What to buy a clipper animals

Mowing animals has features, but at a glance nuances will not see. We have tried to present the article distinctive features of machines applied to pets.

The machine for a hairstyle of hair

The machine for a hairstyle of hair

Features clippers animals

The animal - not a man, can not explain what it takes to sit quietly. Because most of the blades clippers pets are made of ceramics. Among hairdressers material unpopular nozzles disposable unit, sharpening is impossible, calcined clay fragile. A different thing turns around, when it comes to Grumer. It is important to both the quality of ceramics - slowly heated, as a result, do not burn the skin. Skilled craftsmen, using two nozzles in turn, will not affect the pet calm.

Not all animals are calm, others are aggressive, they are afraid. Be groomer - to work with the beasts - a gift that is available to people with rare.

Knives have clippers ceramic animals. It comes after some time of use to throw a block, to spend 500 rubles for a new one.

This is not the only difference. Consultant CODOS Petersburg firm suggested caveat - the animals are afraid of incomprehensible sounds. A hairdryer to dry cat or dog difficult. How quiet or running a hairdryer, an animal's nervous. It is easy to bite or scratch master, when you try to keep the pet. For this reason, for cutting animal machine operates extremely quietly.

Says the expert and other features. For example, the power button. Doctors operating with animal complain - says adviser - that wet gloved hands are not able to turn on the clipper. Lack corrected in some models CODOS. Now hair clipper includes pressing a button. The foregoing demonstrates that the company is listening to customer feedback, achieving really good results.

Clipper cat has at least three qualities:

  1. A knife made of ceramic. Steel is better not to take.
  2. Low noise level.
  3. Easy to use control system.
Clippers for dogs and cats

Clippers for dogs and cats

Secondary features animal clippers

The above are the obvious nuances. Such clipper dogs are guaranteed to cause the least irritation. Additional features:

  • It will not prevent the remaining battery charge display system for models with battery. CODOS addition the system offers a quick battery change, both in radio. Ended the charge in the first, second place. In total, it turns a couple of hours of continuous operation, in most cases, enough time, if necessary, buy more spare batteries.
  • Cats are known do not like to touch the belly. Clipper cats should not even hypothetically leave scratches on the skin. In particular, Codos promises that their products more delicate pen. Approval facilitate shaving animals bald. This quality, by the way, must have the clipper poodle breed that sports a bare sides.
    Clipper CODOS

    Clipper CODOS

  • If the battery is used, there are two possible charge. The battery dock is a cozy, but will have to carry an accessory everywhere. When installing inside a pair of lithium batteries neon they tend to be discharged through each other. Battery contacts over 2 behaves similarly. This is explained by the difference in the internal resistance of power supplies. Batteries are best kept separate, then, preferably removable.
  • Technical point. If clippers York to work on the battery and at the same time on the network must be connected the power cable. Well, that set aside a backup option, however - power connector looks weak point. See how you are logged in the power cord appliance: thick rubber tread, not allowing strands to bend sharply. As a result, in the place, especially dangerous in terms of defects, the probability of failure is significantly reduced. In the case of the power adapter is 12 V, the thin wiring. It turns out, the entrance in the hair clipper is already dangerous, because in addition lived and weak. Better not to use wire between haircuts or buy a copy without the battery. How best to proceed, depending on the situation, adding that the power cords of machines is not recharged. To do this, place the inside of the power supply unit weight increases immediately due to the presence of the transformer. An additional disadvantage becomes terminal. Power is much more massive. Our choice - clippers animals with non-removable cord, or running on battery power without dreams.
    Appliances for hair-cutting of animals

    Appliances for hair-cutting of animals

  • Power Most clippers animals starts at 15 watts, which is no accident. Animal hair coarser human hair, shiny on top. Machine shearing even more powerful. It is useful to look at the thermal conditions of the instrument. Characterized by a time function and relaxation, provides long-lasting. For low-power machines does not matter - as long as the groomer combs beast, the engine is cooled. Sheep shave continuously, the whole herd of the work shift. Here we need the advanced features. Clippers sheep is very hardy. If the duty cycle is not specified, ask the manufacturer if there are any restrictions on the duration of work.
  • Well, if the blade is wide. For example, 3.5 cm. This allows you to quickly clip out large areas of the body. A good thing, if the animal is a decent size. As for the ears and eyes, for the formation of delicate areas used Framing models and trims. Power is not as important as the ability to outline the desired area. Most machines used separate from the device. Although CODOS claim that only their models, there is a non-removable blade control, allows you to leave a different length of hair on the body.

Service centers

It remains to add that the hair clipper of humans and animals doing the general manufacturers. So, the difference is small. It is gratifying that the official website CODOS lie next to the product accessories. In groomers machines with interchangeable heads, this aspect is very important.

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