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Understanding how to turn on the washing machine is quite simple. However, different models have their own nuances. If we talk about Indesit devices, you need to deal with control programs, a toggle switch for temperature control and other useful options. Instructions for their use and useful tips can be found in this material.

The content of the article

  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Which program to choose
  • What buttons are on the panel
  • 5 useful tips for a quality wash

Step-by-step instruction

It's easy to figure out how to turn on the Indesit washing machine. To do this, you need to study the instructions and act according to this plan:

  1. Insert the plug into the socket.
  2. Laundry is loaded within the allowable weight (for example, 5-6 kg);
  3. Select the desired mode with the button or by touching the touch screen.
  4. Before turning on the Indesit machine, set the required temperature.
  5. Pour the powder into the tray (left), if necessary, fill in the conditioner (right).
  6. Press the start button.

This is the simplest instruction on how to turn on the Indesit washing machine. If necessary, the washing modes can be adjusted using various key combinations described below. It is also worth considering that some models do not have a start button. In this case, select the mode, set the temperature and press the power button.

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Which program to choose

It is clear how to turn on the Indesit washing machine. Along with this, you should figure out which programs are suitable for a particular case. There are several options:

  1. White clothes with heavy soiling.
  2. Colored things.
  3. Natural wool fabrics.
  4. Various things (mixed).
  5. Synthetic fabrics with color fastness (non-shedding) with medium soiling.
How to turn on the Indesit washing machine

Each of these modes has its own settings using the program selector button. The temperature is set by switching the toggle switch on the panel (it also moves clockwise). For example, if the laundry is heavily soiled and needs to be boiled (and the color is resistant to heat), choose a maximum temperature of 90 ° C.

If boiling is not necessary, set the standard value to 60 degrees. It also happens that the fabric is not resistant to high temperatures, it begins to shed. Then you should wash in gentle conditions, setting 40 ° C. This is how the Indesit washing machine works.

If the clothes are not heavily soiled, you can wash them in the color mode. At the same time, the temperature is minimal and is 40 degrees. The same program can be used for white clothes.

Particular attention should be paid to clothes made of delicate fabrics. It is also washed at the lowest temperature. If the item is made of wool, you need to look at the label and make sure that it is machine washable. Often such clothes can only be washed by hand. This is a general rule in the instructions on how to use the Indesit washing machine and other models.

What buttons are on the panel

Before the first wash, it is also recommended to study the buttons and switches (toggle switches) on the front of the device.

Washing machine Indesit

It is not difficult to understand how to turn on the Indesit washing machine. Next, set the desired mode using the following buttons:

  1. Selector that switches programs - by scrolling it, you can set the desired mode.
  2. The selector for setting the temperature level - it also turns and switches to different positions.
  3. There is also a regulator for determining the number of revolutions of the drum in 1 minute.
  4. Finally, there is an on and off button.

When studying how to turn on the Indesit washing machine, you need to pay attention to additional keys:

  1. The half load button is used in cases where no more than half of the maximum allowable load is placed in the drum. For example, the capacity is 6 kg, and you need to wash 2-3 kg. Thanks to this, you can save both electricity and the amount of water used.
  2. The reduced load key works on the same principle - its functions are similar.
  3. Decrease the speed of the spinning process. This button is used only for delicate fabrics such as linen or cotton. Since the number of revolutions during the spin cycle will be minimal, the clothes will remain quite wet, but the fabrics will not be damaged. This is evidenced by the instruction manual for the washing machine Indesit, Zanussi and other brands.
  4. There is also an enhanced rinse button - it is used in cases where the fabrics are quite dense and require more water for processing.
  5. Cold wash can be used for delicate fabrics, as well as for ordinary items, if they are not heavily soiled. In this case, the way to turn on the Indesit machine is the same, but the process is different in that the water remains cool.
  6. Mode 60 degrees - processing at a temperature not exceeding the specified value.
  7. A key that allows you to disable the selected mode. This is a special button, when pressed, the washing stops, then the spin starts. It can be used in case of lack of time.
  8. There is also an off button. With its help, you can stop the process at any time. Then, if necessary, washing is resumed, following the instructions on how to turn on the Indesit washing machine.

5 useful tips for a quality wash

In order for the washing to be effective, and the machine itself not to deteriorate, it is recommended to follow the general rules:

  1. Do not load too much laundry - it does not stretch, can become tangled, lead to an imbalance in the drum.
  2. Be sure to sort the clothes before starting the process.
  3. Before you understand how to turn on the Indesit machine, you need to examine the labels and select the desired mode.
  4. Check each pocket, including the inner one, to ensure that foreign objects do not get into the tank.
  5. Make sure that all buttons, zippers and other accessories are securely fastened and will not fall off during washing.

Now it’s clear how to start the Indesit, Zanussi and other models washing machine. The instruction is approximately the same, the purpose of each key on the control panel is intuitive. If you follow the tips described, the device will last a long time, and the quality of washing will be consistently high.

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