Snow shovel: review of the best models, rating, how to choose, tools made of plastic, aluminum, wood

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In winter, owners of private houses are faced with the problem of snow covering their yard. In such situations, it is necessary to quickly clear the path to the gate, the exit to the street, and clear the exit of the car from the garage. Every homeowner will need a snow shovel for clearing.

Snow shovel

The content of the article:

  • Types of shovel materials for snow removal
    • Aluminum
    • Plastic
    • Wooden
  • What to look for when choosing a snow shovel
  • High quality, inexpensive 
    • Center tool "Sahara"
    • Center tool Finland 1023-CH
    • Airline snow shovel with telescopic handle
  • Budget options 
    • "Sibrtech"
    • Finland 1904
    • Tornadica TOR023
  • Expensive, high-quality shovels 
    • EFEKT e58
    • FISKARS SnowXpert 1026793
    • "Centrotool Felicita"

Types of shovel materials for snow removal

The tool consists of a handle and a bucket. Their other names are stalk, scoop. You can understand that a shovel is intended for removing snow, and not digging up earth, by its size and shape. The snow removal tool is wide and deep. The edges of the scoop are reinforced with a plate that protects against deformation. The structure should not weigh much, because during operation there will be an additional load on the person removing the snow.

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Manufacturers can use the same material for the handle and scoop or use a combination. More often, snow removal equipment is made of aluminum, wood or plastic.


Aluminum is not a heavy metal. From it you can create a shovel or its individual parts: a bucket or a handle. This tool is convenient for raking up precipitation in winter. Those that combine a metal handle and a plastic scoop reinforced with an aluminum plate are considered ergonomic.


  • you can adjust the length of the handle according to the height of the person;
  • the telescopic structure of the handle allows you to fold the tool (in this form it does not take up much space when stored, you can take it with you);
  • aluminum weigh less than wood - no more than 2 kg;
  • a metal scoop will not be damaged by compressed snow crust;
  • when exposed to low temperatures, the plastic will not crack if it is standing outside;
  • aluminum can be repaired if the handle breaks off from the base;
  • Snow sticks to aluminum;
  • aluminum ones weigh more than plastic ones.


Scoops are often made from this material. If there is a plastic handle, then this is a model for a car. In this case, the tool should not be heavy, but compact in size. Manufacturers may add other components to increase strength. The price of the finished product depends on the quality and strength of the material.

Plastic snow removal tools must be durable and can withstand low temperatures. Plastic models are expensive, but they are strong and durable.


  • lungs;
  • if the bucket is full of snow, it does not break, plastic is a flexible material and does not lose its shape;
  • if the plastic is cheap, it may crack under stress or severe frost;
  • the removed snow does not stick to the plastic surface;
  • If damaged, they cannot be repaired.


Today, completely wooden shovels are almost no longer found. Most often, the handle is made of wood, and the bucket is made of metal or polymer.


  • the handle holds tightly;
  • you can repair it in case of breakdown or strengthen the fastening yourself;
  • heavy, weighing more than 2 kg;
  • the handle is without bends, so when working with such a tool the load on a person increases;
  • if the handle is not polished, the skin of your hands can be damaged;
  • non-adjustable handle length.

What to look for when choosing a snow shovel

In order for the shovel to serve for a long time and not break, you need to pay attention to several points before purchasing.

Edge - this element will protect the bucket from damage. This model will last longer than a non-reinforced tool. The edge can be built into the structure or put on top before work. This element can be aluminum or plastic. The first can be used when removing compressed snow, without fear that clods of earth, stones, and wood chips will fall along with it. The second one is suitable for clearing tile steps or plastic surfaces.

Handles can be of several types: in the form of the letters T, G, D. The first ones give emphasis, but can slip out of the mittens. The latter are inconvenient to grip, but they weigh little. The third ones do not slip out of your hands, and are better than others in control.

