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The question of whether it is possible to return the mixer to the store does not have a clear answer. For example, if a product is of normal quality, it can only be returned within 14 days. If it is defective, a return under warranty is acceptable, although in some cases the buyer will be refused. A detailed discussion of each situation can be found in the presented article.

The content of the article

  • Good quality product
  • Product of poor quality
  • Return terms and procedure

Good quality product

The first thing to consider is whether the faucet can be returned if it is of proper quality. In this case, a return is indeed possible, but subject to the following conditions:

  • the product has not been used (including not installed);
  • the normal presentation is completely preserved;
  • seals and labels are not broken;
  • The product packaging has also been preserved (although many stores are loyal to this requirement).

There is no doubt whether you can return the mixer to the store if all these requirements are met. Moreover, one of the conditions is the presence of a cash receipt, which confirms the fact of purchase. Although it can be proven in other ways, for example, using surveillance camera footage or based on witness testimony.

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Product of poor quality

Typically, faucets are provided with a warranty of 6-12 months. But if a defect is detected, then even after installation or use, the product can be returned back to the seller within the warranty period. The procedure is carried out in cases where obvious defects are found, for example:

  • chips, scratches;
  • understaffing;
  • the device does not perform some or all functions;
  • its characteristics, for example, the length of the gander, differ from the description in the instructions;
  • non-compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents, including GOST.

But in some cases it will not be possible to return the mixer to the store (even a defective product):

  • the buyer was notified in advance of the breakdown, so he was aware of the consequences of the purchase;
  • the defect occurred due to the fault of the buyer himself (he did not prove that the product was initially defective);
  • The warranty for faucets by law has expired - how many days it lasts depends on the manufacturer’s rules.
Mixer - photo

Return terms and procedure

The possibility of returning goods is valid within strictly defined periods:

  • if the quality is normal, no later than 14 days (2 weeks) after purchase;
  • if there is a defect (or appeared later), within the warranty period.

For example, sometimes you can find a faucet on sale with a 10-year warranty. This means that it can be returned to the store during this period. In practice, this is not easy to do, since the buyer has to prove that he followed the operating rules and handled the mechanism carefully.

The procedure for returning is simple:

  1. Come to the store with a mixer, as well as a receipt and product packaging.
  2. Write an application in any form or according to a sample.
  3. Wait for consideration (usually within several days, often up to 10, but sometimes up to 30);
  4. Receive another product (same or similar model) or a full refund.
Mixer warranty

Thus, you need to know what the legal warranty is for faucets, and what to do in case of a return. In practice, there are often situations when a store refuses to compensate the amount spent or provide a similar product. Then the buyer has only one option to protect his rights - go to court.

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