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What to buy a hair clipper - actual topic. I do not always want to use the services of hairdressing salons. Treatment in the mentioned institutions hinder reasons:

  • distance from home;
  • high prices and unfair their education;
  • lack of free time;
  • additional fee for combined cutting and related services.

Clipper Moser hair will help to avoid such difficulties. The first models to work from the network, but today there are models that support the battery. The simplest haircut shaved unpopular. Included are tips that allow to adjust the height of cut. There MultiTouch option to help solve problems barber.

Background on the company Moser

The company's goal was the performance Moser motto Made in Germany. She is a member of the American firm WahlClipperCorporation (Corporation of machines for cutting ox). The company was founded in 1919 as a result of Leo Ox invented electromagnetic hair clipper. In 1965 WahlClipperCorporation is the world's first vacuum machine that allows customers to dispense with the cape at the hairdresser.

Haircut child

Two years later comes the first cordless hair clipper in the framework of the project, which has rechargeable battery. Engine for cutting machines came out successful. In 1985 it represented an additional wireless trimmer for cutting a mustache and beard. In 2001 godu WahlClipperCorporation registers patent for this embodiment of a vacuum device.

The company Moser characterized by a positive reputation. People already Century manufacturing industry tools for cutting hair, do not take under his wing unworthy brand. Leo Moser died in 1957, leaving a legacy of over one hundred patents.

Moser company founded in 1946. At the time of the 1996 purchase WahlClipperCorporation had two major divisions in Germany and Hungary. The acquisition of the corporation of the United States has decided to conquer the European market. At this point, the corporation worked overseas subsidiaries. The company Moser bought because of specific capacities, adapted to the manufacture of equipment for cutting hair. Today, 150 countries enjoy the company's products, has recently celebrated the 95th anniversary. Moser has become a brand the venerable company.

Mark joins the German quality and manufacturability of the American machines for cutting hair. Holders products will appreciate the operation of devices.

The company's products Moser

Among the professionals brand quickly gained popularity. This is due to the reliability, functionality and durability of the machines of this brand. Fans and qualified hairdressers to easily perform the haircuts of different configurations.

Clippers people

With a good track record, it is surprising lack of information about the company on the Russian market. The primacy of Moser - Clipper human hair 15 W with adjustable knife. Included are three nozzles 4, 5 and 9 mm. They are designed to align the hairstyles. Equipment is positioned as a professional, targeted for use in hairdressing establishments. The sole is made of steel gently glides over the skin, if necessary, may use a comb. Buy clipper Moser primacy should rather guru shaping mustache, beard and hair. At a price of under three thousand rubles model does not seem expensive. For the ordinary citizen the choice depends more on the price of a haircut in the district. In order to save their own funds, you can buy the product and produce a variety of self-haircut.

In this case it will be necessary to sit in the queue, but the complex haircut ordinary housewife will not pull. In ordinary women, this process is time-consuming. It turns out that domestic Clipper Moser hair will be a budget option many families.

Hair clipper

MultiClick system allows multiple clicks expose fixed knives for cutting the hair length in the range of 0.1-3 mm. The machine has a 5 position adjustment of the cutting height of hair. With the increase in the value clipper Moser hair will better achieve the desired results. Parameter indicates the adaptability of the machine to perform professional haircuts. And the mode switching is made with the thumb at the right moment, allowing you to quickly and accurately cut.

Weight 620 grams device. For comparison - a cordless iron shows a mass of 2 kg, steamer brush - 1 kg. Reviews of Moser typewriter suggest a good quality machines Moser. The device has a small flaw - a small knife is hammered, then moves with difficulty. Cleaning involves the weakening of a large fixed blade, need to re-use the settings. When adjusting please note that in some models of the blade moves along a trajectory of the pendulum. At rest, the one end of the blade is lower than the other, is not considered a breakdown or malfunction. Timely maintenance and cleaning will prevent the emergence of possible problems.

The speed of movement of the blade is 3000 rpm. Be cut is difficult, accuracy must be maintained. The commercials show how the hair-clipper attached outlines the client's hair, which has no capes. Many are inclined to consider the option more than a publicity stunt. This is not a vacuum device.


Clippers for animal

Moser clipper dogs is no different from the primate model. Found similar characteristics:

  • the weight;
  • power;
  • number of nozzles;
  • MultiClick system.

Clipper dog is also suitable for any other animal. To work for a long time without a break, take the model for 5 thousand rubles. It is able to operate for a long time. The difference between the machine for people and animals in the material. Thicker hair in animals, for this reason knife blunts stronger. For the manufacture of knives used a special type of steel to withstand heavy use.

Expensive models hair clippers Moser has two speeds and two power levels. This helps to adapt the performance of the equipment to the hairdresser's needs. In the course of wear the device. Sometimes parts required. Models Company Moser hair clippers find four vulnerabilities:

  1. Battery.
  2. Power adapter.
  3. Knives.
  4. Eccentric.


With the first two components of the all clear. In the operation of e-filling fails, the battery capacity decreases. Blades rubbing against each other. In order not to buy items often recommended to cover the abutment carbide coating requiring grinding to a predetermined roughness. The result is increased resistance to wear, increases service life. In industry, a number of methods of applying a solid coating:

  1. Galvanic.
  2. Plasma.
  3. EDM.

The latter method is suitable for coating a tungsten carbide surface coating only exposed to the maximum wear of tens of microns thick. Machine Knives for cutting hair alternately grounded terminal capture, an electrode is applied a positive potential. Well made necessary ground, due to the work on microwelding. Target hardware called WOCAFIX. It is considered a form of disposal, allowing to carry out such work.

Other products Moser

Moser produces different tools for grooming. as an indicator of the firm trust, avoiding fakes. There is a possibility of direct communication with the manufacturer or by authorized dealers.

What you see on the shelves:

  1. Moser electric shaver for men. This article is a tribute to the centennial history of the company WahlClipperCorporation.
  2. Epilators for women's feet and intimate parts of the body.
  3. Hair crimper.
  4. Hair dryer at reasonable prices and good quality.

Moser Company seeks to equip the products a maximum of useful properties. Integrated air ionizer neutralizes the positive particles are formed in an area of ​​strong heating spirals. This would allow for more careful drying, which is important for fragile and brittle hair.

Mainly equipment Moser is aimed at professionals, implying continuous operation and reliability, rugged housing and components. For availability of quality indicators will have to pay, but are commercially available devices of the budget options.

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