Rock garden - the best schemes of the device and examples of creating your own beauty on the site

In the desire to stand out and transform the territory, gardeners use various techniques, one of which is a rock garden. The best schemes of the device and examples of the creation of their own hands, we consider in this article. Equipping your summer cottage with love and fantasy, we always strive to bring individuality into its design.

  • Alpinaria device or what it is
  • How to make a rock garden - choose a mainstream, create a motherboard, create a motherboard with a rock garden
  • Total rock garden stones, how to choose an
  • the element of landscape design is of Mediterranean origin, it not only pleases the eye, but also sets the tone for the whole site. One alpine slide, built in the right place, can radically change and decorate even the smallest and modest garden. What is a rock garden? This is the so-called fragment of wild nature, artificially recreated by human hands.

    Alpine slides spread out of various stones, most often rocks, decorated with appropriate plants and flowers. Today, rock gardens are popular all over the world. As conceived by designers, various compositions are created from stones and plants of all sizes and modifications.

    Rock garden, photo:

    Rock garden

    To build on the territory of rock garden, often invite competent designers. Their services can cost you quite expensive. This is not surprising, because a successful and attractive final result depends entirely on the competent observance of all stages. The process starts from the development and design of the design of the design, the choice of plants. Often the entire composition is recreated in advance in 3D, in computer programs.

    But even taking into account all the nuances, you can create your own rock garden in your area. If you look in detail, then in this process there is nothing too complicated. All stages will be described below, and the rest depends on your imagination and taste preferences in the choice of plants.

    Very often two concepts “rock garden” and “rockeries” are mentioned in the same meaning. Despite the fact that both landscape techniques are similar in style, there is still a difference.

    Rock garden and rockeries - their difference, first of all, in the main focus of the composition. In rockeries, these are stones that are laid out on a flat surface. Any place on the plot is suitable for creating rock arias, but for a rock garden you need an area well lit by the sun's rays. During the construction of rock gardens used stones, flowers, shrubs, small conifers and other decorative compositions. Simply put, rock garden is a construction made of stones and plants, rock arias is a decorative imitation of stone terrain, the so-called stone flowerbed, rock garden.

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    How to make a rock garden - choosing a place

    This is the very first point of the plan - you first need to choose a place that will always be the center of attention, with a good view from any side. In addition, most of the day it should be illuminated by the sun, so the south side of your site is most suitable for the implementation of the plan. The most acceptable place is the center of the lawn. However, depending on the situation and the presence of other garden elements, the rock garden can be built on the edge of the lawn, near the entrance to the gazebo, near the fountain, artificial reservoir or walkway. The main requirement is good illumination.

    Rock garden in the center of the lawn, photo:

    Alpine slide or rock garden should not be placed in the shade of trees or shrubs. These plantings may well create the background, as long as they do not distract attention from the rock garden with their colorful paints. In this case, it is preferable to choose monochromatic plants for the background.

    If there are differences in height, slope or bulges in your area, then this situation can be successfully beaten with the help of an alpine slide. It can be placed in / on the natural lowlands or hills of the landscape.

    If you decide to do everything yourself, then all the more you should first draw your future rock garden on a piece of paper, the scheme of which will clearly demonstrate the placement of stones, the list of plants, the form of the overall composition.

    The most popular types of alpine slides:

