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If the washing machine does not wash, the cause may be due to a one-time failure, for example, due to a power surge or due to the belt coming off the pulley. Minor faults can be diagnosed and corrected independently. The most common cases and step-by-step instructions for them are presented in this material.

The content of the article

  • Drive malfunction
  • Breakdown of heating element or thermostat
  • The drum is not spinning
  • Software module failure
  • Electric motor failure

Drive malfunction

Some models are equipped with a belt drive that connects the rotating pulley to the drum. Although the belt is made of durable materials, it wears out over time due to abrasion. In addition, it can simply jump off, and then the drum will not be able to rotate.

Outwardly, it looks like this: the device is connected to the network, the program was successfully installed, the sunroof was automatically blocked. Noise is heard (the machine draws water), but after that the machine does not wash. The verification steps depend on the device type:

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  1. If the washing machine has a conventional front-loading (the most common option), the belt must be looked for behind the back cover.washing machine
  2. If the loading is vertical, it can be found under the end cap.Washing machine

The sequence of actions for repair is as follows:

  1. Disconnect the device from the network.
  2. Remove each cover screw.
  3. Remove it and check the position of the belt.
  4. If he just slipped off, put on according to the scheme.
  5. If it is worn out, you will need to replace the part - without this, washing is impossible.

Breakdown of heating element or thermostat

The heating element is an important element because it heats the water, so you can wash clothes in any mode. When the washing machine does not wash, but at the same time it took on water and stopped at some point, you need to feel the glass of the hatch. Normally, it should be much hotter than normal room temperature. If it is cold or cool, the problem is clearly related to the heating element.

Due to scale, it is forced to heat up more so that the sensor (thermostat) shows the desired temperature. Therefore, the heating element's wiring heats up more, which in advanced cases can even lead to a short circuit. This is not dangerous, but sometimes the machine can beat with a weak current - then the device must be immediately turned off and not used until it is fully restored.

But it may also be that the heating element works quite normally, the water heats up, which is easy to feel on the hot glass. Then the reason is most likely related to the thermostat, which transmits incorrect data. The part is not repairable - it just needs to be replaced.

The drum is not spinning

This breakdown can speak of both relatively simple and more complex situations. The tank does not rotate due to the following reasons:

  1. There is a foreign object between it and the case, for example, keys, locks, coins. You need to remove the cover and remove it.
  2. The belt has flown off: repairs are carried out as described in the previous paragraph. But if it is known for sure that the machine is direct drive (i.e., it does not have a belt), this item is skipped.
  3. Breakdown of the tachometer, i.e. device that controls the number of revolutions per minute. The main symptom is that the vibrations during the washing process have become stronger, the spin quality has decreased. Extraneous whistling sounds may also appear, due to which the drum completely stops. For diagnostics, a multimeter is used, but if there are no necessary skills, they turn to a specialist.
  4. The motor brushes are erased - this part wears out quite often, especially with intensive washing. Then, during operation, extraneous noises and characteristic crackles will appear. The laundry will be more moist even after spinning. If a burning smell appears during washing, the device must be immediately disconnected from the mains and diagnosed.
Washing machine drum

Software module failure

It can be either a one-time system failure or a more serious breakdown. Main features:

  • the drum runs slower than usual;
  • linen is not wrung out;
  • the drum does not rotate at all;
  • it is impossible to turn on the program or it gets lost during the wash.

As a rule, electronics are sensitive to voltage drops, and if a surge has been observed recently, a software module failure is the most likely cause. To fix it, you may need to completely replace the electronic board. But if this happened for the first time, it is recommended to turn off the machine from the network, wait 15 minutes and turn it on again.

Electric motor failure

This is one of the rarest breakdowns, which is also associated with a power surge. Another reason is worn out carbon brushes, which give off extraneous dust. In advanced cases, this can lead to a short circuit or a winding break. Then the drum will completely stop rotating, and when the machine is turned on again, plugs in the counter will fly out.

Self-testing, and even more so repairing a faulty engine, is almost impossible to carry out. This is one of the difficult cases when you will definitely need a specialist visit. It is recommended that you contact the service center, as trying to solve the problem on your own can create additional difficulties.

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