Fresh function, this indicates that the heating controller has broken. When operating in No Frost mode, the code indicates that the thermostat in the freezer compartment has broken.
  4. F3 - the thermostat does not work or the defrosting circuit is broken (for systems with No Frost).
  5. F4 or F5 - a signal indicating a failure in the electrical voltage, for example, during a sudden shutdown. This malfunction is eliminated by itself, but if the refrigerator does not turn on after the Atlant drop, you need to call a specialist to inspect the electrical system.
Cause of refrigerator failure

The following are more detailed discussion of the main causes of breakdowns, as well as ways to eliminate them.

Refrigerator won't turn off

If the Atlant refrigerator does not turn off, malfunctions may be associated with operation in the quick freeze mode (if it is provided for a specific model). In this case, the installation works continuously for 12 or even 14 hours, which is normal.

But there may be more serious reasons, for example, weak pressing of the thermostat. Over time, the mounting tubes loosen due to vibration, due to which the contact of the thermostat becomes not tight enough. The elimination of this malfunction of the Atlant two-chamber refrigerator according to the instructions involves the restoration of the mounting system:

  • pull up all the elements;
  • if the screw is rusty, replace it;
  • if the tube is rusted, it also needs to be replaced.

If everything is in order with the fastener, and the parts are relatively new, you need to look for other reasons. They may be related to the following factors:

  1. Clogged capillary.
  2. Freon (cooling agent) has leaked.
  3. The thermostat circuit is broken.
  4. The relay is broken.

If you have skills, the relay can be replaced by yourself. But if after that the Atlant refrigerator does not work, you need to call the wizard.

Backlight problems

If the backlight does not work, it is enough to replace the light bulb:

  1. Be sure to disconnect the device from the network.
  2. Remove protective cover.
  3. Take out the old bulb and install the new one.
  4. Put the plafond in its original place.

But it may also be that even after replacing the light bulb, it still does not shine. Then, most likely, it will not be possible to repair the Atlant two-chamber refrigerator with your own hands, since the reason is more complicated. It is recommended to call a specialist.

Accumulation of water under the body or in the chamber

In this case, there may be several reasons, the most common are:

  • violation in the defrosting system: if the No Frost function is available, it is necessary to replace the heating element, as it is damaged, due to which water flows into the chamber;
  • the thermostat does not work;
  • the drainage channel is clogged - you can clean it yourself;
  • the water pipe departs - the body is put in its original place, and then the water will again begin to collect in a special reservoir;
  • the tank itself is damaged - then it must be replaced with a new one.
Accumulation of water under the body or in the chamber

If water appears inside the refrigerator compartment, the simplest reason is that the door does not fit snugly enough. It needs to be opened and closed several times to make sure how tightly it sticks to the surface.

It is best to replace the seal - even if you have improvised tools, you can do it yourself. Due to good contact, warm air from the apartment will not penetrate into the chamber, so water will not form there.

It will not be superfluous to check the temperature by placing a street thermometer inside on a shelf. Normally, it should be in the range of 2-6 degrees Celsius. If it is higher, the Atlant two-chamber refrigerator does not have a refrigerating chamber. In this case, you should also call the master at home.

Snow buildup on interior surfaces

This problem is often observed during the hot season, when the refrigeration unit operates at the maximum voltage level. Due to the fact that there is continuous cooling, and the difference with the temperature in the room is very large, the surface cools down a lot. Moisture from the air in the refrigerator compartment condenses on it, which quickly turns into a build-up of snow.

The reasons for this malfunction of the Atlanta two-chamber two-compressor refrigerator can also be different factors:

  • the drainage system is clogged;
  • liquid leaks from the evaporation system;
  • the temperature sensor is broken;
  • violation of the temperature regime (for example, the refrigerator is operating at maximum power, and the room temperature is above + 36 ° C).

In a separate group can be identified violation of the rules for the use of the refrigerator. For example, if you put hot food, containers in it, keep the door open for too long, over time, snow growths will appear on the walls again.

Thus, if you take care of the equipment, it will work much longer than the warranty period. If a breakdown occurs, but it is not possible to independently determine the exact cause, you should call the master. Do-it-yourself repairs in this case can lead to even bigger problems.

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