Designing a garden plot with your own hands - a photo gallery of gardeners of the Kuban

I never thought that the garden or garden area is only a garden and a garden, that is, only a place for fruit trees, berry bushes and vegetables. But it is very interesting to create a garden plot design with your own hands. Photo gallery from the pictures of countrymen-truck farmers, which you will see below, was collected gradually. At first I saved on my computer the most liked design ideas. And then came the thought of creating all this as a separate page on the site - suddenly it will come in handy to others.


But, nevertheless, little about the design of his dacha. The decoration of the garden plot was postponed all the time "for later". Planted potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, there was little color ...

But I saw this photo (below) in one of the albums of our group in Odnoklassniki and gasped - how beautiful! I realized that garden design with my own hands is an achievable task. Moreover, garden design for the poor can be simple, but very beautiful, even exquisite.

With the advent of the granddaughter, I realized that the dacha should also be a place for joint rest. The first steps to this were refreshing the appearance of the cottage, laying a new concrete garden path and installing a mini sports complex - a swing, a Swedish wall, a horizontal bar. But while "not ripe" to submit to your court a photo of your summer residence. There is no system - after all, the design plan itself was not there... And the dream of having a beautiful garden cottage site remained... A photo of more experienced gardeners is a great help on the way to a dream ...

Successful planning of the garden plot (photo by Anna Nepetrovskaya from Novokubansk of the Krasnodar Territory)

What can be done when there is no special skill of the landscape designer? Special literature suggests that starting the design of the garden plot, any, follows from the plan. First he ripens in his head, and then begins to be realized.


This, of course, is an ideal option. But, if you already have a ready site - this is not the reason to abandon the design, garden plot design.

In general, of course, the garden, the garden, their design should be associated with something pleasant. I always wanted to have my house, so that around the house there was a patio, so that it was possible during rest to admire flowers, plants, that is, near to the house there was an aesthetically decorated plot. And already in the backyard of the yard let it be dill, parsley and other vegetable delights.

But... I do not have a home, only a dacha. It is located 10-15 minutes walk from my house, so I visit there almost every day. A dacha for me is an outlet, a place where I rest, even working in the garden. I think that any summer resident acquires a site not only for the fulfillment of the family food program, but also for recreation.

House in early spring

I am sure that not only do I want to have a place in the dacha or in the courtyard of my own house or cottage where it would be convenient to sit down, relax, and enjoy the sight. To be able to say - "the eye rests."

A house, a garden, a garden... Everyone is free to place anything on their own areas that will help them to have fun. Here everyone is his own master, choosing the design, the style of decorating his dacha, the plot near the house. Everything that you arrange, plant, one way or another will reflect your inner world, whether you like it or not.

Successful design of an artificial reservoir

For example, I really liked the ideas of my Internet-friendly countrymen on the design of the garden part of the site and flower garden. Now I will introduce you to what they have come up with! Perhaps something you will take in your piggy bank ...

One of them came to the Kuban relatively recently. But her design of the garden was to my liking.

High beds (photo by Anna Pasechnik from st. Settlements of the Krasnodar Territory)

And how do you like this option high beds?

Everything is ready - soon to plant!

In the Kuban, indigenous people do not make high beds, at least earlier - at the time of my childhood and adolescence - they did not do it, and in the central strip and northern regions it is common practice. Sometimes this is caused by poor soil or a cold climate, when a high bed helps to keep a good, nutritious soil in one place, accumulate and conserve heat. It is physically easier to cultivate, plant, sow, since to a high bed it is not necessary to bend so low, planting seedlings, tearing out weeds.


By the way, a high bed is easier to maintain without weeds. If it is done according to all the rules, there will be few or not at all.

I can not unequivocally advise everyone who lives in the Kuban to make high beds, because, firstly, at the very there is no such experience, and, secondly, something tells me that in the Kuban for good reason did not make high beds.

The land is fertile - there is no need to bring the soil from afar. And then, it's hot with us. The land in the high beds, if it is not regularly watered faster will dry and it is easier to gain high temperature from the sun, that is, we have high beds, if they are in the open area, we need something to shade. It should be a shadow from an artificial "shade" (curtains, canopies, canopies, fences) or natural - a shadow from trees, a shadow from several rows of high corn or sunflower.

Here, for example, as in the picture below. Over the garden with tomatoes stretched canopy. And although there are no high beds on this photo, but the necessity to shelter the plants from the scorching sun arises in all Kuban truck farmers.

Beauty of garden beds

But this is my opinion - the opinion of a man who in practice has not experienced what the high beds are, and my theoretical reasoning "you can not get to the point." If you have experience, then share it, please, in the comments.

In any case - high beds in the Kuban is not uncommon. You can not brush aside this experience, on the contrary, you have to look at it - but suddenly there is a rational grain in all this.

Under certain conditions, high beds can exist and make life easier for truck farmers in the Kuban. And what are the conditions, I think we will solve all collectively - by trial and error. Time will tell!…


I looked like this idea - to plant a raspberry in a high isolated garden.

High beds for raspberries (photo by Elena Polovnikova from st. Pavlovskaya Krasnodar Territory)

And that, maybe this is a good idea! Raspberry has a feature that may not like the owners of small areas - it grows in all directions, where it is necessary and not necessary. And such a fence will not let her do it!

The fact that the high beds can decorate, arrange the garden, bring their own note in the design of the garden or garden, I think no one doubts.

And that's what traditional beds look like! In my opinion, it's beautiful too! This is also a design - each has its own individuality.

Tomato Paradise
Beautiful beds of peas
Garden classics - carrots and onions
Smart dressing room salad
Salad Geometry

And flower beds! There is room for imagination here! This is not only a place for flowers - it is a state of mind, this is perhaps the main decoration of a house, a plot.

Garden beds with their own hands - there is nothing complicated in this. Look, what a successful layout of the flower garden from another my Internet friend!

Beauty in the clarity of the flower bed lines is good at any time of year (photo by Anna Nepetrovskaya from Novokubansk of the Krasnodar Territory)

But in fact, nothing difficult! But this is all the charm! The flower garden pleases the eye in different seasons! Did you notice that I have only exclamation marks?... Admire! But do not forget it!

Lush Beginning of Summer (Photo by Anna Nepetrovskaya from Novokubansk of the Krasnodar Territory)
"Young" alpine slide - it will be beautiful!
Successful design of the Alpine hill
Shadow corner of the garden (photo Valeria))) - KUBAN RUSSIA)
Yucca in the center of the Alpine hill
And the fence does not seem so boring anymore ...
Triangular flower bed
Making a path in the garden
"Carnation" stream (photo by Elena Nadtochy from Yeisk of the Krasnodar Territory)
A flower bed in the center of a shady courtyard (photo by Lydia Martynova from Belorechensk, Krasnodar Territory)
Hosts and geyhery decorated the site behind the house, where the sun rarely gets (photo by Nadezhda Abramovich, Krasnodar Territory)
Roses - the main decoration of the fence (photo Olga Shestakova from Temryuk of the Krasnodar Territory)

Good luck to you! We are waiting for new gardeners and truck farmers in our groups VKontakte, Classmates and Google+! We are waiting for new photos! Your garden design ideas are not just for you! The photo gallery should be replenished!

Updated May 22, 2017

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