How to charge a battery sprayer, how it works

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Battery sprayers are designed to quickly and efficiently treat the garden to cover plants with fertilizer or simply irrigate with clean water. The device saves time and effort, makes work quick and easy. This is especially important for owners of large gardens with numerous plantings.

The content of the article

  • How to use a battery sprayer?
    • Operating principle
    • Advantages of a battery sprayer
    • Rules for choosing a suitable device
    • Charging Features

How to use a battery sprayer?

All devices with a similar mechanism of action work according to a single principle. An electric pump is installed inside the tank, which creates high pressure in the container and literally squeezes the liquid onto the surface.

The electrical installation allows uninterrupted operation for several hours, depending on the capacity of the battery and tank.

Operating principle

As already mentioned, a pump installed inside creates water pressure. The device is powered by a capacious battery, the capacity of which is enough for approximately six hours of continuous operation after a full charging cycle.

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The device also sets manually the pressure values ​​- minimum and maximum. When they are reached, the device turns off automatically.

Most modern installations are equipped with an advanced filtration system. The water goes through several stages of purification and enters the outlet hose without salts or harmful impurities. For devices that are not equipped with such a function, you will have to do the cleaning yourself. Otherwise, its service life will be greatly reduced.

how to charge a battery compressor

A powerful compressor is located under the liquid tank; with its help, the container is filled with water when refueling is necessary. The tanks themselves are available from 1 to 20 liters.

The best option for processing a plot of 25–30 acres is considered to be a 12-liter device.

When choosing a device, you should decide which is better:

  • move a huge tank around the garden, but work without refueling;
  • buy a smaller container and carry out irrigation with additional refills of the container.

Advantages of a battery sprayer

The devices have a number of advantages that are important when working in the garden:

  1. Light weight and compact, which allows you to carry it on your back.
  2. Rechargeable, which makes it possible to do without running wires.
  3. The battery capacity is enough to work in the garden without recharging.
  4. Additional attachments are used during repairs, garden cleaning and home disinfection.
  5. Spray speed and width are adjusted using the tip.
  6. No harmful impurities are released into the atmosphere.
  7. Affordable price.

In addition, unlike gasoline models, there is no need to spend money on oil and fuel. Backpack products help you move around the garden, maneuvering between plantings and carrying out routine manipulations.

battery sprayer

Rules for choosing a suitable device

There are several main criteria that experts advise taking into account in order to select the most effective device:

  • size of the garden and planned actions;
  • frequency of treatments;
  • the need to use for third-party purposes outside the garden;
  • number and height of trees, shrubs;
  • physical capabilities of the operator;
  • tank manufacturing material, quality of welds.

If the choice falls on a backpack model, be sure to try it on, since the sprayer will be used often, so it must be comfortable and ergonomic.

Charging Features

Like many tools, charging the device is as simple as possible. First, connect the power adapter connector to the case. The manufacturer's instructions indicate the connection diagram and location of the connector for connecting the charger.

Next, insert the plug into a socket with a 220 V power supply. Wait for the light to turn green. This means that the device is charged and ready to work on the site.

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