A snow shovel has a rectangular scoop. A bucket of this shape holds quite a lot of snow, so you can quickly finish clearing the yard. To improve gliding on the surface, manufacturers knock out shallow runners in a scoop. To remove snow quickly, you need to buy a shovel with streamlined sides. Their presence allows you to capture more material to be cleaned.

To increase the duration of use of the tool, stiffening ribs and a reinforcing bar are built in. Wide, flat scoop designed for working on large surfaces. The narrow rounded one can be used for clearing uneven surfaces.

The size of the scoop should be selected based on your physical capabilities. You should not buy a wide shovel if it will be used by a woman. In this case, you can purchase an option with a small scoop. May you have to do more bending and spend more time clearing. The average width of the bucket is 40 cm. The largest ones measure 70 cm, but these are models for strong men.

When buying a shovel from a manufacturer whose products are not available on the Internet, you may stumble upon a low-quality tool. It is recommended to purchase snow removal models from companies that have been on the market for a long time, and whose products have been tested by many people.

The type of shovel is mainly manual, but some foreign companies also supply electric options.

High quality, inexpensive 

In any product, the ideal combination of price and quality is considered. A model for removing snow from the yard must be durable, collect snow well, and be resistant to frost. Every resident of a country house hopes that a tool at a low price will be of high quality and will last more than one season, meeting all the declared characteristics in terms of strength and service life. The best snow shovels in this category are presented below.

Center tool "Sahara"

Price: 1755 rub.

The snow removal tool model from Tsentroinstrument Sahara 0364-CH is a plastic shovel that is resistant to low temperatures and impacts against hard objects. The scoop has an optimal size of 49 cm; working with such a tool is simple and quick. The wooden handle holds tightly. Such cleaning equipment will not break during the cleaning process. A wooden handle is firmly connected to the ladle.



  • the handle does not slip out of your hands when cleaning up precipitation, since there is a rubber gasket along the entire length;
  • the scoop is reinforced with an aluminum edging;
  • There is a warranty from the manufacturer - 5 years;
  • warranty on the plastic part - 3 years;
  • there is a handle on the handle.


  • the handle does not fold;
  • the cutting does not withstand frequent use and may crack after a couple of years.

Center tool Finland 1023-CH

Price: 1550 rub.

A shovel for clearing snow from an area has a plastic scoop and a wooden handle. The material of the bucket is resistant to impacts, friction, and contact with compressed snow. This model can be used to clear the area in severe frost; the plastic will not crack due to low temperatures. Dimensions: 49 cm wide, 41 cm long. With this tool it is convenient to grab snow, the path to the house or the yard will be cleared in a few minutes.

Center tool Finland 1023-CH


  • weighs less than 2 kg;
  • Dimensions allow you to work quickly;
  • There is a metal strip along the edge;
  • the handle ends with a plastic handle.


  • the handle slips out of the gloves;
  • If you apply force, the handle may break off from the bucket.

Airline snow shovel with telescopic handle

Price: 1045 rub.

This tool can be stored on the balcony and, if necessary, transported in a car for work on a snowy area of ​​a country house. The telescopic handle can be adjusted according to height. When folded, it is 86 cm long and can be extended to 112 cm. Small, bucket size - 24*35 cm. It is easy to work with, the snow will be cleared in a few strokes. The scoop is not afraid of encountering hard crust and is equipped with a metal edge, which makes the edge stronger.


  • can be transported in a car;
  • the handle folds;
  • the plastic scoop is frost-resistant;
  • weighs less than a kilogram;
  • The handle has a foam insert.


  • there is no certificate for the product;
  • small.

Budget options 

Some owners of private houses do not believe that they need to buy expensive shovels for snow removal. In such a situation, you can look for budget offers. Inexpensive tools can last a long time if you handle them carefully, do not exceed the permissible load, do not throw them, or suddenly crash into the snow. In some cases, there is no point in buying an expensive tool. Perhaps there is no need to clear large spaces of compacted snow, but you need to slightly scatter the recently fallen precipitation from the 3 m path. The rating of the best is in the following selection.


