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It is necessary to correctly understand how to assemble a concrete mixer. The mechanism is quite simple. Even if it is equipped with an electric motor, it is not difficult to connect all the components. To do this, first check the completeness, then assemble the frame, the lower part of the drum and the engine. At the final stage, the upper part is mounted and the operation of the mechanism is checked.

The content of the article

  • Assembly instructions
    • Frame Assembly
    • Installation of the lower part of the drum and motor
    • Installing the drum top
  • How to use the unit

Assembly instructions

Each model comes with instructions that describe the device and assembly scheme. Installation is carried out in several stages. Step-by-step instructions with photos are described below.

Frame Assembly

The assembly of the concrete mixer is carried out at home using improvised tools. First they make a frame, for this they act like this:

  1. Unfold the entire fastener and check the completeness according to the instructions.1
  2. Distribute all components on a flat surface.2
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  4. Install wheel and secure with cotter pin.3
  5. Similarly, put the second wheel and install on the frame.4
  6. Fix the nut, after putting on the grower.5
  7. Next, a forced concrete mixer is assembled with your own hands in this way. It is necessary to put the foot lock of the position of the drum through the hole and point it up.6
  8. Insert the latch into the hole provided for it.7
  9. Using bolts, the base is fastened to the frame.128
  10. If necessary, knock out with a mallet and fix with fasteners. The frame is assembled - the first stage of assembling a concrete mixer with your own hands at home is over.9

Installation of the lower part of the drum and motor

Next, the drum is assembled, starting from the bottom. During operation, you need to take the part very carefully, because you can pinch your finger with a crown. The step by step instructions are:

  1. Fasten the drum on both sides to the frame with clamps. First, the screws are fixed temporarily, without tightening the nuts to the end. They are finally clamped only after the completion of the concrete mixer is done.11
  2. Install the slotted plate by inserting the bolts from the side of the drum, but not vice versa.12
  3. Put the steering wheel in the desired slots.13
  4. Check the pre-assembly by pressing the latch with your foot.1314
  5. On the other side opposite the steering wheel, install the engine. The assembly scheme of the concrete mixer at this stage is quite simple.Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 11.03.01
  6. Fasten with long bolts to the frame.1316
  7. Unscrew one of the bolts holding the motor, lower it and fix the pulley on the shaft. It has a side that should "look" outward.17
  8. Put on the belt and check the operation of the mechanism by turning the pulley several times.18
  9. Place a retaining ring on the pulley.2019
  10.  Put the cover on the motor.20

Installing the drum top

As you can see, assembling the unit at home is quite simple. It is somewhat more difficult to mount a concrete mixer on a tractor with your own hands, but this process can also be done independently. At the last stage, the upper part of the drum is mounted, proceeding as follows:

  1. Unscrew the screws around the perimeter of the drum.21
  2. Mark and line up the holes.2322
  3. Install the top of the drum.23
  4. Fix with bolts around the perimeter.24
  5. Attach the blades to the inner surface of the drum.25
  6. Run the mechanism and check the build quality. Now it’s clear how to make a concrete mixer at home.26

How to use the unit

Assembling a concrete mixer will take no more than an hour. If you work carefully, all parts of the mechanism will function normally. During operation, you must be guided by the instructions, the sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Enable the green button to start the mechanism.
  2. Fix the tank in the desired position using the rotary handle, as shown in the diagram. For example, for storage, the container is not rejected, but for mixing the solution, on the contrary, it is taken away at a strong angle. To do this, pull the rotary handle towards you and disconnect the hook.27
  3. Connect the cable and only after that turn on the plug in the network.
  4. The do-it-yourself forced-action concrete mixer begins to rotate - only in this state can loading be done.
  5. First, water is poured into the drum, then a small part of gravel is placed and cement is added. Then the sand is added.
  6. If the container is full, it continues to rotate. Unloading is also carried out only when the drum is running.
  7. At the end, the mechanism is turned off by pressing the red button.
  8. Immediately after work, the surfaces must be washed of concrete, otherwise they will harden and then it is difficult to clean them.

Thus, it is quite clear how to make a concrete mixer yourself with your own hands. The procedure is simple, even a beginner can handle the installation. Special tools are also not needed - it is enough to have a set of screwdrivers and wrenches, to simplify the work, you can use a screwdriver.

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