How to choose a miter saw, by what criteria

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The miter saw is a stationary tool that is installed above the workpiece. With its help, a transverse cut is made on light material, such as wood, thin metal or plastic. Their use is often found in furniture production, in private carpentry workshops, where accuracy and angle of inclination are important.

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  • How to choose a miter saw for your home?
  • TOP 5 best miter saws

How to choose a miter saw for your home?

The tool will become a reliable companion for years to come. With regard to saws, there are several criteria that will be fundamental for the future owner:

  1. Power and RPM. The first is directly responsible for the performance and characteristics of the disk that can be installed in the tool. The average indicators are 1.5–2 kW. The number of revolutions determines the accuracy and quality of the cut. The optimal value is five thousand revolutions.
  2. Cutting width. With a size of 30 centimeters, the work will go quickly and with proper quality.
  3. Built-in Options. A good set of options directly enhances the quality and versatility of the device. Manufacturers often supplement cross-cutting with a laser, broaching, switching to a circular, various scales and a sliding support.
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  4. Additional features. Be sure to make sure that the tool has a soft start function and a gear brake, as well as speed control, a lock against accidental activation, and an overheat controller. This ensures the safety of the operator during operation of the instrument.
  5. Brand. In order not to regret your own purchase, study the technical characteristics of the device, reviews about the manufacturer and the operation of the tool.

Every buyer he chooses company that suits him. However, there are a number of proven companies that offer a high-quality and inexpensive tool with great functionality.


TOP 5 best miter saws

We have prepared a rating of devices with a broach according to the version of buyers who left their reviews on the network for purchased devices.

  • ZUBR ZPT-305-1800 PLR

A single speed table saw with a rotating base that is easy to mount in a stationary position. Provides high-quality cutting and broach, equipped with an increased sawing width and dust extraction. Users note high performance.

  • ZUBR ZPT-255-1800 PL

Single speed tool for wood, plastic and thin aluminum workpieces. A disc of increased diameter and with sharp teeth allows you to get an accurate cut.

Among the advantages are the accuracy of laser measurement.

The working space is easily adjusted, shifted, adjusted to the desired angle. The dust collector and protective cover are responsible for the safety and cleanliness of sawing.

  • Metabo KGS 254 M

Single speed, benchtop machine for wide workpieces. Ultra-precise devices allow you to choose the most accurate cutting angle. The model has a built-in dust collector and a funnel for removing sawdust. The disk is replaced without dismantling the casing.

Users point out among the shortcomings the lack of a soft start and the poor quality of the disk that comes with the saw.

  • Metabo KGS 305 M

The table structure with a traction function is widely used in furniture workshops and private carpentry companies. The model is made of die-cast aluminum, which implies a long service life.

Users note a smooth start and an accurate cut, the device is equipped with a good package. No shortcomings have been identified in this model.

  • Makita LS0714

Single-sided miter saw with broach for bench work. Differs in good parameters and rich completeness. The saw blade is strong and will last a long time, but for metal parts you will have to purchase additional nozzles.

A miter saw is a necessary purchase if you regularly have to process elements for furniture construction or repair. In other cases - the usual circular. However, this substitution does not guarantee a sufficiently even cut.

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