    1. "Mountain Valley" - randomly, but thoughtfully "scattered" stones. Large boulders, stones of medium size, as well as very small stones are located on a flat surface. Heather, ground cover plants, wormwood, meadow bells, edelweiss look great in the company of boulders and boulders.
    2. "Forest Ravine" - the whole structure is located, as it were, in a recess, in order to impart a larger entourage, large stones covered with moss are placed on the edges of the "ravine".Also used dwarf conifers and the so-called mossy( ground cover) plants( pelee mossy fine-leaved, mossy jersey, saxifrage, etc.).
    3. "The Rock" - looks great on natural steep slopes, the largest boulders are placed below, which are surrounded by medium, closer to the "top" stones for rock garden shallow. In this way, a mini-rock is created, in the entourage of which hnochniki, junipers, dwarf varieties of ferns and plants that usually grow in the mountains look good. A variety of similar design - rock garden "cliff".
    4. "Mountain stream" - an alpine slide in the company with an artificial waterfall or stream imitation. Instead of water, colored decorative crushed stone( dry stream) can also be used. Bergenia, primrose, ferns, irises appropriately look next to this design.
    5. "Lake" - here, as in the case of the "ravine", the natural dredging of the soil on the site can be used. In another case, a small ravine is manually excavated and an artificial reservoir is settled. Often, the "bottom" of such a hollow is carpeted with decorative rubble that imitates water. This type of rock garden is especially good for wetlands, in such an environment marsh and moisture-loving plants feel very well. Along the edges of the "lake" place rounded stones, which are partially dug into the ground. For greater certainty, you can use wood fragments( snags), moss.

    If you plan to build an alpine slide in the very center of the garden, then take care of the path to it and, for example, set up a shop next to it.

    Mini rock garden is created when your possibilities are limited by the size of the territory. With a creative approach and the presence of fantasy, even a small composition of plants and stones can be the highlight of your country house. Also under the concept of "mini" fall container, the so-called portable alpine slides.

    These are small compositions imitating a full-fledged rock garden, only they are placed in large flowerpots or decorative containers. For their arrangement, small plants and flowers are selected, as well as miniature stones and tree fragments. Competently made mini rock garden will decorate the gazebo or staircase, attic, porch. It can also be used as an element of a flower bed or a large garden rock garden.

    Rock garden in miniature, photo:

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    Stones for rock garden, how to choose

    The basis of any rock garden, the main building block is stones.

    To create alpine slides you will need stone material of various sizes. Your task is to recreate the natural mountainous landscape in a reduced format, so large boulders, streamlined stones, and stones with sharp corners( imitation of rock) will be used. Of course, you can buy stones designed specifically for these purposes, they are sold at the appropriate points of sale of products for landscape design. But it is much more interesting to collect the whole composition on your own, especially the stones can be found anywhere if you try: in the field, by the river, in the forest.

    Rock garden is a corner of wildlife in your country house, so you will need large, medium and small stones. Also, do not pass by flat stones - with their help it is convenient to divide the borders, draw up steps, cascades.

    If you delve into details, the best material for the construction of an alpine slide can be considered cut sandstone, mountain dolomite, basalt, layered slate, porous Tibur travertine stone, gneiss, red pebbles of different fractions, steppe crane stone. When you find yourself on a river bank or in a forest, pay attention to the moss-covered boulders. They will cost you completely free of charge and will be an excellent material for creating rock garden.

    When choosing stones for rock garden, keep in mind that some of them, such as limestone, can affect the soil( alkaline reaction).In such cases, the soil is slightly acidic, so that certain types of plants feel comfortable. But sandstone, landscape design experts unanimously give their preference. It is suitable for work on any type of soil, does not deteriorate and does not change its appearance over time.

    The classic technology of laying stone material for an alpine slide looks like this: larger stones are placed at the bottom, the higher - the smaller. Their location should not be strictly verified, deliberate negligence, one might say chaotic, will create the natural effect of the natural landscape.

    Alpinaria “Lake”, photo:

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    The stages of creating a rock garden with your own hands

    Landscape architects believe that there are 4 main directions for creating alpine slides:

    • European style is most common, especially in the expanses of our homeland. The design uses plants that bloom at different times and follow each other. Thus, the goal is achieved - the presence of flowers throughout the season, an attractive kind of rock garden. At the same time, all selected plants are characterized by slow growth.
    • When making an alpine slide in the English style, preference is given to rocks with sharp corners. Attention is focused on the active use of conifers dwarf varieties.
    • The Japanese trend in the design of rock gardens is characterized by minimalism and brevity. The plants are predominantly small, there are not many of them, the stones also differ in modest size and a streamlined shape.
    • Czech style - is the use of layered stones of different sizes, which are set by the edge. The whole structure is laid as if by steps, rows of stones are arranged one behind the other. In the distances between the rows of plants are planted.

