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If you are looking for a smart watch and your choice is SmartWatch 3, then read below what features and characteristics the Sony SmartWatch 3 has.

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  • Dimensions, design, controls
  • functionality, connection
  • Control
  • Offline work
  • General and kit

Dimensions, design, controls

SmartWatch 3 is made in typical Sony Japanese style - simple and functional. But not everyone may like this design, some may find it boring.

At CES 2015, Sony announced the SmartWatch 3. The model comes in two types: with a strap made of a variety of rubber, which does not tire the wrist, and made of metal. The latter are significantly more expensive, their price is 15,000 rubles, compared to 9,000 for the classic version, which, by the way, is available in black, white and lemon colors.

For greater protection, the screen was covered with protective glass, and the back was made of metal. The device protection standard is IP68. This means that the watch is not afraid of water. On the right side there is a button to turn on / off the device, and on the reverse side there is a plug for the microUSB connector.

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Model dimensions: width 36 mm, length 51 mm, height 10 mm. The main part weighs 40 grams, the strap weighs about the same. Screen resolution 320x320 with a diagonal of 1.6 inches. The device has a TFT-LCD matrix. Among the features of the Sony SmartWatch 3, it is worth highlighting the protective glass of the screen and its oleophobic coating.

The picture is good, the fonts are different, there are no complaints about this. Due to the fact that the device uses a simple TN-matrix, when tilted, either the brightness will decrease or the colors will be inverted. This is due to the fact that Sony decided not to use an AMOLED matrix in this model. To some, this may seem like an advantage, to some - a disadvantage, this is everyone's business.

Another feature of the Sony SmartWatch 3 smartwatch is the always-on screen function, which turns off the backlight, but the time with notifications is visible. Thanks to this function, you can see the time even in sunny weather.

functionality, connection


The smart watch quickly connects to any smartphone that runs on Android 4.3 thanks to the NFC module. It is enough to attach the watch to the back of the smartphone, as the pairing begins. But before that, you need to download the Android Wear app, because otherwise, instead of pairing, you will be transferred to Google Play.

The device has two main functions: voice input and display of notifications and other information. After pairing the watch with a smartphone, each notification will be displayed on the display of the smart watch. Additionally, the manufacturer has provided in its application the ability to disable notifications on the smartphone so that they are not duplicated. The device does not have a speaker, but the vibration is more than enough.

In this model, you can dictate text into notes, messages, Google searches or launch any application on your smartphone. For the latter, a special voice command is required, for example: “Play music”, after which only Play Music is launched.


Navigation and controls are intuitive. Main features: when you click on the display, the clock turns on, when you double-click, a list of available actions opens. To turn off the device, you need to close the display with your palm; by swiping right/left, you can perform forward/backward actions.

Offline work

The battery of the device is non-removable, and its capacity is 420 mAh. The watch does not differ in the duration of its work, but when used in average activity, 20% of the charge will remain by the evening. With more active use, they will not survive until the evening. The battery of the model is fully charged in one hour.

General and kit

The device has a quad-core ARM A7 processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz. The RAM is 512 MB, and the internal memory is 4 GB. Operating system Android Wear version 5.0.1. Of the sensors, there is an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a compass (digital), and a light sensor.

The cost of a standard SmartWatch 3 model starts from 9,000 rubles, with a metal strap - from 15,000 rubles.

The kit includes:

  • The device itself
  • Module
  • micro USB cable
  • Documentation
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