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  • 5 Bosch TAS 1407 Tassimo 
  • 4 Krups Dolce Gusto KP 100B Piccolo
  • 2 De'Longhi Essenza Mini EN 85
  • 2 Krups Dolce Gusto KP 173B Infinissima
  • 1 Nespresso C30 Essenza Mini

5 Bosch TAS 1407 Tassimo 



The last place in the top of the best capsule coffee machines for home in 2021 goes to the TAS 1407 Tassimo series from the German manufacturer Bosch. For the Tassimo coffee machine line, there is a line of capsules of the same name. The machine supports a classic set of coffee drinks that it can prepare. When buying a device in an official store, you get a guarantee fore one year from the manufacturer. The build quality is worth noting as a plus of the coffee machine - everything is well installed, nothing falls off, and the case itself is made of high quality plastic. Therefore, you can not worry about an unpleasant aftertaste. Simple, intuitive operation is carried out using buttons. The volume of the water tank is 0.7 liters, the power is 1300 watts, the pump creates a pressure of 15 bar. It is possible to regulate the portion of hot water in the prepared drink. The main difference of this model of coffee machines is the function of the intelligent system - the machine reads barcode, thanks to which it recognizes the type of drink and selects a more appropriate mode for its cooking. It is also worth noting its affordable price of 8,000 rubles.

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  • Can work with several types of capsules
  • Build quality
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • Price
  • Reads a barcode


  • simple design

Price - 8,000 rubles

4 Krups Dolce Gusto KP 100B Piccolo

The next in the ranking of capsule coffee machines in 2021 is the KP 100B Piccolo model from Krups Dolce Gusto with a power of 1500 watts. This model will be appreciated by coffee lovers, because the model “makes really delicious coffee” - according to reviews on Yandex.Market. To prepare a drink, you need to put a supported capsule, of which there are 13 types, pull the lever and do not forget to put the container. Device weight 2.5 kg, height/width 28/18 cm, height 20 cm. The pump pressure reaches up to 15 bar, so the machine prepares drinks extremely quickly. A drainage compartment is provided. The volume of the water tank is 0.6 liters. The machine has a separate function for automatic cappuccino preparation.


  • Easy control
  • Small dimensions and weight
  • Build quality
  • High speed beverage preparation
  • Large number of supported capsules
  • There is a compartment for collecting drops of condensate


  • boring design
  • Small water container

Price - 5 600 rubles

2 De'Longhi Essenza Mini EN 85



In third place in the top is the semi-automatic Italian De'Longhi Essenza Mini EN 85. In reviews of this coffee machine, it is often called one of the best capsule models for espresso and lungo. Also, experts in the field of coffee and coffee machines note its small size and weight of 2.3 kilograms. Removable water tank holds up to 0.6 liters. Three minutes after turning on, if the device is inactive, the power saving mode is activated. After nine minutes of inactivity, the machine will automatically turn off. Capsule container holds up to six capsules. The declared working pressure of the device is 19 bar. In this machine, you can choose the amount of portions of the prepared drink. Of the additional features of the machine, it is worth noting the presence of a drainage compartment for collecting condensate drops and the possibility of supplying simple hot water.


  • Great functionality
  • Small dimensions
  • Quality of materials and construction
  • Light weight
  • Water filtration
  • Cooks fast
  • Condensate container
  • You can adjust the amount of drink
  • Device can be reprogrammed


  • Only a few types of coffee
  • Water container volume

Price - 5 700 rubles

2 Krups Dolce Gusto KP 173B Infinissima

Already the second device from Krups Dolce Gusto in this top. KP 173B Infinissima is a great home coffee machine with a very unusual design. The design of the device is made in a modern style, it does not look like anything else and is a bold decision of the company to “experiment”. The machine works with NESCAFE products, so you can not worry about the quality of the drinks that the device prepares.T good enoughmi, according to buyers from Yandex.Market.

The parameters of the device are average, but they fit the full functionality of a capsule coffee machine: power 1300 watts, operates at a pressure of 15 bar, the container holds 600 milliliters of water. The semi-automatic unit prepares 20 types of coffee. Supports power-saving mode after a few minutes of inactivity and the option to turn off automatically after a few minutes of power-saving mode. Simple control from touch buttons, 2 years warranty from the manufacturer and affordable price make this model even more attractive.


  • High coffee brewing speed
  • Prepares 20 types of drinks
  • Small dimensions and light weight
  • Build quality
  • Interesting design


  • Missing

Price - 7,100 rubles

1 Nespresso C30 Essenza Mini

The best pod coffee machine in 2021 is Nespresso's C30 Essenza Mini. The device supports 14 types of capsules from various manufacturers. Up to six capsules are placed in a capsule container at a time. It is possible to program the device. The main feature is the special capsule system developed by Nespresso for its products. Unfortunately, there is no auto-off feature. The machine prepares an extended set of drinks. It works at a pressure of 19 bar, which is why the machine prepares coffee drinks very quickly. The weight of the device is 2.3 kg. The power of the coffee machine is 1200 watts. The device reinforces its first place with simple operation and stability in operation, as well as the fact that Nespresso gives a one-year warranty for its product. Of the additional, there is a quick heating function (25 s) and an energy-saving mode.


  • Prepares drinks quickly
  • Supports 14 types of capsules
  • Qualitatively assembled
  • Has a manufacturer's warranty
  • Quick heating function
  • Affordable price


  • No auto-off mode

Price - 6 600 rubles

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