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Considering which TV is better - Samsung or Sony, you should study several important characteristics. At first glance, it seems that the most important thing is the resolution and sound quality. These parameters do play a significant role, but the type of matrix, as well as the available functionality, are no less important. A description of these characteristics and a detailed comparison of models of 2 brands is presented in this article.

The content of the article

  • Advantages and disadvantages of Sony TVs
  • Pros and Cons of Samsung TVs
  • TV comparison
    • Screen resolution
    • Matrix type
    • Price range
    • Functional
    • operating system
  • Main conclusions

Advantages and disadvantages of Sony TVs

When choosing a Sony or Samsung TV, you need to determine the real advantages of each brand. The list of pluses is highly dependent on the specific model, so it is advisable to study a few reviews and technical specifications. But if you make a generalized picture, you can highlight several positive aspects of Sony brand TVs:

  • excellent quality image;
  • instagram viewer
  • the entire surface of the display is illuminated evenly thanks to Direct LED technology;
  • good quality sound;
  • many models have a 3D option;
  • invariably stylish design of even inexpensive devices;
  • reliability and durability due to high-quality assembly;
  • the usual Android OS is installed.
Which TV is better Samsung or Sony

Determining which is better - a Samsung or Sony TV, you need to mention the shortcomings of the latter:

  • when switching channels, users often notice freezes for a few seconds;
  • initially it is not easy to deal with the remote control, but gradually get used to it;
  • TVs are heavy;
  • they cost in most cases more expensive than their Samsung counterparts.

Pros and Cons of Samsung TVs

When considering a Sony or Samsung TV, you need to study the distinctive features of the latter. If we consider reviews of different models, we can outline several advantages that users write about most often:

  • developed its own Tizen system, which provides a large number of convenient applications;
  • remote control is simpler for many users than the traditional push-button option;
  • most of the latest generation models recognize voice and even gesture commands;
  • high quality color reproduction due to a large number of colors;
  • very high-quality picture and sound - the image is not distorted when viewed from any angle and angle;
  • excellent response to user commands.

When studying which TV is better to buy - Samsung or Sony, you need to keep in mind the disadvantages of Samsung. There are no critical remarks - there are only individual disadvantages, which can partly be called subjective, for example:

  • there is no instruction for the control panel, and it is quite difficult to master it right away;
  • some models do not have a camera - you will not be able to make video calls;
  • it's quite difficult to tune channels, but you can get used to it with time.

TV comparison

If you compare which is better - a Sony or Samsung TV in 2023, you need not only to evaluate the pros and cons, but also to study specific technical characteristics. The screen resolution, matrix type and other parameters described below are of the greatest importance.

Screen resolution

Comparison of Sony and Samsung TVs can start with such an important characteristic as screen resolution. It should be noted that there are no strong differences between brands - all devices provide a high quality image that corresponds to Full HD or higher 4K standard.

Thus, despite the fact that the parameter is really important, it is not worth paying special attention to it. It is better to study other properties that can really differ significantly. This will allow you to understand which TV is better - Sony or Samsung.

Matrix type

In modern models, manufacturers install matrices of 1 of 3 types:

  1. TFT LCD - classic LCD (liquid crystals).
  2. OLED (found in Sony).
  3. QLED (found in Samsung).

All these matrices provide a high quality image. But still, OLED gives the best picture. This is possible thanks to LEDs, which transmit color naturally by changing the intensity of the radiation. They also provide a higher resolution, which is especially noticeable when you compare OLED with a classic LCD screen.

sony or samsung tv

If we talk about the QLED matrix, it can be noted that this technology is less progressive. In this regard, there is no doubt that Samsung or Sony is better. The latter brand offers better quality models, and in many respects for this reason they are more expensive. Therefore, if the user is quite satisfied with the quality of Samsung, it makes no sense to overpay extra money.

Price range

As already mentioned, Samsung models are almost always cheaper, but they are inferior in some technical characteristics. In the Sony model line, you can also find budget TVs, but there are frankly few of them. If you focus on value for money, it will become clear which TV to choose - Sony or Samsung. The latter clearly wins.


Both manufacturers offer the user models with wide functionality. Along with the basic options, additional options are also available:

  • slightly curved screen;
  • Smart TV - on almost all models;
  • 3D format for "3D" videos;
  • the ability to control voice commands, as well as using gestures;
  • convenient applications for games, calls and other programs.

In this case, there are no fundamental differences between the 2 brands - both look quite decent, the quality corresponds to the price.

operating system

If you analyze which is better - Samsung or Sony, you will also need to compare operating systems. The Samsung models run their own Tizen software, while the familiar Android runs on the Sony.

TV sony or samsung

But here you need to keep in mind that this operating system is sharpened mainly on smartphones. As for apps for TVs themselves, there aren't that many, so there's less choice.

About Tizen, we can say that this is a unique system of its kind. It is designed specifically for the TV, there are constant updates, a large number of applications are available. It is clear which TV is better - Samsung or Sony for this indicator. The latter wins again.

Main conclusions

Thus, both brands enjoy a well-deserved reputation. Suffice it to say that almost all models have positive user ratings - from 4.0 points out of 5. Therefore, it is not so easy to say unequivocally which TV to buy - Sony or Samsung.

On the one hand, Sony really wins in terms of image quality due to the use of more advanced technologies, including those related to the type of matrix. When choosing Sony or Samsung, do not forget the wider functionality of the first due to a specially designed operating system.

We can say that for Samsung, TVs are not the main thing, but only a secondary line of production. The models of this brand are really high quality, although not so advanced. But their indisputable plus is an affordable price. If we compare Samsung and Sony TVs in terms of affordability, the championship belongs to Samsung.

Therefore, when making a decision, you need to proceed from financial possibilities and your needs. If you just need a good TV at a reasonable cost, it is best to pay attention to Samsung models. If you need an advanced model with excellent functionality, Sony definitely needs to be considered.

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