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Air conditioning is a thing in its own way unique and incomparable with the rest. This is because no system can yet provide the quantity and quality of both cold and warm air. However, you can’t do without problems: maybe the device was not properly maintained, or, for example, a manufacturing defect. Unfortunately, without it, nowhere. One such problem is gurgling in the air conditioner. In this article, we will tell you the main causes of gurgling sounds in the air conditioner and how to deal with them yourself. Go!

The content of the article

  • The air conditioner makes uncharacteristic sounds - we identify the cause
  • The air conditioner gurgles when it is turned off - what to do
  • How freon circuits affect the fact that the air conditioner makes gurgling sounds when it is turned off

The air conditioner makes uncharacteristic sounds - we identify the cause

The first thing to do is to find the reason why the air conditioner gurgles. This can be either a regular characteristic (there is nothing wrong with this - the usual operation of the equipment), or a real breakdown.

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As we said earlier, all the sounds of a split system can be divided into safe ones - in no way affect the work; critical - the occurrence of a problem requires prompt action.

Safe ones include: crackling and creaking of the system during operation, the air conditioner makes gurgling sounds after turning off the power. Squeaking is the result of a change in the temperature of the air conditioner units and plastic, as it either contracts or expands during operation of the device. This phenomenon is quite specific for each split system. The sound of dripping water in the air conditioner occurs when the refrigerant flows down the drainage system - a completely normal situation.

More clearly, the breakdown manifests itself at the moment of a sharp change in the sound of the air conditioner or when something gurgles in the air conditioner. This directly indicates a malfunction of the structural parts: engine, compressor or fan. If you cannot independently identify the reason why, for example, the indoor unit of the air conditioner gurgles, contact the diagnostic center or service soon if there is a guarantee.

The noise figure for a stable device is at the level of 22-28 dB. Sounds are emitted by both the compressor, which pumps air, and the fan, which moves the air mass in the room. The assembly of the device and the quality of its components also greatly affect the noise level. In most situations, all models of manufacturers fit into the indicators indicated above.

As a standard, water gurgles in the air conditioner in winter when you turn on the room heating mode. With all this, sounds may not leave the system even when turned off.

Among all the reasons why the air conditioner squelches, it is worth noting two main ones:

  • unstable operation of drainage equipment;
  • freon leak - coolant. The result is the "airing" of the system.

The air conditioner also gurgles when turned on or off. The compressor starts to accelerate the refrigerant when turned on, or its movement slows down - the device is turned off. Usually the air conditioner makes strange noises for the first few minutes, and then it runs silently. It's like with a coffee machine: first, water is poured into the heater - the device makes noise, and only then everything goes like clockwork.


The air conditioner gurgles when it is turned off - what to do

If uncharacteristic noises do not leave the device even after turning it off, this directly indicates that the installation of the drainage system of the air conditioner is incorrect. Gurgles in the air conditioner in the wind, when it "blowing" into improperly fixed drainage tubes.

If the pipes are installed at the wrong angle, then some of the moisture simply cannot get out: bubbles are created under the pressure of the compressor and what happens is that the air conditioner gurgles in the off condition. It is even possible to clog the system - then the water has nowhere to go at all, and the result will be moisture leakage under the indoor unit of the split system.

Also, similar sounds appear when the drainage is not fixed with pipes and is not led out into the street, but directly into the sewer. In this case, the switched off air conditioner gurgles as strongly as ever, and the sound is transmitted either from the cesspool or through the water seal.

Incorrect drainage angle can cause sounds, but this is not as common as other causes. This is because condensate appears only in warm weather - the air conditioner works for cooling. When it is turned on for heat, no water flows out of the drain.

How freon circuits affect the fact that the air conditioner makes gurgling sounds when it is turned off

When a split system does not work for cooling, but vice versa, the properties of both the evaporator and the pump change. The injected freon enters the evaporator in a liquid state. There it heats up about 60-80 degrees and is distilled through the compressor. As a result, warm air enters the room. The process is the opposite of the cooler, so no water comes out of the outdoor unit.

In the outer part, freon enters in the form of a liquid and can gurgle. If the air conditioner is running, freon circulates from the evaporator to the condenser and the device, in principle, cannot make a squelching sound.

The air conditioner squishes in the wind only when the freon channels are damaged (the integrity of the entire system is broken, refrigerant leak). The pressure in the system changes dramatically, which causes a nasty noise.

If the main reason is not in the refrigerant circuit itself, then you can try to solve everything yourself, even without a professional. First, the angle of inclination of the drainage system tube is checked. Water drainage must be carried out in such a way that water can drain normally from the outdoor unit. The bend should not reach a direct perpendicular. The sharper the corners for the tube, the better for the removal of liquid.

Damaged places are replaced with new parts, and the bends are straightened to the desired angle for the system. The condensate drain can be extended and positioned right next to the ground surface - this is how we solve the problem of wind getting inside the pipe. Also clean the indoor unit and drain pan as the sound may come from there as well.

If, when installing a split system, drainage is discharged into the sewer, the presence of a special siphon is checked. If there is none, then the acquisition and installation of the latter will eliminate the moment of gurgling in the air conditioner.

If these actions did not lead to the expected result, be sure to contact the experts. At the service center, all refrigerant circuits will be checked for you and the device will be charged with freon.

The air conditioner gurgles from the wind - what you can do yourself

If the problem is not fixed in time, the air conditioner may simply break down. And a new purchase will cost much more than an old split system that has served for more than one year.

Here are a few points that will reduce the possibility of a technical malfunction of the equipment:

  1. Perform scheduled maintenance frequently. It will help to identify problems and quickly localize them. Self-diagnosis - 2-3 times a year. When operating the air conditioner on a "cold" check every month.
  2. Maintenance of the indoor unit is carried out by washing it with a cloth and cleaning agents. Periodically clean the outside of dirt and debris.
  3. Prepare the device for operation at different times of the year (summer or winter) and follow the operating rules. Do not turn on the system when the outside temperature is acceptable and the air conditioner will make little difference.

Prevention of the device will be able to extend its life for many years, and the owners will be a pleasure. In case of any failure, immediately find out the cause or bring it to the service - believe me, this will save you much more money than dealing with the consequences.

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