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Kettle is the main device, according to many, for every kitchen or home. Why? But what about warming tea, coffee or brewing your favorite doshirak? You can't do without a fast water heater. Therefore, more and more consumers are leaning towards buying the best electric kettle.

The choice was not surprising, because the electric model heats water to 100 degrees much faster than you do on a gas or induction stove. And a number of additional settings improve the daily life of an eternally hasty manager or IT specialist who has no time to take care of his food.

In our article, we will talk about how to choose the best electric kettle according to customer reviews, what to look for in a store and how not to overpay for a "trinket". Below will be presented their own rating of electric kettles for reliability. Let's get started!

The content of the article

  • How to choose the best electric kettle model
    • Heating element features
    • What affects the power of the device
    • The shape and weight of the best models of electric kettles
    • Additional "buns"
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  • Rating of electric kettles in terms of quality and reliability - what buyers have chosen in 2021
    • Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro
    • Bosch TWK 3A011
    • VITEK VT-7033

How to choose the best electric kettle model

Manufacturers are replete with many design approaches and solutions, so on the counter you will see not 10-20 identical models, but hundreds of different-looking devices - you can break your eyes.

But in order to find the best teapots for 2021, you first need to look at the technical stuffing of the equipment, and only then look at the quality of appearance and styling. The main characteristics should include:

  • heater type;
  • system power;
  • body weight and dimensions;
  • protection functions;
  • additional innovations or "highlights" of the model.

Next, we will talk in detail about each option in order to add up a complete picture of the ranking of the best electric kettles.

Heating element features

Be sure to pay attention to this parameter - it is one of the main, if not the only one in the tops of electric kettles. The basis of the device can be an open or closed heater - depending on which manufacturer prefers. Kettles with plate heaters have settled down tightly in everyday life and are easy to use.

A feature of the closed heater is that it is attached to the bottom cover of the device and is made in the form of a spiral. The whole structure is the bottom of the device. Open type - an element that is in direct contact with the liquid in the tank. The debate about which option is better does not subside - we will present our arguments in favor of both methods of heating.

Regarding the closed version, we can say for sure that such a kettle will last many times longer than usual, but the price will be an order of magnitude higher than the open heating method. The device has more functions and is safer as the whole system is hidden under the case. The open version boasts of its simplicity and cheapness. But you always need to monitor the correct level of liquid so that the kettle works, and do not fill in all the wiring.

Important point! The spiral in open electric kettles must be completely filled with liquid. To do this, manufacturers indicate a kind of "waterline" - the minimum threshold of water in the tank. You can’t do less - there will simply be nothing to heat.

On a disc heater, scale is removed with a regular brush, but with a spiral there are difficulties that can cause scale in a mug of tea or coffee. Be carefull!

The closed type is characterized by the speed of bringing water to 100 degrees and a noticeable silence of operation. Therefore, if you choose between two heating methods in the rating of electric kettles, we definitely support the closed version with a disk base.

What affects the power of the device

The power of household appliances is the basis for the selection of equipment for the home. It is on strength that people who understand the principle of operation and the internal structure of any electrical appliance rely. For home electric kettles, it is enough to choose a device in the range from 800 to 1500 watts.

More for the average user is not required. Pay attention to the fact that the material of the body and the heating disc (or spiral) affects the rate of boiling of water.

Take, for example, an 850 W device: tests have shown that it takes about 2-3 minutes for 2 liters of water to boil. Next, draw your own conclusions.

The shape and weight of the best models of electric kettles

The most popular are plastic devices. Their main advantages are the lightness and cheapness of the material. Plastic does not affect the heating of the liquid inside the tank, so you can freely choose the style of the device for your home or workplace (for those who really care about it).

There are also models completely made of glass. The option is not bad, but it needs constant monitoring and regular cleaning - this is not the way that you put water on and left for half an hour.

Light metal options are more expensive in the segment, but much more durable than the plastic option. The latter wear out very quickly.

Additional "buns"

Kettles may also have extraneous functionality that somehow helps the user to improve the use of equipment:

  1. Temperature regulator - no boiling water is needed to brew tea. Therefore, you can set the temperature even lower.
  2. Device lock - the kettle will not turn on if there is no minimum water in it. An ingenious function, especially in a home with children.
  3. The length of the power cord - choose only the option that you can put near the outlet. It is easy to catch on a device with a long wire and pour water. And God forbid on yourself or others!

The list of functions is not complete, it depends only on manufacturers. For example, in the store you can find the top best electric kettles with water filtration systems. But this option is not cost-effective, since installing a filter on a faucet will be cheaper.

Rating of electric kettles in terms of quality and reliability - what buyers have chosen in 2021

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro


Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle - where without a sensational company in the field of household equipment. Presented to your attention is a completely cordless kettle with a battery for heating.

The teapot is made in white colors and matte finish. The charging base has a power cord that is easily hidden under the cover of the device.

The device even has its own smartphone app. The connection is made via Bluetooth, and then you can select settings and modes remotely!

The app even detects the current water temperature, which is constantly updated in real time.

It is especially cool to look at the device during boiling - in the application this moment is highlighted by bubbles and a gradual change in the background of the addition.

The application allows you to set the maximum temperature mode for heating. The scale of change is 5 degrees Celsius.

For certain drinks, the modes are already provided by the kettle itself, for example: 80 degrees for tea or 50 degrees for heating baby milk.

Above in the phone, you can specify the time for which the device must keep the specified temperature of the liquid. The maximum can be noted as much as 12 hours.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle is a kettle with little functionality, but a maximum of “smart” abilities. Ideal for remote configuration and control.


  • device volume - 1.5 l;
  • declared power - 1800 W;
  • weight - 1.3 kg.

Bosch TWK 3A011

In the rating of electric kettles, one could not do without the leader in the production of household appliances - the BOSCH brand. In our review, the 1.7-liter model, which is not so much for a large company, but for daily use by a family of 3-4 people is just perfect.

Interestingly, TWK 3A011 has a removable filtration system, as well as a swivel stand that allows you to conveniently take the kettle from any angle.

During the production of a line of such kettles, Bosch used a single principle - it is easier for the consumer.

There are no LED indicators or sound alerts. We get a simple and functional heater that has all the security systems of modern equipment and quickly heats up water.


  • container - 1.7 l;
  • specified power - 2400 W;
  • weight -1.1 kg.


In our ranking of the best electric kettles, we tried to select only easy-to-use devices for home or work. The model from Vitek with a volume of 1.8 liters did not let us down - it has a closed heating system, which we have already dismantled earlier (the best to date).

The body is completely made of stainless steel. The stand has a swivel property.

When the water boils, the device will automatically turn off; additionally built-in system from overheating and power surges in the network. Although the case is steel, you will never feel any taste of metal in the water - the manufacturer's guarantee.


  • capacity - 1.7 l;
  • power - 2200 W;
  • power cable length - 0.75 m.
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