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HTC Desire is an affordable smartphone with a fairly high-quality processor and good multimedia capabilities. Equipped with a main and front camera, as well as a bright and fairly wide display. The characteristics of HTC Desire 626G Dual sim, its main advantages and disadvantages are discussed in detail in the material below.

The content of the article

  • Detailed overview
    • Main parameters
    • Display
    • Camera
    • Processor and Memory
    • Multimedia features and sensors
    • Frame
    • Battery
  • Advantages of the model and its disadvantages

Detailed overview

Considering the purchase of a phone, you should carefully study the main characteristics of HTC Desire 626, as well as the bundle. Along with the smartphone, the user receives several items:

  • headset (headphones wired);
  • adapter with charging;
  • cable (standard USB connector);
  • documentation.
Specifications HTC Desire 626G Dual

Main parameters

Before purchasing, you can see the different specifications of HTC Desire 626G. And first of all, it is desirable to evaluate the parameters relating to the operating system, as well as communications:

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  • supported network standards - GSM, 3G, 4G;
  • Wi-Fi - transfer up to 480 Mbps in 1 second;
  • bluetooth version 4.0;
  • Android version 4.4 system, KitKat type;
  • geopositioning is implemented by GPS;
  • Can install 1 or 2 sim, Nano view.


Equally important are the characteristics of the HTC 626 related to the screen:

  • TFT type;
  • resolution in pixels 1280*720;
  • touch control, with the option of "multi-touch";
  • diagonal 5 inches.


There are other rather important characteristics of the HTC D626ph that describe the camera:

  • the quality of the main device is 13 MP;
  • there is autofocus;
  • the flash works (from the LED);
  • video corresponds to resolution up to 1920*1080 pixels;
  • selfie camera - 5 megapixel resolution.

Processor and Memory

The characteristics of HTC Desire 626G Dual sim regarding the main elements are also important. We are talking about memory, as well as the processor, the parameters of these parts are as follows:

  • processor type MediaTek MT6592;
  • operates at a frequency of 1.7 GHz;
  • number of cores 8;
  • internal memory of the device 8 GB;
  • RAM 1 GB;
  • you can install a memory card, but its maximum capacity is limited to 32 GB.

Multimedia features and sensors

The review of HTC Desire 626G Dual sim also includes consideration of multimedia parameters. The phone has built-in standard players for listening to music and watching video files. An MP3 call option is available, an FM radio is installed. The connector for a wired headset is standard, 3.5 mm in diameter.

The characteristics of HTC 626G allow you to support the work of the main sensors. They are necessary to determine the intensity of light, as well as approaching an object and changing position in space.


The smartphone is made in a classic plastic case, the characteristics of HTC Desire 626G Dual sim are as follows:

  • length 14.7 cm;
  • thickness 0.8 cm;
  • width (in diameter) 7.1 cm;
  • weight 139 g.
Htc desire 626 specifications


It is quite important to study the characteristics of HTC Desire 626g related to the battery:

  • category: lithium polymer;
  • capacity is 2000 mAh;
  • connecting the charger via the micro-USB connector.

Advantages of the model and its disadvantages

If you carefully consider both the characteristics of HTC Desire 626 g Dual sim and the comments of real buyers, you can highlight several advantages of this model:

  • great photos, including selfies;
  • the possibility of serial shooting;
  • good color rendering;
  • large and bright screen;
  • speed;
  • stylish design;
  • convenient and intuitive menu.

But there are also disadvantages - in the review of HTC Desire 626g, users note the following disadvantages:

  • the smartphone can heat up quickly;
  • the speaker is not of good quality;
  • If you use navigation, the charge lasts only 3 hours.

If you carefully consider the reviews and specifications of the HTC Desire 626g Dual sim, you can understand that this is a budget segment smartphone designed for normal use. The camera is standard, so it may not satisfy photophiles. However, the processor is powerful enough, and the screen is wide and bright. The average score is 3.5 points out of 5.

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