Satellite dish with their hands

Quite a few Youtube videos presented is remarkable, where a couple of men using a bucket lid catches Eurosat. Satellite transmission device for guidance plates... rollers, likely preceded by a lot of experience masters, pre-adjustment. What is the matter, we explain below. Today we will discuss how satellite antenna with your hands can be made from the materials at hand. It should be understood: an irradiator (converter) in any case will have to buy. The device contains a lot of electronic components inside, the exact composition, the appointment of a trade secret of manufacturers. Constructor important one: the converter is tuned to the broadcast range. As for the polarization can be changed have been told and repeated.

Features of satellite dishes

The design of the satellite antenna

The principle of operation of satellite dishes is limited to the transformation of the ether waves into electrical vibrations receiving probes converter. The signal is amplified, is removed from the carrier, is transferred to the receiver, the television apparatus. The satellite is far away. Flies in an orbit situated exactly above the equator at a rate to remain stationary in the sky. Every day makes a complete revolution around the Earth. One satellite covers a large area. Thousands, millions of square kilometers. Clearly, the area leaves no choice: the signal level disparagingly small, otherwise spent on orbit capacity increased, it would be impossible broadcasting.

Typical antennas are unable to take such a small signal level. Used plates. The scientific name of designs - parabolic antenna. Form plates repeats paraboloid, a key feature of which is the optical law: the rays are going in one direction the focal plane. Everyone knows the lens, which is built on this basis, the ability to collect the sun's rays. A plate similar to concentrate the satellite signal to a point where the strength of much more average ether.

Amplification parabolic antennas rarely below 20 dB. Meet instances, providing 40 dB or more. At the same time cut off the interference, because the reception is carried out with a narrow direction.

Let us discuss the steps in the wizard to yutubovskih video. He took not the usual bucket lid! - found a bent, form close paraboloid. What remains to be done next. Find the focal plane, as necessary to arrange the converter to rose in place, the rays collecting point. It is not known how much time is spent pre-commissioning, describe an experiment that readers understand:

  1. Frost, snowdrifts covered with snow. Master found a stick to growth, deposits of sparkling heavenly gift, where the horizon in the direction of pure satellite. Clearly, the location of the spacecraft was previously counted, perhaps, online calculator, or known, reported the experience of previous installations.
  2. Converter wrapped wire, arched shape holder offset satellite dish. To find the focal plane of the opening. As is done, God alone knows, we believe, was conducted many experiments. In another it is called an educated bet. Satellite dish of the stick and bucket
  3. The stick stuck in snow, strictly vertical, after it clothed with wire converter at the end. Master perched on top of a lid - a makeshift reflector - the tab that grabs the hand, opening the container.
  4. As a result, all aimed, the master converter is moved, I started to rotate axially with reflector stick catching signal. Professional device simply allowed to make plans, showing a picture of one transmission Tricolor TV. Uncomplicated device satellite dish has given excellent results.

Experience explains two things:

  1. Construct your own hands, you can only plate. Not converter. The idea is to find a position where the signal is stable, the problem: increased sharply falls at the slightest deviation from the shape of a paraboloid antenna.
  2. Setting up a home-made satellite dish made in a natural manner. It is necessary to find the right angles of the azimuth, location. In the case of Tricolor TV to turn the converter does not have to, circular polarization. Admission is conducted foreign channels - make sure that the selected converter with linear polarization. The angle of inclination learn using an online calculator provider, the owner of a spacecraft.

Setting up a satellite dish

A case with a military satellite dish conveyor hit the shelves... children's store. Came marriage, deviations were scanty, the movers and shakers of the then progress has come up with no choice but to hand over the townsfolk best dishes in the form of children's sledges. Clearly, the sales fact became known among the local hams, production grind. We believe that today, those plates will give a hundred points the odds of any Chinese paraboloid. Instead of buckets appropriate to attach such "sled", the reception is guaranteed in bad weather and calm.

When constructing a makeshift satellite dish you know the right, which will need a converter type. Two important features:

  • type of polarization;
  • C-band, Ku.

Parameters are used in various combinations. A satellite has several ranges, polarization varies. Use multifeed. The guide, which is set a few converters, each to his companion. Target two or three on one spacecraft difficult. Signal quality will certainly fall. Important to know: in the store there are hybrid converters, none provide reliable reception in all cases. Be sure to one band suffers. Avoid surprising fact, better read the forums where the problem completely - unassumingly expressions - is revealed.

Homemade dish to the satellite dish

Construct your own plate for satellite antenna

Mentioned earlier, at the slightest deviations from the paraboloid shape factor falls predetermined reception. How to satellite antenna as close to the correct shape. We answer the question. Never seen as building ships? Sections are collected. Often parallelepipeds of different sizes, the crane mounted on the spot welded. Individual sections of the bottom fanciful shape creates an interesting tool, useful in the construction of a parabolic antenna.

First, be sure to explore the market. Do not stand out from a number of factory of satellite dishes. The country is not like an unusual local origin, but foreign clowns are on hand - a tradition. Self-made satellite antenna shall not differ from the purchased when viewed from afar. It will help avoid problems. Installing unauthorized purchase a set devoid of the project, can not talk about what home-made satellite antenna.

So the device. Picture frame crosswise welded rails on which vertical profiles are welded to form the desired part of the bottom. Know paraboloid formula (research store easy to adjust dimensions) thus raschertim paper section. Guided by the paper pattern, a series of plywood Scrollsaw profiles put at a corner, the line forming part of a paraboloid.

Nothing complicated to accurately make a paraboloid of fabric glue. When the structure is withered tightly, it is necessary to paste over the inner surface of a smooth aluminum foil. Get a mirror in which to see themselves. It is worth remembering, matte foil suits, the finest roughness, scattering light, less impact on the reflection of radio waves. Try to smooth.

Converter Rack should bend in the image store. Because own formula obtained surface can indicate the location of the focus easily, where the irradiator, contributing to the sure reception. What do the satellite dish, decide for yourself, sure, there are plenty of fans of model aircraft, indulge in the straw. Plate should be tough and durable, withstanding winds, frost, snow. Satellite dish, made with his own hands from the material at hand, will probably be less expensive purchase, the guide of plywood can be used again. Design yacheyami crosswise, success will come. The main thing - keep the form factor, the surface should be smooth.

It is easier to slowly assemble a plywood frame, glue structure than to carry a set of satellite television. By the way, not necessarily to take a lid. Any metal surface, which resembles the base of the paraboloid. Arch on the above technology (complex pathway). Better metal conducts electricity better collect wave, ferrying Converter.

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