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If the Kandy washing machine shows error e03, the reason is related to the drain - the waste water either does not go away at all, or goes too slowly. In the simplest cases, the cause is due to a clogged drain hose, filter or sewer itself. But there are also more complex situations, which are described in detail in the presented article.

The content of the article

  • Causes of the malfunction
  • How is the error indicated on different models
  • Is self-repair possible?
  • When do you need a professional repair?

Causes of the malfunction

If the code e03 appears on the display, this indicates problems with the drain system. Water may drain too slowly or not come out at all. Although often the cause may not even be the drain itself (clogging, improper installation), but also a breakdown in the heating circuit.

At the same time, the Candy washing machine shows the e03 error in different ways, most often users are faced with the following situations:

  1. During the washing process or during operation in the rinse mode, the unit drains the waste water normally, but still shows the Kandy display error e03.
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  3. After the appearance of this message, it knocks out traffic jams on the meter, the entire apartment is de-energized.
  4. The device shows the code, and does not heat the water, which makes normal washing impossible. You can verify this by touching the door glass - it will be noticeably cool.
  5. Error e03 in the washing machine can also alternate with malfunction e16. In this case, the water will also stop heating.
Error e03 in the washing

How is the error indicated on different models

You need to understand that the e03 error of the Candy washing machine is a standard designation that is displayed on the display of most models. Some devices may have other codes:

  • E3;
  • error 3;
  • Err 3 (abbreviated).

However, the common thing is that there is always the number 3 in the code, so it is intuitively clear what exactly was meant.

If the unit is not equipped with a display, the error e03 issued by Candy will be indicated by flashing 3 indicators. The user will see 3 flashes, then there will be a pause of a few seconds, and 3 flashes will appear again. Moreover, the combinations of light indicators can be different:

  1. An intense arrow icon combined with the first light bulb from the left.
  2. An intensive arrow icon in the combination of the upper light bulb in the place where the countdown to the end of the wash is indicated.
  3. Cold wash option (snowflake icon).

Is self-repair possible?

If Candy shows error e03, its elimination at home is quite possible. Since most often the cause is associated with clogging of the water drainage system, you need to act like this:

  1. First, check the drain hose for kinks and deformations. If any object, a wall, has passed it, the water will go worse. Then you need to carefully shift the hose, if necessary, slightly move the unit itself.
  2. Next, check the drain filter. It periodically becomes clogged due to small debris, lint from the surface of clothing, as a result of which the drain may be completely blocked. For repair, the filter is unscrewed and thoroughly cleaned. If it is in too bad condition, it is better to replace it with a new part. After the repair, the error e03 previously shown by Candy should disappear.
  3. Blockage at the point where the drain enters the sewer (usually a siphon under the sink). To check, you need to disconnect the drain hose, and direct the free end into the toilet. Next, the wash is started, and if the drain goes well, then you really need to clean the sewer pipe.
  4. Another reason may be due to a system failure. The fact is that due to voltage drops or natural wear and tear, the electronic module with the processor stops working normally. If this is an isolated case, it is recommended to simply unplug the plug, wait 15 minutes and plug it back in. The same method is used when the Kandy washing machine shows error e07.
Washing machine Kandy error e07

When do you need a professional repair?

If all the methods described do not help, and the same message appears on the display again, the cause is related to a more serious failure. Such situations require professional diagnostics and repair, before which the device cannot be used.

The most common cases include:

  1. The drain pump has broken - in this case, the machine will stop draining water even in slow mode.
  2. The control unit has broken, which may be due to a general system failure. In such cases, other inscriptions may light up on the display. For example, the Kandy washing machine will show the error e01. She says that the door is not completely closed. Although, in fact, everything may be in order with the lock, but it is the electronics (control module) that do not work.
  3. If the unit began to beat with current, and the e03 code appears after washing, for example, during spinning, this indicates problems with the heating element, i.e. heating element. This malfunction is dangerous, so the machine is no longer used until the professional repair is completed.
  4. The control unit has stopped working. In this case, the water will not drain, and the wash itself may stop at the rinsing stage or during the spin cycle.
  5. The pressure switch has broken - most often this happens due to contamination of the sampling chamber, a blockage in the hose, or a malfunction on the side of the assembly sensor.
  6. Damaged contacts in the electrical circuit or the wiring itself. Then the current goes through the body and hits noticeably.
  7. Finally, the message may appear due to the fact that the insulation in the pads has broken. Then the unit will also beat with current, and the drum will begin to rotate poorly during operation in the spin mode.
Washing machine Kandy

Thus, showing the e03 error, the Kandy washing machine warns the user about malfunctions in the drain system. But it is not always possible to establish the exact cause. Therefore, if there is no certainty or the repair involves the replacement of complex parts, it is better to contact the master. Troubleshooting without the right skills can lead to even more damage.

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