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There are quite a few reasons why the machine cannot spin the laundry. The most harmless are overload, the choice of the delicate, hand wash mode, as well as the incorrect installation of the unit itself. But there are more complex situations in which certain nodes fail. The most common causes and how to fix them are described in the presented article.

The content of the article

  • Main reasons
  • How to repair yourself
  • Basic Prevention Measures

Main reasons

Sometimes the lack of spin is normal. For example, the user has set the manual or delicate wash mode. Also, in some models, for example, "LG", the spin is specially turned off. It is only an additional option.

Spin mode

But in other situations, the lack of spin almost always indicates a violation or breakdown. The most common cases are:

  1. First of all, you need to check that the washer is installed evenly. If it stands at a noticeable angle, the spin cycle is switched off because the laundry cannot be evenly distributed. You need to make sure in the correct position, ideally use the building level.
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  3. The drain pump has broken - in this case, the unit will not only squeeze out, but also drain the waste water. Repair comes down to replacing the pump. If necessary, also clean the drain filter, the pipe and the connection area to the sewer pipe.
  4. If the motor brushes are broken, the device will start to spark, and the number of revolutions during the spin cycle will drop dramatically. Replacement needs to be done.
  5. Also, poor spinning can be associated with wear on the drive belt - it can stretch and slip.
  6. Another factor is violations on the part of the tachometer, which controls the number of revolutions. The breakdown is quite rare and is manifested by the lack of the required speed.
  7. The control unit may also break - then the number of revolutions drops rapidly, and sometimes the drum does not spin at all.
  8. If the cause is related to the wear of the shock absorbers, this can be seen by strong vibrations when trying to spin the drum. Sometimes it can even come into contact with the body, which will cause a knock.
  9. If the stuffing box loses its tightness, fluid will flow into its bearings, and the grease will gradually be removed. Then the unit makes too loud sounds and does not wring out the laundry.
  10. One of the difficult cases is associated with a stator failure. It can occur due to a short circuit in the windings, a strong power surge or a break. Often in such cases, the electronics also fail, which requires serious, expensive repairs.

If the cause is in no way related to the breakdown, you need to make sure that the drum is not overloaded with clothes. If there is too much of it, things get stuck in a lump, for example, they fall into a duvet cover. Then the unit “feels” an overload and cannot distribute things normally, therefore it automatically turns off the spin cycle to avoid breakdowns.

Washing machine

Interestingly, a small number of things can also cause the spin to not work. In these cases, strong rotation of the drum can lead to imbalance. Therefore, the protective system is activated, which disables the corresponding option.

How to repair yourself

An independent solution to the problem is possible if its cause is accurately determined, and there are also repair skills, replacement of a specific part. For example, almost every user can eliminate such violations:

  1. Turn on the spin function or select the mode that provides for this process.
  2. Turn off the rev reduction function (some models have this).
  3. Take out part of the laundry, organize several washings instead of one.
  4. Install the unit evenly, if necessary, placing wooden blocks and twisting the legs.
  5. Take out the laundry and try to distribute it more evenly, preventing clumps.

Basic Prevention Measures

In order to deal with the problem of a non-working spin as little as possible, it is recommended to observe the following precautions:

  1. Always carefully check pockets - you need to remove all things from them, especially heavy ones.
  2. Do not overload the machine - it is better not to lay the maximum amount of laundry. Even if it meets the upper limit in terms of weight, the clothes can get stuck in one lump, which makes it difficult to wash and spin.
  3. Use only quality powder in moderation. An excess of low-quality detergent can lead to a malfunction of the sensor that controls the liquid level.
  4. Put a relay that will save the car from power surges. This is especially true for rural areas.
Spin not working problem

In other cases, it is necessary to replace parts. But for this you need to know exactly which elements are out of order. You also need to have the skills to dismantle them and install new parts. If you are not sure, it is better to contact a specialist.

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