    If you take for example the creation of a solid "right" rock garden, the whole process will consist of several points, following each other.

    Summarize the stages of construction of this structure into a single scheme:

    1. At the first stage, a future alpine slide is designed, many examples are viewed, the required dimensions are calculated, a plan is drawn.
    2. Determined by the choice of stones, purchased at points of sale or use their material.
    3. A drainage “cushion” for rock garden is being prepared; it will support the upper layer of soil and drain excess moisture. On the site of the future construction, a small depression is dug, about 60-70 cm. What sizes a rock garden is supposed to be, such a width and dig a foundation pit. A layer of gravel or crushed bricks( 30 cm) is laid on the bottom, then sand is poured( also 30 cm), and water is poured on top.
    4. Next, clean( without plant residues and garbage) earth is poured over the sand. Ideally, its composition should be suitable for future plants. The layer of earth should be approximately 80-100 cm, keep in mind that in 10-15 days it will sit still.
    5. The next stage is rock garden stones and their placement: laying out hills, walls, any other designed stone structure. How to lay the stone material - it was described above( large at the bottom, small at the top).All parts must be stable, the stones are buried in the soil, strengthened with smaller fragments. Between them leave plots of land for planting
    6. . The choice of plants and flowers should be consistent with the artistic concept and nature of the alpine slide.

    Plants are selected with the condition of the composition of the soil on the site of rock garden, their reaction to sunlight, and the climatic features of your region also play a significant role.

    Small rock garden in the country, photo:

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    Plants for rock garden

    By and large, the choice of plants depends on your taste, the choice of color and size is entirely determined by your preferences. The main thing - everything should look harmonious, given the rapid growth of neighboring representatives. The most popular and favorite plants for alpine slides are conifers( including dwarfs), ground covers, heather crops, ferns, small trees. Above the structure should be located more drought-resistant species that feel comfortable in the sun. At the foot of the rock garden you can plant small shrubs( dwarf spirea, almonds, barberry, Kjussky broom,) miniature trees, lush-flowering species.

    Plants for rock garden should be undersized - this is a general rule. Large representatives should not be placed for the reason that they will simply clog low "neighbors", create an unnecessary shadow, disrupt the harmony of the composition. Various bulbous, tuberous, rosette plants and junipers have proven themselves well. From the ground covers - dryad, zvezdovka, diastia, brunner, soapstone, etienema, arabis. Of the shade-tolerant ones are ferns, saber-hemlock, hosts, stachis, badan, astilbe, periwinkle, crest, primula, anemone.

    The range of plants for the design of alpine slides is very wide, it is simply unrealistic to list everything, therefore the most creative and pleasant part is landscaping, completely falls on your shoulders. Choosing sun-loving representatives, pay attention to the bathing suit, helianthemum, adonis, irises, lavender, acena, antenaria, phloxes. The decorative onion, aubrieta( aubretia), edelweiss, gentian, aquilegia, calla Eliot, oreganum, sunflower, errigeron are very attractive. Universal plants with unpretentious character are bells, crocuses, Ramonda, Myalnyanka, violet, Potentilla, stonecrop, Scylla, phlox, muscari, liatris.

    Helianthum in the design of rock garden, photo:

    Primula( 1), obrietta( 2), zhivuchka( 3), sprat( 4), periwinkle( 5), photo:

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    Care for care of the aldromesame as for any other flowerbed. It is necessary to remove faded and dried plants, periodically loosen the ground, remove weeds, and water. Top dressings are made mainly before the arrival of winter. With the advent of cold weather, rock garden can be covered with wood shavings, branches of coniferous trees or special covering material. When snow falls, it is desirable to form snow mounds in rock gardens, this will help the plants survive the frosts.

    Similar elements of landscape design have their own philosophy based on the individuality of execution. How many would not have been in the world of alpine hills, each of them will be unique. If you decide to make a rock garden at your dacha, the best schemes of the device and the example of creating your own hands, for example, your neighbor, will still be different from your version. Competently and thoughtfully designed composition that imitates the natural landscape is a unique flavor of the Alpine mountains in your country house, besides it was made by hand.

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