Instructions for the use of the preparation of solicks for rabbits


Large farmers and amateur rabbit breeders from time to time come across various diseases of their pets.Rabbits are very whimsical animals and are vulnerable to infections. Often, dangerous diseases affect the whole livestock and the owner suffers heavy losses.

Solikoks is an effective tool for the treatment of coccidiosis in rabbits, the instructions for use of which can be found below.


Table of contents

  • Why do rabbits need a solicose?
  • Composition and pharmacological action
  • Indications for use
  • Dosage and instructions for use
  • Side effects
  • Contraindications
  • Reviews of rabbit breeders
  • Conclusion

Why do rabbits need a solicose?

Rabbits in the pen

Diseases of domestic animals are usually provoked by bacteria, fungi or parasites. A drugSolikoks is a good helper in the fight for the health of rabbits.. It is effective in the disease of coccidiosis, caused by coccidia - a unicellular parasite. Before using this medicine, it is necessary to read the instructions and understand what it is.

When working with this drug, rabbit owners are obliged to strictly observe the safety rules in order to avoid consequences - do not smoke, drink or take food!

Composition and pharmacological action

The composition of the preparation of solicox includes the substance diclazuril- the newest highly effective coccidiostatic of the benzeneacetonitrile group. All kinds of coccidia are susceptible to it. It is available in the form of a viscous solution, which must be taken orally.

The drug has the following advantages:

  • Shortterm of treatment;
  • Combinationwith other medicines;
  • Lead-out periodfrom meat (5 days);
  • Opportunityuse under stress, high temperature and humidity;
  • Convenientpackaging.

Solikoks is an advanced product of the new generation. is hedoes not contain teratogenic and mutagenic substances, so it is acceptable to use it together with antibiotics. This is a low-toxic drug, repeated use of it usually does not cause side effects even with an overdose.

Solikoks in various packages

Solidox does not contain carcinogens,does not accumulate in the liver and in the tissues of the animal. Provides reliable prophylaxis throughout the life of rabbits. Adult individuals can be given it regularly right up to the face.

A drugacts on the animal's organism rather gently, but parasites destroy quickly and effectively. He struggles most severely with coccidia in the non-sexual stages of the endogenous cycle of their development.

The preparation is unique because it has high efficiency even in small doses. But experts recommend that the dosage and treatment regimen be strictly observed.

Indications for use

Soloxy is used in the treatment of coxidiosis- a disease in which the liver and intestinal tract of rabbits are affected. They become sluggish and passive, lose appetite, lag behind in growth. In sick animals, diarrhea and swelling are observed.

At autopsyOn the mucous membrane of the intestine find a lot of white solid nodules. In case of liver damage, the organ increases 5-7 times, the bile ducts thicken. The mucous membranes of the animal's eyes turn yellow.

Coxidiosis spreads quickly and can infect all pets.In weakened animals immunity decreases, and they become susceptible to other, more serious infections. If you do not start treatment on time, the animals can be much depleted and die.

Coccidiosis in rabbits

Scientists know 10 kinds of coccidia. Only one of them parasitizes in the liver, the remaining 9 - in the intestine. Often in rabbits, simultaneous lesions of the intestine and liver are observed.

The simplest parasites are especially actively multiplying in conditions of unsanitary conditions, in utility rooms with poor ventilation or drafts.Infected animals can through food, litter, as well as the stool of other animals. The rabbits are infected through the mother's nipples.

Cow rabbits eat

Disinfection of cellswith an outbreak of disease does not give special results. The disease affects rabbits all year round, but is exacerbated in spring and summer. Adult individuals often act as carriers of the disease.

The latent period of the disease lasts 2-3 days. Calling out coxidiosis can:

  • Same typefeed, protein overfeed;
  • The lack of vitamins in the dietand useful substances;
  • Rarity of rabbits,tightness;
  • Contentin one cageindividuals of different sexes;
  • Absence of purity in cells,dampness;
  • Substandard,spoiled feed.
Before the treatment, it is necessary to eliminate all the negative factors and causes of infection. It is necessary to put in order cells, sick animals to isolate.

