How to remove juice stains from clothes: 6 simple ways


  • 1 Stain Removal Instructions
    • 1.1 Method 1. Salt
    • 1.2 Method 2 Alcohol
    • 1.3 Method 3. Boiling water
    • 1.4 Method 4. Peroxide
    • 1.5 Method 5. Lemon acid
    • 1.6 Method 6. Glycerol
  • 2 Conclusion
The most difficult to remove pollution - from juice and wineThe most difficult to remove pollution - from juice and wine

Freshly squeezed fruit juices are beneficial to the body, and hostesses are also additional concerns. I wonder how to remove the spots of juice from clothes? I want to share with you the secrets of how to eliminate them.

Stain Removal Instructions

Method 1. Salt

The first way I want to share is to use salt. With this method, I quickly washed the orange stain. The instruction is as follows:

Illustration Procedure
table_pic_att14961020101 Step 1

Pour salt on a fresh spot and leave for half an hour.

table_pic_att14961020102 Step 2

Wash in cold water, then dry.

You can wash with other things that match the color.

This method will help to wash the juice no later than two hours after the spill. Wiping old stains in this way will not work, because over time they more strongly eats into the fabric.

Method 2 Alcohol

Than to remove a stain from juice from clothes from grape juice - use liquid ammoniaThan to remove a stain from juice from clothes from grape juice - use liquid ammonia

How to remove the stain from the grapes? In this case, you can wipe the spots from the juice, using ammonia. Grapes are afraid of him. The instruction is presented in the table:

Illustration Procedure
table_pic_att14961020124 Step 1

We wet the pollution with five percent ammonia.

table_pic_att14961020135 Step 2

Three spot with a damp cloth.

table_pic_att14961020146 Step 3

Rinse under running water and leave to dry.

This method is the fastest and safest for your clothes. It will not harm the fabric and leave its color as bright.

Method 3. Boiling water

Another old “old-fashioned” method is the use of boiling water. It is perfect for washing fruit stains. What is necessary to do?

  1. On the table we put a wide crockery (basin, pan).
  2. Over the dishes, we stretch the cloth, from which it is necessary to remove the blot, and begin to pour boiled water on it. Pour until the spot disappears.
  3. Dry clothes.

Boiling water will help get rid of fruit stains.

It is noteworthy that you can observe how the stain disappears before your eyes. Only you need to be extremely careful, as you can scald your hands with boiling water or damage the fabric. The method is used only on clothing that does not shed.

Method 4. Peroxide

Than to wash away a spot from tangerine? To do this, you need hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Mode of application:

Illustration Procedure
table_pic_att14961020277 Step 1

Prepare the solution by mixing 1: 1 peroxide and ammonia. A teaspoon of the resulting mixture add half a glass of hot water.

table_pic_att14961020288 Step 2

Saturate the prepared solution with a tampon or tissue flap.

table_pic_att14961020309 Step 3

Use a soaked tampon to rub the spot where the stain has formed.

table_pic_att149610203110 Step 4

Rinse under running cold water.

In the same way, you can remove the traces of clothing, if you shed carrot juice.

Method 5. Lemon acid

With the help of citric acid, impurities are removed from colored clothing. Lemon acid will not harm the color and gently wash the stains, preserving the appearance of the fabric.

Using citric acid, you can easily wash out apple juice, as well as remove orange spots. Instructions from the photo below:

Illustration Procedure
table_pic_att149610203211 Step 1

Pick up hot water in a container and stretch the clothes over it, on which the juice was spilled.

table_pic_att149610204312 Step 2

Prepare a solution of citric acid and warm water. On a glass of hot water, put 1 tablespoon of acid and stir.

table_pic_att149610204413 Step 3

The resulting solution is mixed with vodka or methanol in a ratio of 1: 1.

table_pic_att149610204514 Step 4

Soak a piece of cloth with the prepared solution and start wiping the juice trail off the clothes.

table_pic_att149610204615 Step 5

Rinse clothes and dry.

This method works great if you spilled tomato juice. Citric acid copes with many other contaminants.

Method 6. Glycerol

How to wash away the stains from watermelon? I recommend to do the following:

Illustration Procedure
table_pic_att149610204916 Step 1

We dissolve glycerin and egg yolk in proportions 1: 1.

table_pic_att149610204917 Step 2

Apply the prepared composition on the clothes where the juice was spilled, and leave for 2-3 hours.

table_pic_att149610205018 Step 3

We erase things with our own hands in the powder. Rinse and dry.

This method is perfect for colored fabrics. It removes stubborn old stains and retains the same color of clothing.


I told you about proven methods that showed excellent results and did not harm my clothes. Now you can easily wash the stains from the juice, using my recommendations. The price of the above tools is affordable, and the effect is amazing.

See more information about washing things in the video in this article to see the effect clearly. If you have something to share, leave comments!

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