Soundproofing a wall from neighbors on the side and bottom in Khrushchev: how to do it - Setafi

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Sound insulation of the wall from neighbors is carried out by different materials. The easiest option is to fix self-adhesive membranes on the surface or lay out mineral wool. It is also allowed to use basalt slabs or chipboard with a special layer of material with noise-absorbing properties. Tips for choosing a specific type and step-by-step installation instructions can be found in this article.

The content of the article

  • Insulation materials
  • Step-by-step instruction

Insulation materials

Noise isolation from neighbors below is carried out by materials that can be conditionally classified into 2 types - soft and hard. Soft insulation includes the following varieties:

  1. Self-adhesive membranes - the simplest option, the material is not thick, equipped with a special layer on which it is glued. You can finish any flat surface - wall, ceiling or floor. But the efficiency is low.Wall soundproofing
  2. Mineral wool absorbs noise well and serves as a heater, which is especially important for corner apartments. At the same time, it needs vapor barrier, since it is strongly destroyed by moisture.
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  4. Polyester fabric is a synthetic foam type material. It absorbs noise well even with a small thickness.

Sound insulation of the wall from neighbors on the side is also provided by other materials:

  1. Styrofoam is affordable, but quite voluminous and takes up a lot of space. However, it does not provide really good sound absorption.
  2. Chipboard with a layer of soundproofing, such as quartz, mineral wool or cork. High-quality material - even a small layer dampens noise well.
  3. Basalt slabs are natural materials based on fiberglass or cork.

Step-by-step instruction

Installation of the material is quite simple - you will need a screwdriver with self-tapping screws, a tape measure, a puncher and a hammer. Sound insulation of walls in Khrushchev is performed as follows:

  1. They dismantle the old coating, close up small dents and cracks - they are treated with putty. If the defects are large, they are embroidered and finished with a cement composition.
  2. They make markings, cut a metal profile or wooden slats and assemble a frame - about the same as for installing drywall.Soundproofing walls from neighbors
  3. The soundproofing material is fixed with the help of special self-tapping screws.
  4. Seal the seams with a non-hardening sealant. Mounting foam should not be used, because it practically does not protect against noise.
  5. Next, they put decorative panels or finish with textured plaster. You can stick wallpaper, but not on soundproofing material, but on drywall.

You can protect your apartment from noise on your own. And not only from the side (walls), but also from above (ceiling) and below (floor). To do this, use different materials, in the case of a wall, a frame must be mounted. The surface is pre-prepared, then installation and finishing are carried out.

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