What is the difference between the epilator and depilatories

Play in the rapid responses. What is the difference between the epilator and depilatories. The first - an electrical device, the second - cream. What is different from hair removal waxing. In the first case, the hair is removed to the root, the second - the impact of limited cutaneous part. It is difficult to predict the effects of the removal cream came with this appliance, a blade attached to a depilatory. Powerless to respond. We are grateful to the many girls who videotape feedback process. Let's see which is better, epilator or depilatory.

Hair removal epilator, depilatory products with their own hands

What can cause a woman to remove hair. The desire to be beautiful. A few percent of men like hairy legs, others happy to see a friend's body smooth and elastic. No wonder there were nicknames like Bunny, Kitty. However, there is another kind of problem. The woman is violated hormones, growth appears on the face. Help hair removal destroys the root of the problem. However, take a few sessions, found contraindications. We'll talk later, after considering the everyday means of fighting for first place in the competition of beauties.

The methods of hair removal

Having read the review before the end of each talk at a decent level, differs from depilatory epilator, flash knowledge, there will need to keep the conversation.

Discard the good old candles, dripping on his chest. Sharp jerk to pull out the hairs have grown up in a place uninvited, hurt. There are half a dozen methods used in the home.

  • Good old-fashioned safety razor loyal assistant men. When it is necessary to outline the bikini line or clean the ankle, the beautiful half enjoys the good old depilatories. The edge does not remove shoots from the root, the man knows how fast hair grows back, but! Scientists have conducted a special experiment, found out two things:
  1. Regular shaving razor does not change the rate of hair growth, use the appliance in plenty. Safely.
  2. After depilatory hair does not begin to harden. Apparently, the man eventually obzavedshiysya forest on the face, suffering excess hormones (make-up).

Method of use, throwing doubt. Female hair thinner than the male, one treatment will suffice for a long time. Disadvantages: regrown bristles with sharp edges sharpened razor, will shoot up much later short time.

  • Wax continues to help, speaking means by which to overcome the hair. Epilation performed, enlisting the help of special strips. The composition of the wax cover problem areas, glued cross between cloth and plaster. Girls complain painful procedure Malyshev advises simply act disputes. The strip is removed abruptly, waiting for the time prescribed in the Regulations. The selected TV program organizers patient suffered in silence. The skin surface appeared smooth.
  • Special gels to remove hair, only to the skin surface. It called depilation. Instead of the word gel is often used another name - cream. Composition coated necessary place, hair brushes, plastic spatula. Probably the quickest way to get rid of the undergrowth. Pay attention to the instructions. Some depilatories are applied in 2-3 doses at intervals of, e.g., 5 minutes each. Cream differ consistency, flow, smell. And often it happens: a great aroma, the effect is below average. It happens the other way around. There are brand means that slow hair regrowth, containing special ingredients. Issued depilatories, including skin care.

depilation legs

  • Traditional epilator at the hearing. Man easily take over the grid razor pink... hair removal process takes place on the gel. Wet shave! Similarities epilator with an electric grid adds a removable, washable head. Now the couple can compete with each other to see who will, on an equal footing. Inside epilator instead of sharp knives cushion with soft rubber pads. It helps to massage the skin, lift hairs. After all, the task is to remove the epilator overgrown with roots. As a result, the process looks like shaving, for each place of the machine takes place once.

Regarding the method Malyshev noted Hair Removal Gel dominate medicine. Surgery is often required to remove hair. Epilator is not always used. Most gel applied to the skin in the desired location gently removed a suitable subject. Why surgeons cleanse the skin. The hair is a breeding ground for infections, bringing to the surface of the bacteria. Held depilation epilator problem areas.

  • Last home the way original. Hair removal by means of special Photolamps. The device resembles a form of hair dryer is provided with a narrow window where the air must come out. Epilator acts, due to the property of human tissues absorb light radiation differently. Dark hairs die, killed by exposure to light. The appliance does not touch the skin. Before the procedure is carried out depilation shaving machine (anything else). Section by section manages the predetermined region. Simply use the device. The rays of light exit area at the glass epilator with Photolamp made special rubber tabs governing the right distance. When the unit is leaning against the skin, light comes on "Finish", then it's time to press the button. Followed by a flash of light, proceed to examine the next section.

Epilator removes hairs

Please note the lamp to allocate resources for a fixed number of outbreaks. Then change the kit. Given that the epilator with the photo light is necessary to use three to six times, it becomes clear in each area: the resource is very limited. Beauty's claim that the procedure is painless. Doctors say: growth faces dangerous to remove this method. Women with elevated levels of sex hormones can cause skin pigmentation. It is appropriate to remind you that during the procedure it is recommended to wear glasses. And if a person is treated, categorically shown to do the procedure, and undergo surgery.

It would be desirable to note: resources of different devices. prices bite. For example, the photoelectric cell epilator Epic worth 45,000 rubles (360,000 blinks). The hair is removed once and for all in contrast to the methods mentioned earlier. The lion's share of space inside the epilator with photo light takes fan. Not surprisingly, try lightly touch the bulb light to understand the background of the problem. Epilator with photo light as possible is effective for light skin, dark hair, due to the absorption spectra. Blonde with dark skin have a chance to fail - the device may become useless. So it takes hair removal in winter, avoiding the sun's ultraviolet rays, sunburn.

Hair removal epilator from the master

Epilator or depilatory? Despite what the task. Above I mentioned in passing that women with a high content of hormones the use of epilators with photo light has the effect of skin pigmentation. Getting rid of one problem, we get another. In laser models no problem. Help laser hair removal specialist. Highly coherent radiation will reduce the total flow rate.

Remove hair from the body

The body is smeared with a special gel. painful procedure, tolerant. The patient feels a tingling sensation when the laser light reaches the hair follicles. Missing three, a maximum of six treatments to get rid of hair permanently.

Preparation for the procedure is a thorough method of hair removal hair removal. Use a razor. Better razor. Please note, use the shaving method is necessary for the entire period trips to the master. Term sometimes delayed for a month or more, depending on the schedule, the availability of free time. But, ideally, after completion of the course on the methods of hair removal and waxing hair can be forgotten forever.

The procedure itself in appearance not too different from what familiar hostess home epilators with photo light. Equipment worth more expensive, the total price of the course from the master may not be as high.

Play in question. What is the appliance? The device hair removal from the root. What is a depilatory? Cream for hair removal from the skin surface. Confident, attentive reader would be able to answer, devoid of clues! Be aware of the availability of complete deliverance from the shoots. In 1989 Kashpirovskiy induced hair growth in bald people, as a result of television some ladies to normal hormonal balance. More intelligent psychotherapists country.

We finish the review, we hope readers will be able to answer these questions about the subject with ease. Good luck readers, use the epilator, staying beautiful. So as to occupy only the first places everywhere.

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