Stretch ceilings in the kitchen - design, care, myths and reality

  • Advantages of stretch ceilings, their disadvantages
  • Types and designs of stretch ceilings - photo in the interior
  • Mold and stretch ceiling - a myth or reality?
  • What affects the price?
  • How to install
  • How to properly care for the material

Stretch ceiling in the kitchen is made of PVC (vinyl in the form of a thin film).

This material has the greatest practicality in the kitchen area precisely because it is as resistant to fatty deposits, moisture and hot air. Produce them from special paintings, welded on HDTV-machines (high-frequency current). As a result, special bands are obtained, the width of which is up to 5 meters, which makes it possible to create seamless structures. Is it possible to make a stretch ceiling in the kitchen? Definitely yes.

Advantages of stretch ceilings, their disadvantages

Choosing a stretch ceiling for the kitchen, it is superfluous to learn the features of the material and understand its pros and cons.


  • Easily and quickly installed - without preliminary work aimed at leveling the base;
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  • In addition, all types of this coating, without exception, will prevent you from flooding neighbors from above, since they keep water inside of themselves to 100 liters per 1 square meter. In the event of a flood, you will only need to pierce the canvas with a needle and pump out the water - and the canvas will restore its shape again;

  • Stretch ceiling in the kitchen - it's fireproof design, because vinyl is considered a material of average flammability;
  • The design and color of stretch ceilings is very variable - and this is another undoubted plus of coverage;
  • Under the canvas, you can hide communications;
  • The ceiling can be used for about 20 years if used carefully. It should not be periodically repaired and updated.


  • On the one hand, the tension vinyl - the material is strong and reliable, can withstand a lot of water, but on the other hand, this type of ceiling can be called brittle - the tensioning sheet can be damaged by mechanical impact - so that the stitching and cutting objects must be kept from the coating away;
  • In addition, the stretch ceiling takes at least 5 cm height of the kitchen;
  • For the first time, the canvas can have a specific smell;
  • If the suspended ceiling is chosen for large rooms, it is worthwhile to know that there will be a seam at the junction of the two webs, which will be slightly visible.

If your kitchen is large - choose a matte texture. If you still want a gloss, then your choice is a two-level ceiling in the kitchen, because in this case the vinyl is mounted in small fragments.

Types and designs of stretch ceilings - photo in the interior

Choosing a stretch ceiling for the kitchen, you can choose the following types of coverage:

  • Gloss;
  • Frosted;
  • Satin;
  • Artistic.

The color can be anything from white to metallic, and the texture can be rough or imitate marble.

Each of them has a unique design, so before choosing, take care of the material of the entire interior concept.

Glossy stretch ceiling in the kitchen forms an attractive surface that beautifully reflects the light.

The resulting effect helps to visually increase the area - this design can be chosen for kitchens in hruschevkah or other small items, with the best color stretch ceiling - white and beige.

The design of ceilings with a matte surface can be attributed to the classics. Visually, this surface will resemble a classic ceiling with putty. Light glare, reflections on such material will not, so this stretch ceiling in the kitchen will always be stable in terms of color. In addition, when mounted on it you can not see the seams - it's a great material for creating a single-level ceiling in any area.

Satin - stretch ceiling in the kitchen is very similar to matte, but has a light, unobtrusive luster - the canvas perfectly reflects the colors and looks dazzling white.


This surface design is suitable for any interior solution and any color finish. Seams when installing satin canvases are not visible.

You can also choose a designer stretch ceiling in the kitchen. In this category, such types of decors are popular:

  • Stars on the sky;
  • Clouds;
  • Birds;
  • Images of animals;
  • Architectural constructions;
  • Flowers;
  • Cards;
  • Portraits.

The design of artistic ceilings can be anything - you can even order photo printing from your own drawing. However, make sure that the canvas harmoniously blends into the overall design idea, and if it is an accent, then other surfaces should become neutral.

Regardless of its type, this image will be very qualitative, because it is obtained with the help of eco-solvent ink.


And what is better to choose - a glossy or matt stretch ceiling in the kitchen? In most cases, white matt surfaces are preferred. This traditional ceiling fits into any design of the kitchen, it almost does not see the seams and dust. Glossy stretch ceiling in the kitchen is now also in vogue, but with its use you need to be careful, excessive shine can be too intrusive. Remember, a stylish kitchen loves a measure of decor and brilliance.

Mold and stretch ceiling - a myth or reality?

Often stretched ceilings attributed one serious drawback - provoking the appearance of mold under the canvas.


Let's see if this is really how to prevent and get rid of it if it has already been formed?

Firstly, the appearance of mold is not connected with tension ceilings, mold arises from moisture, dampness and water leakage, not only because of flooding by neighbors from above. That is, if the room is wet and damp, the fungus can occur with equal probability, regardless of what your ceiling (stretch, plaster, rack or plasterboard). Thus, the widespread opinion that PVC linen is supposedly "too sealed and does not breathe and therefore creates a favorable environment for the emergence of mold can be called a myth.

On the other hand, we must admit that the emerging mold is difficult to detect under the tension ceiling, and treated with an antiseptic (special primer or plain chlorine) will be more difficult, dismantle the ceiling. Therefore, before installation, make sure to prevent - treat the rough ceiling with an antiseptic primer. However, this recommendation is relevant for all types of ceiling coverings.

If the mold has already arisen, as was previously said, it will be necessary to dismantle and change the linen to remove it. But, if such large-scale activities do not fit into your budget, if the apartment is removable, etc., then you can... do nothing and just put up with this problem - the smell and spores under the ceiling are not will pass. However, gradually the canvas will deteriorate and collapse.

What affects the price?


Price of stretch ceiling for 1m²varies from 490 rubles to 1500 rubles.

So, you decided to install a stretch ceiling in the kitchen. What will the price of your purchase be formed from?

The price of stretch ceilings is influenced by the factors:

  • The size;
  • Number of pipes, niches and ledges that need to be bypassed;
  • Presence of round corners and walls;
  • The need for luminaires and their number;
  • The complexity of the design, that is, the two-level and domed ceilings will cost more than a single-level ceiling;
  • Material - glossy and designer ceiling is more expensive than satin and matte types.

On the other hand, the traditional option - a matte ceiling with one lamp, will cost about the same as gypsum plasterboard or plastered, but you will spend less time, effort on installation and cleaning after it.

How to install

Stretch ceiling in the kitchen is installed very quickly - all the work is invested in a few hours. It is important that when installing them, there is almost no waste and garbage left, and somehow there is no need to prepare the kitchen for the arrival of masters.

The main nuance is that the stretch ceiling can not be installed independently, since such works require the use of a thermal gas gun, specific and expensive equipment.


And here's how the chandelier is installed.

In addition, not only design can differ, but also the material fastening system:

  • Harpoon will replace the canvas if necessary (for example, if you are tired of color);
  • Wedge-shaped - here the canvas can not be replaced without dismantling the entire structure.

How to properly care for the material

Stretch ceiling in the kitchen will please its longevity and decorativeness only in case you will care for the coating correctly. In particular, they can be washed with any liquid agent without abrasive particles or cleaned of contaminants with a weak vinegar solution.


  • To prevent the occurrence of fatty layers, you need to wipe the surface once a month with a sponge soaked in a solution of an ordinary detergent. Divorces, left after washing, are easily cleaned with a dry napkin.
  • If your glossy ceiling fades, wipe it with 10% ammonia solution and a damp cloth.
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