Price: 754 rub.

This inexpensive model is assembled using Russian equipment. The plastic shovel has dimensions of 400x405x1380 mm. It is designed for clearing paths and sidewalks from snow. A lot of snow fits into the bucket thanks to the high sides and reinforcement.


  • durable steel handle;
  • there are stiffening ribs;
  • you can remove snow in frosts down to -30 C˚;
  • The edges of the scoop are protected by an aluminum strip.


  • the bucket is made of fragile plastic;
  • The handle is not firmly connected to the ladle and may come off.

Finland 1904

Price: 965 rub.

This miniature shovel can be placed in the trunk or transported in a car. The Finland tool is indispensable if you need to dig out a stuck car, clear a gate or remove snow from a path. This is a must-have car accessory.

Finland 1904


  • weight - 0.4 kg;
  • compact dimensions - 70*21 cm;
  • ergonomic D-shaped handle;
  • galvanized strip on scoop.


  • non-removable stalk;
  • the plastic handle can withstand only moderate loads;
  • there is no coating on the working part.

Tornadica TOR023

Price: 1199 rub.

In this model, buyers are attracted by the curved shape of the handle. There is a handle at the end that you can comfortably grab with your palm and quickly scatter snow from the road. The steel handle is durable, does not bend, does not crumble.

Tornadica TOR023


  • comfortable bend of the handle;
  • made in Russia.


  • weight - almost 2 kg;
  • unreliable fastenings of shovel parts.

Expensive, high-quality shovels 

For the owner of the house, who loves thoroughness in everything and does not skimp on equipment for working on the site, in the house, choosing a shovel is also a serious undertaking. Such people choose tools from well-known companies that are trusted by many buyers. A high price attracts attention, because the buyer expects a high-quality product for a lot of money. An overview of the best shovels for snow removal is presented in the final block.


Price: 4145 rub.

The EFEKT shovel has a shock- and other impact-resistant plastic scoop, which is protected by an aluminum edging. The handle is designed so as not to put stress on the hand joints. This shovel can quickly clear light snow in a small area of ​​the yard. The 58 cm width allows you to cope with large, flat spaces.



  • suitable for cleaning large areas;
  • You can clear a layer of snow up to 10 cm;
  • ergonomic aluminum handle.


  • a weight of 1.5 kg may seem heavy.

FISKARS SnowXpert 1026793

Price: 3875 rub.

Just by the name of the tool it is clear that FISKARS SnowXpert is a true professional in snow clearing. The shovel consists of an aluminum handle with an easy-to-grip handle. A polycarbonate bucket is attached to it with a steel clamp. Manufacturers have thought about the presence of a pad for the left hand, so you can work with a shovel with or without gloves. The scoop measures 45x35.5 cm, and its profile blade is bordered by an aluminum strip. The bucket has stiffening ribs that ensure strength, reliability, and long service life of the tool.

FISKARS SnowXpert 1026793


  • copes with loose snow, as well as compressed wet snow;
  • comfortable handle;
  • will not break under stress or frost.


  • in some stores the price is above 5,000 rubles;
  • It takes time to find this model cheaper.

"Centrotool Felicita"

Price: 2997 rub.

This snow shovel model is designed to clear light snow from a small yard. The bucket holds a lot of snow in one set and is protected by an aluminum edge from mechanical damage. A wooden handle is attached to the bucket. The entire structure is securely fastened together, the shovel will last for more than one season and will become an assistant in a private home in winter.


  • 5 year warranty on bucket material;
  • weighs less than 1.5 kg;
  • comfortable.


  • may break on wet snow or crust.

A tool such as a snow shovel should be in every private household. There are different parameters on which the duration of operation, as well as its effectiveness, depend. For the owner of the house in winter, it is important that the shovel copes with large volumes in a short time, does not break or crack in the cold.

What shovel shape would you prefer for yourself and why? Share the link on social networks and bookmark the article.

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