How to choose a capsule coffee machine for home

How to choose a capsule coffee machine for home


To facilitate the procedure for loading coffee, as well as solve problems with dosage, capsule coffee machines were invented. Today they are sold a large number, and choose the optimal model for yourself is not easy.

The popularity of a capsule-type coffee machine is also due to the fact that it is ideal for public places, in particular for the office, and for the home. You do not need to know the details of how to make coffee. All we need to do when we come to such a machine is to check the presence of water, insert the capsule and press the "on" button. The used capsules are easily eliminated, so the entire cooking process takes a minimum of time.

Depending on the type of capsule, you can prepare at home a classic espresso with golden foam or sweet chocolate, a strong ristretto or coffee with milk. At the same time, you do not need to think about how to grind the grain, how many spoons of ground grain to fill in the coffee machine, how much water to pour. This capsule coffee machine is better than a coffee maker. Do not even clean the filter. Just get out the used capsule and discard it.

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  • 1What determines the choice
  • 2Models and manufacturers
  • 3Additional functions

What determines the choice

The most important question: what should be the coffee machine, so drinking coffee would bring pleasure? Drink should be prepared quickly, have a pleasant taste and a real coffee flavor.


Before you decide to purchase a capsule-type coffee machine, you need to answer a few questions.

  • How many cups do you expect to cook per day?
  • How many varieties of drinks do you want to cook?
  • How much can you spend?

If you want to choose a device for a home, then stop for small-sized models. This will save you money, while at the same time you can cook excellent coffee in a few minutes at any time of the day or night.

Before buying a device, you need to consider the basic characteristics of the coffee machine, on which the taste of the prepared beverage will depend and the speed of operation of the device.

Characteristic What affects
Power beverage preparation speed
Pressure at water supply taste of a drink
Volume of the water tank number of cups
Additional functions ease of use

The more power the coffee machine, the faster it will make a cup of coffee. The speed of the drink depends on the speed: the faster it is cooked, the smoother and firmer it will be.

Pay attention to the noise that emits coffee machines when it works. If she will stand in the office, and she will often use it, unnecessary noise is clearly undesirable. At home in the morning loud noises, too, not everyone will like. If you decide to choose a capsule machine via the Internet, then this parameter can be found only by reviews.

A very important parameter for a capsule-type machine is the pressure with which water is fed to coffee.


The higher the pressure, the better, since the grains are more efficiently brewed, while the taste, the content of useful substances and the smell of the drink increase. For the capsule-type coffee machine, the optimum pressure is 15 atmospheres or more.

As for the capsules, they can be freely bought in any quantity necessary for you. They are sold through the Internet, in coffee shops, and also given if you buy a capsule machine during the promotion period. One has only to remember that capsules are not universal and they can only be suitable for their own specific machines.

Models and manufacturers

Let's say a few words about the price, as it will necessarily affect our choice. Usual coffee maker, of course, will cost less, but an easy-to-use capsule coffee machine for the house is quite affordable for every average family. The cost of inexpensive models starts from about, thousands of rubles. The better the assembly and the more prestigious the model, the higher the price.

  • Models such as Dolce Gusto (Nestle capsules) boast a wide variety of capsules and, therefore, coffee drinks. Interesting is the design of cars, attractive - a wide selection of models and low cost.
  • Nespresso type capsules (Nestle capsules) are distinguished by the production of high quality coffee, however, their cost is higher than Dolce Gusto and the choice of drinks is small. This machine is medium and high price category
  • Trademark Tassimo (discs from Jacobs Monarch) offers coffee machines that whip well and prepare classic coffee.
  • A capsule type coffee machine from Paulig (capsules of Paulig) prepares fine high quality coffee, although a set of capsules for it is not rich. The machine itself is of medium price and is suitable for home or for a small store.

Well, the producers of the best coffee machines are the famous De'Longhi, Bosch, Krups and some others. You can choose any model that you like and then purchase the appropriate capsules or find a replacement for them.

Additional functions

Additional options for adapting to the brewing of coffee allow us to fully enjoy the achievements of progress. To know how to use all of them, you should ask the seller, read the reviews and look at the instructions.


Very convenient is the automatic shutdown function. If you forgot to turn off the device, he can switch off, thereby saving you electricity.


In any coffee machine, you need to use clean filtered water, but if you do not have such an option, it is better to buy a machine with a water filter or a self-cleaning system.


For those who like cappuccino, you can buy capsules with powdered milk or choose a coffee machine with a cappuccino. This is an additional device that helps at home to beat the milk to foam. By the way, very often the horn coffee maker is sold with a cappuccino, and if you used it, you can handle it with a coffee machine.

There are units that can brew not only coffee, but also whose, for example, the above Paulig. Some machines are equipped with pressure gauges and containers for collecting used tablets. Convenient and aesthetically attractive is the presence of a display on which the state of the machine is monitored. The presence of all these functions forces us to choose in favor of this or that model.

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