In the fridge the light flashes

When a refrigerator breaks, a lot of problems appear, which are solved only by masters. But some of them can be handled on their own. If the light flashes in the refrigerator, you can eliminate the failure on its own.

Consider what to do if the light is blinking or not at all.

Content of the material:

  • 1No light in the fridge
    • 1.1Why does not the light
  • 2Flashing light when the refrigerator is turned on
  • 3Possible causes of failure: before and after turning off the light
  • 4How to fix the situation and fix the problem

No light in the fridge

In older models, the lamps are built into the ceiling of the refrigerating chamber, near the thermostat. In order for the lamp to fire when the door is opened, there is a special key. When the button is closed by a closed door - the light does not light, when the door is open and the button is released - the light appears.

Most modern models mainly use LED lighting. This lighting scheme is more convenient and economical, but access to it is complicated. Therefore, if the normal lamp does not light up or flashes, you can fix the breakdown yourself, and the installation of a new LED tape should be entrusted to a specialist.

Why does not the light

In order to understand why the light in the operating refrigerator is blinking, it is not enough to read the instructions, you need knowledge of electrical and personal experience. In the problem with light, a complex of technical factors is often to blame. Replacing the lamp can break this "chain and the refrigerator will need major repairs.

So start with the diagnosis:

  • arm yourself with a tester;
  • measure the resistance - check the voltage on the contacts.

Checking shows that the contacts are not supplied with electricity, and in the failure of the lamp, fault is not to blame? It is necessary to conduct maintenance of leakproof contacts reacting to fluctuations of magnetic fields.

Important! Sometimes problems with light start because of a malfunction of the thermostat. In case of a breakdown, the thermostat must be replaced - on its own or by calling a specialist.

Flashing light when the refrigerator is turned on

If the light flashes during the operation of the refrigerator or when it is turned on, this can be caused by serious breakdowns due to uneven electricity supply. In other words, the lamps blink because of voltage fluctuations in the network.

Important! If the network is stable, a flashing lamp can lead to its instability, triggering a power surge.

If the network is unstable, the light burns dimly, becoming brighter. This is not difficult to see without measuring instruments.

Another reason for blinking is the simultaneous inclusion in the network of powerful electrical appliances. If a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner and a drill with a mixer operate simultaneously, this can provoke blinking until the refrigerator is completely turned off.

The door button and its breakdown are another reason for blinking. Because of this, both the incandescent lamp and LED can fail. It will be necessary to replace the button with a working one. It is better to entrust the work to the master - he will check the electrical circuit of the refrigerator, find the cause of the failure and debug the lighting of the camera.

Possible causes of failure: before and after turning off the light

If the LED, halogen, fluorescent or ordinary lamp is blown or flashed before the light is turned off, or after that, take the time to write off the failure for a breakdown of the refrigerator. They can break down for the following reasons:

  • high humidity in the chamber;
  • low temperature;
  • natural wear and tear.

If none of the above reasons is confirmed, it is worth turning to the mechanic.

How to fix the situation and fix the problem

If you find out why the light bulb broke and decided to replace it, check if everything is in order with the lighting in the house. Do this:

  • unplug the refrigerator from the mains;
  • get food from the camera;
  • dismantle shelves and drawers;
  • remove the cover of the plafond;

  • disconnect the connectors of the wires leading to the light bulb;
  • remove the protective tape;
  • buy a similar model of a light bulb, install it instead of the old one;
  • Before installation, check the integrity of the cartridge and the operation of the sensor;
  • secure the protective cover in place.

Now you know all about the reasons for the light bulb flashing in the refrigerator, and you have a guide to action if the bulb needs to be replaced.

Important! To avoid blinking, it is recommended to install a voltage regulator, which will ensure the stability of the power grid, and the blinking stops.

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