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Sometimes you really want something “native”, “home”. For example, choose a normal boiler: so as not to make noise, constantly heat the water and not complain about breakdowns. Just for this occasion, we have an option - take a closer look at the device Astra gas water heaters. We will talk about their advantages and operation in the framework of our article. Get comfortable, we're getting started!

The content of the article

  • Features of Astra brand boilers
  • Astra speaker instructions: key features
  • Which models are included in the category of the best and best-selling
  • How to use the gas column Astra
    • How to set the water temperature

Features of Astra brand boilers

The Teploobmennik company launched production of products 50 years ago, which made it possible to firmly strengthen its positions, think over the quality and characteristics of Astra gas water heaters, compete for a place among competitors in niche. The company's boiler systems are a personal and easy-to-use water heating system. It is intended for use in residential buildings or third-party premises.

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To date, Astra has a whole range of models, each of which has its own unique technical characteristics and capabilities. But without a "zest" anywhere. The company came up with its own style, which immediately catches the eye - each device has a control unit. It is always located on the front side - this can still distinguish a fake from the original.

Another function is a sensor for automatically turning off the device after work is completed, but no one talks about it, since this is a big secret.

Astra speaker instructions: key features


The plant produces gas water heaters that run only on natural gas. Such fuel shows the highest indicators of heat transfer and efficiency of resource consumption for heating a liter of water.

Modern models do not harm the environment at all, while they have a high efficiency that simply cannot be compared with competing models. The devices have long replaced standard boiler systems, as they simply lost out in competition. The latter are both expensive and consume much more fuel than is required for a gas car.

The column completely solves the problem with the supply of hot water around the house. Even a low-power device from the company calmly solves the issue of supplying water to a couple of faucets or a bathroom. More advanced devices (with an action of 12 liters per minute) will calmly heat a family of 3-4 people, and around the clock.

The company has become famous for producing fairly budget models. With all this, the devices have a complete set at the level of devices of the middle and high price segment.

Excellent technical performance brought "Teploobmennik" to the top niche in the production of heating equipment. We will get acquainted with the operating instructions for Astra gas water heaters a little lower.

Which models are included in the category of the best and best-selling

It's time to forget about public utilities, which are constantly "modernized", but in fact do not provide anything but a long check. Therefore, the problem began to be solved by installing a boiler or gas column. But most buyers are not familiar with the design of heating systems. Especially for you, we will talk about the technical characteristics of the Astra HSV and what they are buying now.

The plant provides a huge range of devices in both flow and storage formats. Flowing water heaters are distinguished by the fact that they are relatively small in size. Perfect for a room with a small square. The latter specialize in heating and storing large amounts of warm water (from 50 liters to half a ton). The design of the body allows you to keep the temperature readings inside the boiler for an extremely long time.

Among the Astra speakers, it is worth considering the main models of the segment, because they have become the most popular, sold and easily maintained:

  • Geyser Astra 8910. She does not need instructions for work at all - the design is extremely clear and primitive;
  • JSD20-10A - a very inexpensive device with an electric igniter (you will not even see this in premium speakers);
  • Astra 10, 16 and other numbers always stand out for their ease of setup and maintenance.

Consumers liked not only the availability of the company's products. Installing a gas water heater is now absolutely safe - you do not have to be afraid of an accidental fire or gas pop. The system has a lot of sensors that are triggered in a critical situation: turn off the water, close all valves, prohibit gas from entering the system, and much more.

How to use the gas column Astra

Before proceeding to the instructions for the Astra geyser, let's say right away that the independent installation of a boiler system of this kind is prohibited by law! For installation, you need to call the employees of the local gas inspection.

Before connecting the device for full operation, always check the draft. To do this, light a match and place it near the vent. If the flame deviates to the side, there is thrust. If the match is straight, you need to check the pipes for possible blockages. Work without traction is impossible, so it must be constantly monitored.

After a successful check of the draft in the system, open the gas valve, and then the water supply. Next, the burner is ignited by one of the methods provided by the apparatus. It can be a mechanical button, a turbine lever or an electronic element. How to properly ignite the burner is always indicated in the Astra column operating instructions.

How to set the water temperature

First, assess the temperature of the water. It should be said right away that do not expect a quick result - the burner heats the water for a certain time, and only then it flows through the hot water tap. If the indicator does not suit you, turn the boiler lever.

It is not recommended to raise the temperature to more than 55 degrees, especially in hard water. This affects the life of the column and the activity of scale deposits in the system.

After changing the settings, you need to wait a bit. For a normal temperature increase, drain the old water and wait until the new one heats up in the boiler. Remember that the efficiency of the device may decrease under different pressures in the system.

If you are experiencing problems with pressure, then you can do the following:

  • remove the metal case of the boiler;
  • loosen the lock bolt, then measure the indicator with a pressure gauge;
  • remove the seal from the adjuster nut;
  • turn on the boiler;
  • unscrew all mixers and set the column to maximum;
  • adjust the pressure to the desired setting.

Some devices of the Astra line have an additional Winter-Summer mode. In it, the heating power depends on the temperature of the water flow from the water supply. In winter, you need to set the mark "maximum" - the maximum heating of the liquid is performed. Since there is enough water temperature in summer, you need to set the minimum position. This will save resources and money for utilities.

Are you going to purchase a column from the company or have you already installed it? Tell us in the comments about your experience with gas heaters of the Astra line!

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