Which company is best washing machines

Popular manufacturer of washing machines is considered to LG. They are followed by Samsung, Hotpoint Ariston, Bosch and others. Rare information about Brandt's popularity washers vertical company costs from 24000 rubles, not everyone is ready today to give a considerable sum for a Class A power with three ins.

Criteria for selection of the best washing machines

When deciding a washing machine which company to choose, choose to focus on Siemens iSensoric. Washing machine determines the amount and type of contaminants, assess:

  1. Polluted water after preliminary rinses.
  2. The rate of increase of polluting factors in water.

This allows you to make a prediction on the outcome of the work and find the right amount of powder and water to make sure that the process lasted until clean linen.

Washing machines

Please note - a high class of washing does not mean that the problem is solved. In this case, it refers to the removal of contaminants present initially. Rinsing is usually carried out by a timer that does not guarantee the purity of pristine linen.

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In dishwashers water purity sensors called Aqua Sensor. A number of generations, protozoa have poor accuracy, but, on the whole, the result is better than without them. Firms washing machines use a similar terminology. The dishes are perfectly visible pollution, excess detergent, or a lack of salt overdose. This requires the cars increased accuracy in the above aspects, the stiffness of the incoming water is measured for process optimization. As a result of a good dishwashing equipment plates come clean and creaking. With linen is not so obvious, it no divorce, a careful look impossible to catch whitish streaks on the lack or excess salt.

Advertisement washing machine claims that it is enough to fill Calgon, but experts call the undertaker said substance appliances. In America, the water is hard, it is necessary powerful tools from scale, but otherwise this is the case in the Far East.

Washing machine

salts composition often varies. Conventional means are designed for calcium and magnesium compounds. Calgon, being just a set of sodium and the active substances are not always helpful.

It is easy to find amazing forums, where visitors are used in dishwashers instead of descaling of common salt or extras. Descaler comprises a sodium compound and a plurality of components, the reinforcing effect and guides the process in the desired direction. With washing machines big difference there, just below the requirement.

Well, if there is a protection type bimetallic rod spring fuse or thermal fuse. But as a rule, these funds are not available. Limescale has a thermal conductivity lower than conventional metal exchange with water is less intense. As a result, the washing machine heater burns (see. special report on this subject).

To decide whether Calgon is needed, it is recommended to watch the dishwasher. They tend to go to the strip for the value of the water hardness test. This option is possible to find out from local authorities. The rigidity of drinking water should not exceed certain standards, conducted periodic tests to evaluate the parameter.

How to avoid the scale? It is recommended to use either saline or a liquid agent, based on the parameters set forth in the dishwasher. It will show the necessary amount of money to add. cycle of the device is slightly different. In washing machines heat usually comes when the powder is used. Therefore, it is permissible to add a bit of salt directly into the pan and mix the powder or counted equivalent to Calgon.

Difficulties arise if to assess dosing detergent washing machine does not use foam control and water pollution. It is to be clarified with the technical support of the manufacturer.

If the assessment is carried out without checking the foam, the tray will be backfilled means in grams. This complexity is not in the model, where part of the water passes through the tray pocket by washing powder. In this case, salt and a detergent fall into a drum. In this regard, if there is someone who will do a calculation of the required amount of salt, cheaper models of washing machines look better expensive. The difficulty arises in assessing the amount of the powder.

Which company to choose a washing machine

At the beginning of already named leaders, we should add that belongs Hotpoint Ariston Indesit. These brands show a similar quality. Washing machine Ariston Aqualtis no different ultra-high price. AQSL 85 has a function to control foaming, that is, it keeps a record of powder dosage and water. It is suitable for a method with the addition salts described above. Otherwise, the model is 5 kg for 13500 rubles does not stand out from the crowd. From the description it is impossible to know whether such Aqua Sensor sensors are especially desired during rinsing, but the mere expense control partially relieve the odor chemistry.

Washing machine in the laundry room

US washing machine Whirlpool AWG 338 is slightly cheaper, 10,000 rubles. It has no means of adjusting the dosage, purity assessment of runoff. It is recommended to set the additional rinse cycles, in the presence of children in the home or allergy sufferers. This may be a virtue, after all possible to fill only the necessary ingredients. Load 3.5 kg, but it is a narrow (even super-narrow) model with a reduced depth. The maximum number of revolutions corresponding to the recommended by experts.

Washing machine DELFA DWM-451 models will please fans of the activator. It has two compartments:

  • laundry;
  • for pressing.

Simultaneous loading bay is not allowed, the cost of this machine is quite low (4300 rubles).

For many models activator stiffness is not important, just to suit the user cleanliness of linen provided at the outlet. restrictions:

  • the temperature of the drinking water does not exceed 50 ° C;
  • housing need to be grounded;
  • fill the tank must manually.

Washing class lame (C). When deciding what kind of washing machines to choose, we recommend the model as a budget option. Often it is recommended to look at the number of programs, but the budget brands rarely refers to it, they have little opportunity.

Vertical washing machines Zanussi ZWY180 - representatives do not differ much class drum, from the ordinary. The rotation is about the horizontal axis. These washing machines are allowed to put in a corner next to the sink. In the limited space - an invaluable quality. Washing machine AEG Lavamat different from said rinse aid dosing. Once, of course, it is discharged into the pipe.

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