Only a veterinarian can make a correct diagnosis. Somesymptoms of coccidiosis can be confused with signs of other diseases.


But in any case, the main substance of the solic acid destroys not only coccidia, but also other parasites of the digestive system. Therefore, the benefits of the medicine will be double.


Dosage and instructions for use

Young rabbits up to 3 months are particularly sensitive to coccidia parasites. Soloxy can be safely given to rabbits at the age of one month, as soon as they were weaned from their mother.Prophylaxis is done in the following scheme:

  • First daysolder on, ml. preparation;
  • On the second daydose increase to, ml. ;
  • On the third- up to, ml. ;
  • After thatevery monthrabbits are recommended to give 2 ml. a drug to prevent disease.

Adult rabbitsalso solder 2 ml per animal. This can be done with a pipette, but it is better to dilute the drug with water and pour into the drinking bowl.Proportion- 1 liter of the drug per 10 liters of clean drinking water. Term treatment - two days in a row.

Crawls drink from the drinker

In the treatment of animals, the preparation is given the entire populationto prevent re-infection. In this case, you do not need to change the diet. Solikoks can be mixed directly into the feed.

It is forbidden to treat Soliox with pregnant rabbits, since this drug can adversely affect the fetus. This applies to females and other animals in whom coxidiosis is found.

Instructions for use of Soloxy


Side effects

Due to the very gentle and gentle action of this drug, rabbits carry it well.Severe complications were not observed. Side effects are minimal. Individual intolerance or allergy is possible. This happens very rarely, but in this case, the drug will have to be discontinued.



As mentioned above,Solicox does not give succrol females, but veterinarians advise to solder the drug 5 days before the enrollment. This is done in order to prevent coccidosis in toddlers. On this line of pregnancy the fetus is almost formed and the drug can not harm it.

The rabbit and the little rabbit

Price of the preparationis approximately 600 rukes per package (100 ml).

Reviews of rabbit breeders

Vladimir, Samara:Unfortunately, I have a bitter experience fighting coccidosis. Once out of him, I lost a whole livestock of rabbits. Now I focus on prevention. I do not wait for the youngster to get sick, but I give the salicolix to the rabbit immediately after weaning from the rabbit. I drip each one, ml on the first day with a pipette. I think it's better to drink this way than dilute it with water. The next day, as written in the instructions, I give already, ml, and on the third day. Now I forgot what is coccidosis! Very important and I advise everyone.

Sergey, Pskov:I've been buying Solodox for rabbits for several years and he never failed me. It is very convenient to use - I type in a syringe without a needle and solder each animal separately. They are healthy and active rabbits!

Oleksandr, Kharkov:Earlier I did not even hear about this drug, and to tell the truth, I did not attach due importance to disease prevention. I thought that rabbits contain simply, but it turned out that they are very tender and vulnerable. They require careful care and appropriate conditions. Special removal should be given to the health of rabbits. This I understood then, when my animals got sick and I was just in despair. Appealed to the veterinarian, he advised the drug is a solicose. Give it according to the scheme, as expected. Very good medicine!

Marina, Sumy:Before breeding rabbits, I decided to thoroughly study the conditions of their maintenance, as well as possible diseases. Found information about the preparation of Solidox, and after its successful application was glad that I was not mistaken in the choice. Now he does not come out of my veterinary medicine chest.


Solikoks is a safe, reliable and convenient means for treating coccidosis in rabbits. Itsold as a solution and taken orally. Therefore, it is easy to adjust the dosage for each animal.

Vaccination of rabbits

Although the meat of rabbits that have recovered is allowed to be eaten, it is better to prevent the disease.Solikoks has a high effectiveness for preventive purposes.

If you need to combine it with other medications, this will not be a problem. The solution of the solic acid does not react with any substances.

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