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Modern life is rich in new events that replace each other at incredible speed. And life in a large city is fast paced and chaotic. In such conditions, it is difficult to imagine your life without multifunctional household appliances. One of these universal kitchen helpers is a multicooker. This is an electrical device whose purpose is to facilitate the culinary process in the truest sense of the word. Using a multicooker, you can prepare not only classic dishes, but also the most complex and multi-component culinary delights. One of the advantages of multicookers is the tasty and healthy food that comes out, since the device equipped with various cooking programs that will be appreciated by supporters of proper and healthy nutrition. Among the most common cooking modes in a multicooker are the following: cooking, including steaming, porridge, soups, frying, baking, stewing, yogurt, reheating and many others. The more built-in modes a multicooker has, the more functional and versatile it can be called.

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  • How to choose a multicooker
  • Redmond multicookers: rating of the best models, brief review

How to choose a multicooker

The market is oversaturated with different models of multicookers from different manufacturers and brands. How to choose the best one based on built-in functionality and price category? Below is an overview of the main parameters that will help you when choosing the best device.

  1. Bowl. When choosing a suitable model, pay attention to the capacity of the bowl, as well as the material from which it is made. The best models boast bowls made of high-strength metal.
  2. Equipment. Pay attention to the heating element and removable structures.
  3. Power. When choosing a multicooker, it is also important to pay attention to its power, which directly affects the heating speed of the bowl.
  4. Functional. Good models of multicookers include advanced software capabilities that provide not only the preparation of a more varied menu, but also convenient control.
  5. Reviews. If you have already decided on your needs, take a little time to read reviews about the chosen model.
  6. Brand. Study the detailed characteristics of the brand and its position in the market.
  7. Appearance. For many, this parameter is one of the most important, because the multicooker will delight you in the kitchen for many years.

Redmond multicookers: rating of the best models, brief review

Below is a verified rating of the best multicookers from Redmond.

  1. REDMOND RMC-M22. This option is more budget-friendly among all, but despite this, it has advanced functionality and good performance. Bowl volume – 5 l.
  2. REDMOND RMC-M25. This model is not much different from the previous one, but the number of built-in programs is slightly larger.
  3. REDMOND SkyCooker M226S. This model is more advanced. The multicooker can even interact with smartphones on Android and iOS.
  4. REDMOND RMC-M26. The multicooker has basic functionality, but differs from others in its almost silent operation.
  5. REDMOND RMC-450. The multicooker is equipped with 16 built-in programs and 29 for manual settings. The device has a ceramic coating.
  6. REDMOND RMK-M231. The multicooker is distinguished from other models by the additional 3D heating function, which ensures even cooking of dishes.
  7. REDMOND SkyCooker CBD100S. Bowl volume – 9 l. Power – 1600 W. This model is a real find for lovers of modern and effective solutions. It boasts a completely different level of performance.
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