What can be made from a broken shovel: interesting ideas

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Garden tools are short-lived - there comes a time when it becomes impossible to work with them. But that doesn't mean that old shovel needs to be sent to a landfill. The inventory is used to make unique things that will last for many years.

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  • DIY garden shovel crafts
    • Garden table
    • Lamp for a barn or garage
    • garden figure
    • Plant stand
    • Device for loosening flower beds

DIY garden shovel crafts

Home craftsmen never tire of coming up with different options for using a broken tool. Here are collected only unique ways to improve your plot and create original art objects that will become the highlight of your summer cottage.

The result depends on the creativity of the owners. Don't be afraid to bring your wildest ideas to life.

Garden table

A simple way to use the tool. No additional processing is required for manufacturing. You need to find a flat material - preferably a round or square shaped metal.

An old shovel is stuck deep into the ground. This will be the base of the table. A hole is made in the metal sheet through which the cutting will pass. For reliability, we secure it with self-tapping screws and paint the table a bright shade.

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garden table made from a broken shovel


Lamp for a barn or garage

It’s easy to make an original lighting fixture from old garden equipment. To do this, cover the shovel with light paint and stretch a wire with a socket into which a light bulb is placed. Be sure to secure the wires with cable ties so that they do not hang from the wall or ceiling.

All that remains is to fix the lamp in a pre-selected place in the room.

lamp made from an old shovel


garden figure

Over time, the metal part rusts and becomes unusable. It’s hard to throw it away, but using it for its intended purpose is already inconvenient and unpleasant. In this case, we suggest making an interesting garden decoration for flower beds and beds.

Several shovels are attached in a circle to a thick wire base, forming a flower bud with petals. Add the stem and leaves and the original flower will be ready. You can paint the craft or leave it in its original form.

This is not only an attractive art object on the site. It is beneficial for fruit trees and garden plantings - it scares away birds.

what to make from an old shovel
what to make from an old shovel

Plant stand

By attaching several shovels to a wooden base in the form of a pole, you will get an unusual stand for ornamental plants. No one is guaranteed to have this, so bring your ideas to life. In addition, making something useful for the household will not require much effort.

plant stand made from an old shovel


Device for loosening flower beds

It’s easy to make a small spatula from a damaged one. Using a machine, we cut off the edges of the metal part around the circumference and sharpen it. We cut out a new short cutting and clean it with sandpaper.

For finishing, we connect two parts of a small shovel and secure it with a self-tapping screw for reliability.

On the Internet you will find a huge number of options for various crafts made from old shovels. A special place is occupied by decorative figures of birds and animals. Here the imagination of the owners of personal plots is limitless.

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