Homemade root remover: materials and manufacturing process

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Root remover - a device, significantly facilitating weeding. You can buy it or make your own. The article provides two options for a homemade tool.

The content of the article

  • DIY Weed Extraction Tool
    • What to prepare
    • Manufacturing sequence
  • Manual root remover "Tornado"
    • With spring steel
    • Fork-based

DIY Weed Extraction Tool

A self-made device will be guaranteed to be a reliable and durable assistant. The main feature and advantage of the tool is that it allows you to get rid of both “tops” and “roots”. In general, a homemade root remover is a device consisting of a tube body with a sharp cutting part and a handle. The working part looks like a chute. On the reverse side there is a handle made of wood, fixed with a screw. Fastening occurs through a hole made in the metal.

Homemade root remover.


What to prepare

As the basis of the working part, you can take a piece of pipe. Its diameter should be in the range of 25–40 mm. The basis for the handle can be part of the handle. For work you will need:

  • drill;
  • angle grinder with cutting disc;
  • sandpaper and files;
  • plane;
  • screwdriver;
  • measuring square.
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Manufacturing sequence

Based on the scheme, the process will go easier. According to it, you can accurately determine the dimensions and shape of homemade products.



Referring to the drawing, you should mark the steel pipe and cut it to the desired length and shape. The further sequence of actions looks like this:

  • first, the tube is fixed, then two longitudinal cuts are made on it with a grinder - to make a gutter, part of the material is removed by a transversely inclined cut;
  • then the end of the resulting recess is cut off at an angle of 35º;
  • burrs are removed with a file;
  • the inner working part is sharpened, the lower edge is processed with a semicircular file;
  • a hole is drilled for a screw to fix the handle;
  • the metal element of the product is sanded with sandpaper;
  • the handle is inserted into the working part, the screw is twisted.

Having built such a homemade product, you can get rid of weeds, while leaving the roots of cultivated plants growing nearby intact. In addition, such processing does not destroy nearby land layers.

The principle of operation is simple - to remove weeds, it is necessary to stick the rooter into the ground directly near its root. Then loosen the ground around it by slightly moving the root remover back and forth. Next, you need to slightly raise the grass along with the soil with a device and, grabbing it with your hand, remove it.

Manual root remover "Tornado"

Shop models for effective weed extraction are called "Tornado". Their design includes two parts - a lever and a working mechanism. The latter is located at the end and looks like a pitchfork. Only the teeth are curved. A person slightly presses on the lever, the points are screwed into the ground. Then the garden cultivator is lifted by the handle and the weeds, along with the roots, are removed from the ground.

You can make a homemade analogue of "Tornado". The creation process is pretty simple. You can choose from two options.

With spring steel

You need to take spring steel in the form of a tape. Its length should be approximately 50 cm. The thickness must be chosen 0.15 cm, width - 2 cm.

The workpiece is bent so that a loop is formed. It is fixed on the handle, for which an ordinary wooden cutting is taken. You can also make a lever similar to that of the purchased options. The ends of the tape need to be sharpened so that working with the tool is easier and more efficient.

Root remover



By itself, the store cultivator looks like a pitchfork, so this inventory is suitable as the basis for a homemade Tornado. You need to purchase a fork, and give their teeth the desired bend using an ordinary hammer. It is important to act carefully: the bend should be done so that the teeth do not break. Otherwise, the instrument will be damaged.

The use of a root remover.


A piece of plastic tube is suitable for the lever. It is threaded into the handle of the handle, and electrical tape is used for secure fixation. It is optimal that the protrusion of the lever on both sides is 20–25 cm.

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