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There are several proven ways to disinfect a washing machine. To do this, not only rinse the outer parts, but also run a washing program at a high temperature, and then disassemble the drain filter as well. More detailed information about this can be found in the presented material.

The content of the article

  • Disinfection measures
  • What tools can be used
  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Additional actions

Disinfection measures

If you simply wash the outer elements of the washing machine and even do it regularly, such measures are not enough. The fact is that the device is affected by various factors:

  • external pollution (dust, dirt);
  • scale, villi getting on the heating element, into the filter;
  • High humidity can lead to mold growth.

Therefore, the disinfection of the washing machine should be comprehensive, the main measures are:

  1. Regularly wipe the outer parts with a cloth and detergent.
  2. Thoroughly rinse the containers for receiving powder, conditioner, to prevent drying and sticking of dirt.
  3. Rinse the filter and treat it with disinfectants.
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  5. At the end of each wash cycle, remove any remaining water from the housing with a clean, dry cloth.
  6. Another point in the instruction on how to disinfect a washing machine is related to wiping the door glass with window cleaner.
  7. Inspect the device periodically. If there is a smell of mold and other foreign odors, it is necessary to treat it with an antiseptic, for example, a solution of potassium permanganate.
How to disinfect a washing machine

What tools can be used

To effectively carry out the treatment, you need to choose the right disinfectant for the disinfection of the washing machine. To do this, you should use both improvised means and professional preparations. Among the most effective are the following:

  1. Washing gels and bleaches are good for interior cleaning. To do this, the agent is poured into a tray (gel 250 ml and bleach 150 ml) and the program is started at a temperature level of 60 ° C. If it is from 80 ° C, the washing machine disinfectant well eliminates fungi and bacteria.
  2. Another option on how to disinfect a washing machine is to use citric acid. It fights well with scale, which inevitably forms on the surface of the heating element. the powder is poured into the tray (2 tablespoons or 150 g are possible) and the washing program is started at the highest possible temperature.
  3. Bleaches containing acid. These are means such as Vanish or Belle. Another option for disinfecting a washing machine is Synergetic.
  4. There are also professional products that protect the unit from scale formation. They are quite popular and well known - for example, "Doctor Ten" or "Dr Beckmann". The composition of the preparations allows you to safely disinfect the washing machine at home.
  5. Ordinary alcohol vinegar 9% (or essence 70%, diluted 7 times with water). It is poured directly into the drum (400-500 ml) and then a long wash is turned on at the highest possible temperature. After this treatment, the washing machine must be turned off and allowed to stand for an hour. Then they start again in the shortest mode, and after stopping, wipe the inner surfaces of the rag with detergent.
Washing machine processing

Step-by-step instruction

Usually, the treatment process is reduced to wiping the outer parts with detergent using a rag or sponge. But if you describe the complete instructions on how to disinfect a washing machine, it will look like this:

  1. In a small amount of warm water, dissolve a little ordinary means for plates and other utensils.
  2. Wet a clean sponge or rag with a pile in it.
  3. Disinfection of the automatic washing machine begins with the fact that it is put forward so that there is access from all sides.
  4. Wipe all external surfaces of the case.
  5. Next, go to the door. If we consider how to disinfect a washing machine, in this case it is better to choose a regular window cleaner.
  6. Then they proceed to the processing of the heating element and internal surfaces. To do this, pour vinegar, bleach with gel into the tray, or pour citric acid powder. Run the longest wash at the highest temperature.
  7. The next step in the instructions on how to disinfect a washing machine is related to the treatment of internal surfaces. They do not need to be washed, but after a long wash, it is advisable to run a short cycle to wash off any residue of vinegar or other means.
  8. Special attention should be paid to the cuff, since water and lint from clothes accumulate in the folds, which can lead not only to pollution, but also to the formation of mold.
Washing machine disinfection

Additional actions

The above describes the basic instructions on how to disinfect a washing machine. However, additional, slightly more complex actions should be carried out periodically - rinse the container for receiving the powder, as well as the drain filter. This is done to disinfect the laundry in the washing machine so that it does not suffer from unpleasant odors, and even more so from fungi or bacteria.

The container must be completely removed from the unit, to do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Pull it all the way towards you.
  2. Inspect the underside and find the teeth-clamps there.
  3. Lubricate them with oil and pull the body (just do not hold the handle).
  4. Raise it a little up and at the same time to the side towards you.
  5. Loosen from side to side and pull out.
  6. Rinse the tray completely - you can use a regular disinfectant for washing machines for this.

It is also necessary to periodically rinse the drain filter - it becomes clogged, which causes slow draining of water, as well as unpleasant odors. To extract a part, proceed as follows:

  1. The machine is de-energized and the water tap is closed. Move the unit aside to gain access to the hose.Hose access
  2. Then they find a hose for filling the liquid and unscrew it, moving counterclockwise.washing machine hose
  3. They substitute a basin and turn the steering wheel to the end.Unscrewing the hose
  4. Next, take the pliers, take out the filter and rinse it under running water.Washing machine
  5. You can wash the filter in the same way as you process the washing machine. It can be disinfected, for example, with Domestos and put in place. Next, collect all the details in reverse order.

Now it’s clear how to disinfect a washing machine from a fungus. This is not a very difficult procedure, although it must be performed regularly. For disinfection, both improvised means and professional preparations are used.

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