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The best gas hob 2021 is the favorite of all top cooks and amateurs. Here are at least 3 factors that influenced its popularity:

  1. The price of gas is now not so high, and electricity consumption is not affected at all. If we talk about electric panels, then they are considered No. 1 in the "devouring" of electricity in the house.
  2. Setting the device to the smallest detail, accurate setting of the exact temperature make the stove the best in cooking heavy dishes.
  3. There is an opinion (but maybe this is not an exact fact) that gas stoves give out more healthy food than artificial burners on an electrical system.

In our article, we have prepared a small rating of the best gas hobs in 2021 and the criteria for their selection.

The content of the article

  • How to choose the best gas hobs 2021
  • 5 tips for choosing a hob from the 2021 rating
  • The best recessed panels of 2021 according to users
    • Weissgauff HGG 640 BG
    • Electrolux GPE 363MW
    • GEFEST SG CBH 2230 K3

How to choose the best gas hobs 2021

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In this paragraph, we will go through only the main factors for choosing a particular device:

  • Number of burners. The choice here depends on your needs and the amount of cooking. For a family of 4-5 people, a device from the rating of gas panels for 4-5 burners is suitable. Sometimes the devices even combine gas and electricity - you can use different formats at once. The distance between the burners should be sufficient to accommodate a large pot or pan. You definitely shouldn’t worry about the latter, because the manufacturers in the 2021 models have already taken care of this.
  • Working surface. One of the most popular materials in the top of gas hobs is glass ceramic, which has a stylish appearance and fits perfectly into any interior. Enamel fits the style of "retro". Its main disadvantage is the high probability of scratching the coating. Tempered glass is more expensive than other options, but its quality is much better.
  • Lattices. Here you need to take cast iron or steel. They are inexpensive and easy to clean.
  • Dimensions. The dimensions of the panel depend on the kitchen itself and the countertop where you will embed the model. Before buying, do not be lazy and take preliminary measurements so that you do not cut the countertops later.

5 tips for choosing a hob from the 2021 rating

Follow the main recommendations of experts:

  • panel material - devices have many design solutions and designs. The main materials are enamel, glass-ceramic or tempered glass;
  • grating material - cast iron or steel will work perfectly for a long time (more than 5 years) and will also be perfectly cleaned;
  • burners - it is possible to complete with express burners, wok and consumables with a triple crown. These allow you to spend less gas when cooking and are simply served;
  • dimensions - understand only the free space. Appliances should be optimally integrated between the worktops and not touch the kitchen furniture;
  • additional functions - you can look after a device with an automatic igniter or fuel supply control. The latter will come in handy when liquid has spilled onto the stove, the burner has gone out, and the user has moved away - the gas will automatically stop flowing out.

The best recessed panels of 2021 according to users

Weissgauff HGG 640 BG

The rating opens with a model from the prestigious German manufacturer Weissgauff.

Device width 60 cm. The case is framed in tempered glass and has a black color. Perfect for any 2021 styling in the kitchen. Tempered glass is expensive, but very stable and practical to use.

Materials cope with any temperature loads and do not deform during long-term operation. The cooking grates are made of no less durable cast iron.

The Weissgauff hob is designed for 3.4 kW WOK burners. The burners will quickly heat even a ten-liter pan.

The burner, when turned on, creates as many as 3 rings of fire, which speeds up the heating process by 3 times.

For safety, there is a system for automatically stopping the gas supply if the fire in the stove is out. The stove is controlled by ergonomic hi-tech handles. They are fully protected from overheating and mechanical damage. Each button has an electric ignition.

Electrolux GPE 363MW



One of the best manufacturers of household appliances in the world has also presented its version of the built-in panel. The device has a simple styling that is suitable for any kitchen.

Warming up is provided by the new 4K Wok Burner burners, which split the flame when turned on - the process will be many times faster than usual.

For heavy utensils (cast iron pans, pots) there are additional holders for convenient management of it on the stove.

The crane delivers fuel just a few seconds after turning on the electric igniter.

The flame is adjusted without problems - you just need to direct the handle to the desired flow. Case material – stainless steel. The surface is easy to clean and does not deteriorate.


Our rating also includes the CIS-format of electrical equipment, and definitely not in vain. This Belarusian company brings its products to one of the first places in Europe. Model SG CBH 2230 K3 made of black tempered glass - the best material for gas stoves. Strong cast-iron grates for burners also fit under the body.

Dark stylization is good because it does not show obvious spots. Also, such glass is unpretentious in maintenance - it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth after the cooking process.

The hob model has a simple mechanical control and an automatic ignition system. And the "Gas-control" function will protect against situations when the fire goes out on the stove, and the gas is still supplied. The entire dashboard is made in contrasting white.

All four burners have different power, which allows you to cook dishes of various sizes, choosing the right option.

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