Antenna Installation Tricolor own hands

Recently, install the air conditioner was a matter of the way to Moscow, complicated. 5 years ago, each could be done installing a satellite dish Tricolor TV. Today the circumstances have changed. The antenna can be mounted on a wall, roof of the building without the consent of the state structures, the owner of the house. The root problem with the wave channels, imagine what it takes to install the antenna Tricolor own hands. kit price is 9500 rubles and includes subscription.

Established antenna installation Tricolor TV

An interesting situation is obtained: like the chief architect of Moscow, struggling for the appearance of buildings installation approval procedure tightened and Tricolor TV set with the arrival of masters worth 11,000 rubles. Let us remember, with an annual subscription, without setting is 9500 rubles. 1500 rubles difference. Why break the brains, when they come to the pros to customize. Frankly we believe yourself to climb to the roof just silly. I wanted to know whether the installation is considered to be a standard wall. Like how to attach the antenna within the reach of the window. short cable out, in full view of the property.

Established antenna installation Tricolor TV

In the latter case, the installer leaves the box, drill a hole above drives the anchor hook, threaded through the loop goes over the precipice hang antenna. Insurance, of course, is mounted inside the apartment. Master drills hole under the arm, put in place, it suggests satellite tighten bolts. Aiming the pros are on the special device, which houses hardly find a man in the street. The reason that should be preferred to the work of professionals: inexpensive, high quality! Rather than install the antenna Tricolor own.

Important. One time installation provider conducted freely. Installation was a responsibility of the seller, not the service. On the official website of the (share) Tricolor proposed denounce trying to borrow money.

All the more reason to connect Tricolor TV, October 1, two stocks:

  1. The owners of old equipment, paying 3,600 rubles, will receive a new one-year subscription plus HD package. Profitable or not, decide for yourself.
  2. Tricolor TV entered into a contract with a domestic brand Amedia. It overlooked a list of translations in general terms is called: the premiere of the best movies, popular series. The brand is positioned as a world, too lazy to check the accuracy. The annual subscription costs 900 rubles - but on the other channels Tricolor TV. Amedia just three channels, different program ...

From 1 October (2014), who wants to, leaving the application can try tariff night for two weeks free of charge. Connected, but who have made a subscription fee, the time offered... Everyone can see that broadcast, while sleeping, to decide whether to pay the extra money.

How do install a dish Tricolor TV without masters

The antenna is sent to the box, set up:

  1. Plate.
  2. Stand converter disassembled.
  3. Bracket for hanging the antenna.
  4. Converter.
  5. Instructions.

Hardware included in the booklet drawn order of installation. Before starting work, it is recommended to write down the coordinates of the spacecraft. Given the official site Tricolor TV, it's hard to find installation instructions, but the instructions are available. Visit the Help in the phone directory, select the first steps in the world of "Tricolor TV". Here you will find the subsection How to connect and configure. Sparingly described process.

Setting Tricolor TV

Thus, the coordinates... written, "to take from the table" on the page do not have numbers. These are the instructions that are provided. Tricolor TV Support Service states: elevation angle (vertical angle) is different for each brand of antennas. Russian provider is using a dish of Chinese manufacturers, offset arrangement is different. It is recommended to find the compass bearing, aim the antenna, then start the search vertical.

Collect antenna Tricolor TV

In the box there is a lot of small parts, avoid to touch, start the better arm. The curved, shiny trumpet, allows you to mount a couple of details. Plug that do not fall into raindrops, secondly, the fixing plate, which adds stability pipe. Twist together the two parts, put back the cover. With bracket finished.

antenna assembly is complicated. We must start the converter, over worn clamp is grasped. On the reverse side of the clamp fastening baits in the future will keep the converter in a curved rack. Design dressed along the vertical pipe bracket, adjust the azimuth is performed by two loosely tightened straps.

Tricolor TV antenna assembly

Setting the elevation angle being pretentious mechanism formed by two parts, one is firmly attached to the rack, and the second is connected to the first by two rods form the letters P, providing mutual movability, the reverse side comprises two brackets help conduct setting azimuth. Just collect hardware carefully. Tricolor TV uses circular polarization, there is no need to rotate the converter. Simply clip on the rack.

We get two assemblies, call globally:

  1. Antenna.
  2. Bracket.

Grabbing follow to the installation site. Selected compass direction, the sky is preferred to clean. Elevation can wield a protractor, the signal comes from the spacecraft. The slope of the antenna is difficult to put... converter offset. Begins installing the antenna Tricolor own hands:

  1. Screw the bracket to the wall, to survey the satellite. Easier to use anchor bolts, dowels, nails. Traditionally, not the body drilled brick - cement junction. Russian cement readily crumble. Naturally, if the block of flats, drilled a suitable plate. Mounting bracket to the wall
  2. The bracket is put in place, with the loosely tightened bracket mount antenna. Bolts lightly grab that design is not slid. There is no difference at what height to hang. Recommended dish Tricolor TV by moving the hook down until rested. Wind powerless to change the vertical position (as loosening fasteners damage mouthfuls strength will be smaller).
  3. setting bolts grab. Fasteners made of thin sheet iron, remains in reserve. Look at the place, the power of mouthfuls.
  4. It was the turn of the cable. There is a professional device - use a small segment of the service (or good enough to pull up the bay, stretching to the apartment). Putting F-connector, strip the insulation from the outer 12 mm of the cable. Stocking pull the screen down. Cut the inner insulation, exposing the central conductor. Smooth rotary motion pull the F-connector, fully goes to the cable. Repeat the operation with a second cable end.
  5. Through the segment of cable service unit for setting connected to the converter. If the link is normal, the upper range of the screen will be painted over. Shows: defective cable, converter efficiency.
  6. Start moving the antenna in azimuth back and forth, simultaneously lifting vertically. Proceed in the manner of a beam of the picture tube, the scanning screen. In the end, will fancy squeak indicating: satellite frequency captured by an antenna Tricolor TV.

If the professional device is not available, try to catch a satellite TV. Some models "understand» DVB-S2, but most - are not present. The prefix you want to connect: how to tune the antenna to the satellite, if a TV tuner built deprived. External (Tricolor) help. Crammed to find the frequency and channel names. Therefore, the automatic adjustment process often takes a minute or so. By the way, the console must be activated as specified in the instructions. Through a satellite dish Tricolor TV tuner, you can update your software. Mainly concerns the database: there are more satellites, it is necessary to consider this fact ...

It showed how to conduct an independent antenna installation Tricolor. partis different. From the above it is clear: the inhabitants of the cities to establish his own dish Tricolor TV turns unprofitable. For 1500 rubles, as was explained above, installers will take hard work, will control if necessary. This applies mostly to the strength of fixing the antenna Tricolor TV. Windage product is that a gust of wind disturb reception. And do not want to inclement weather, to climb on the roof, in the ice can become dangerous.

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