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The Zanussi dishwasher, the instructions for which are described below, is of high build quality and the ability to work in different modes. At the same time, each device has its own characteristics, so you need to choose according to several technical parameters. An overview of the best models, as well as instructions for working with them, are presented in this article.

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  • Rating of the best cars
    • ZDT 921006 FA
    • ZDV91506FA
    • ZDS 12002 WA
    • ZDF 26004 WA
  • User manual

Rating of the best cars

The instructions for the Zanussi dishwasher are quite simple, and it may differ slightly depending on the specific model. The manufacturer produces many different devices, among them are the most popular. If you compile a selection of the best models in terms of price-quality ratio, taking into account customer reviews, you will get such a rating.

ZDT 921006 FA

Dishwasher Zanussi

This is a full-size unit, designed not only for everyday washing, but also for cleaning old grease stains, as well as soot. Moreover, for standard washing, an express mode is provided, which saves time, water and electricity.

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Main characteristics:

  • power 1.95 kW;
  • energy consumption level 1 kW/h;
  • noise level within 50 dB;
  • water consumption for 1 cycle is 11 liters.

The instruction manual for the Zanussi dishwasher states that it can hold 13 sets of dishes at the same time, equipped with a bio-program, can work in the preliminary soaking. Users will appreciate not only washing, but also a fairly high-quality drying. However, it is noted that in cool water, washing is worse. And the water supply hose is not convenient enough.



Compact machine with a width of only 45 cm. At the same time, it holds 9 sets of dishes, which is quite enough for a small family. Along with the standard, there is also an economical mode of operation, which reduces the consumption of electricity and water by about 2 times.

The main characteristics of the Zanussi Tempoline dishwasher according to the instructions are as follows:

  • water consumption rate less than 10 liters (about 9.9);
  • developed power 1.95 kW;
  • the level of electricity consumption is 0.78 kWh;
  • the noise level is minimal and is 47 dB, which corresponds to a normal conversation.

Among the advantages, one can single out a well-thought-out indication system (a beam that appears on the floor), an acceptable price, a large selection among different modes, as well as relatively quiet operation. But it is worth considering that the standard washing mode takes 4 hours. In addition, this machine does not have a backlight, and there is no delicate mode.

ZDS 12002 WA

ZDS 12002 WA

This is also a fairly compact Zanussi dishwasher - the instructions indicate that the width is only 45 cm, the depth is 63 cm with a standard height of 85 cm. The chamber is small and at the same time roomy - you can wash 9 sets of dishes at the same time. Equipped with glass holders.

Main technical characteristics:

  • water consumption volume 9.9 l;
  • developed power 1.95 kW;
  • electricity consumption 0.78 kWh;
  • noise level within 51 dB, which corresponds to a normal conversation during the day.

The obvious advantages of this device include reasonable price and a large selection of modes. At the end of the cycle, the door opens automatically. However, there is no water hardness control system, there is no complete protection against possible leakage.

ZDF 26004 WA

ZDF 26004 WA

This is a wider unit (62 cm), while it can process 13 sets at the same time. The instructions for the Zanussi dishwasher indicate the main technical parameters:

  • the volume of the consumed liquid is 11 l;
  • developed power 1.95 kW;
  • electricity consumption 1 kW/h;
  • noise level within 48 dB.

Along with the budget price, there are various advantages of the device. The machine is completely protected from leaks, equipped with 13 modes, there is also a delay option for a period of 1 hour to 1 day. However, the standard cycle is quite long - almost 4 hours, as stated in the instruction manual for the Zanussi dishwasher. In addition, the hopper is not highlighted, there is no half-load option.

User manual

The instructions provide a detailed description of various tips, including how to turn on the Zanussi dishwasher, and how to use it correctly. Each device has its own characteristics, but in general the rules are the same:

  1. The car is unpacked and checked for completeness.
  2. Connect to the network and water supply.
  3. Set up a water softener.
  4. Pour a liter of ordinary water into the salt container, then add salt, which is used for dishwashers.
  5. Start the car in fast mode. You only need to do this once on the first check.

Further, in order to figure out how to use the Zanussi dishwasher, you need to install a water softener. It is adjusted in accordance with the stiffness index characteristic of a particular region (you must first clarify it in open sources). If there is no data, it can be configured not manually, but electronically.

Finally, after that, you can proceed directly to washing the dishes. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Remove all residue from plates, glasses and other containers.
  2. Dishes are loaded by placing them on the appropriate trays (plates, glasses on top, larger containers on the bottom).
  3. Pour the detergent into the tray.
  4. Turn on the desired mode and start washing.

The choice of mode depends on the number and size of dishes. For example, if you need to wash pans and pots, stewpans include a pre-soak option (if available). If you need to quickly wash a small amount, it is better to choose an accelerated mode. And for everyday washing, they run a standard cycle lasting up to 4 hours.

In the instructions for the Zanussi Tempoline dishwasher, you can also find a more detailed description of how to work in each mode. It is recommended to pay special attention to the section “problems and possible solutions”. If you use the unit correctly, it will last for many years without any complaints.

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