Garden watering can repair: how to seal or solder

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The watering can is used in many garden areas. It allows you to quickly and efficiently carry out watering. It happens that the inventory is deformed and needs to be repaired. The patching process depends on the material from which the watering can is made. Let's take a closer look at this issue.

The content of the article

  • How to glue a plastic watering can
  • Repair of a galvanized watering can

How to glue a plastic watering can

Before starting work, a thorough surface preparation is carried out. In order for the bonding to be of high quality, it is necessary to choose a good glue. This will avoid cracks and breaks in the connection area.

Sealing the watering can.

First, the watering can is thoroughly washed and dried. No moisture should remain on the surface. The place of gluing is processed with sandpaper. This is required to obtain a rough structure that provides better grip.

After processing with sandpaper, it is recommended to re-wash the gluing site. This will remove small pieces of plastic. The surface is then dried.

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At the end of the preparation, the watering can is degreased. Then the glue will penetrate deeper into the plastic. Ethyl alcohol is recommended as a degreaser. It is enough to apply a small amount of liquid on a cotton swab and wipe the place of gluing with it.

It was noted that it is necessary to choose the right glue. Its composition should be similar to plastic. Suitable options include:

  1. Glue "Moment" in the form of a gel. It is applied to the desired area and firmly pressed against the fracture site, connecting the parts. It takes 20 minutes to dry. Gel texture allows you to work with glue conveniently. It does not spread and is applied locally.

  2. Glue gun with hot silicone. The device must be connected to the network and wait until it heats up well. The silicone rod becomes liquid - you can start gluing. The composition freezes in 5 minutes. The advantage of this adhesive is elasticity and strength.
    Glue gun.

  3. Epoxy resin. This is a two-component glue, which is a tube in which 2 syringes are connected. At the same time, they begin to squeeze out a small and equal amount of both funds. Mix them together with a wooden stick. The composition is applied to the fracture site, then it is left for several minutes without connecting the gap. The drying time of such a product is about 12-18 hours, so it is better to fix the place of gluing with a rope or straps and leave it in this position for the specified time.
Epoxy resin.

Repair of a galvanized watering can

A galvanized watering can is repaired in a slightly different way. First, clean up the damaged area. Then flux is applied, the soldering iron is heated and tinning is carried out. Then they start soldering with tin and finally process the joint with gasoline.

Sandpaper is used for cleaning. The process is carried out mechanically - manually. If the place of deformation is heavily contaminated, it is removed with a solvent. The edges of the site are treated with a flux in the form of a paste. The tool is applied first to the brush, and then to the watering can.

Sandpaper must be cleaned and soldering iron tip. Then the tool is connected to the mains and wait for heating. Start tinning iron. Tin or alloy solder is used, the edges of the watering can break are treated. This allows them to be coated with a tin layer to protect against corrosion. Finally, you need to solder the treated area.

Repairing a watering can, whether it is made of plastic or galvanized, is quite simple. In the first case, you just need to correctly select the glue and follow the instructions.

If repair of a galvanized watering can is required, then the process will be a little more complicated. You must use a soldering iron. But if you follow the recommendations, there will be no problems with eliminating defects.

If you can't fix it, you can replace simple handy options.

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