Error codes for Ariston refrigerators, how to troubleshoot

If you do not have the opportunity to look at the instructions to find out the error value of the Ariston refrigerator, read our article.

Modern refrigerators are equipped with a self-diagnostic system. If a fault occurs, the display shows the fault codes. We combined their values ​​in the table.

Content of the material:

  • 1Troubleshooting codes Hotpoint Ariston
    • 1.1Breakage of A1 and A2 in Hotpoint Ariston refrigerators

Troubleshooting codes Hotpoint Ariston

If you see an error code on the screen, try restarting the machine. To do this, disconnect it from the network for 15-20 minutes. After turning on, look at the scoreboard. If the icons are lit again, look for the decoding in the instruction or in our table.

DTC Description How to fix
F01 Problems in the operation of the starting motor relay.
  1. Perform the part check. Use the multimeter, also visually inspect at the time of the submarines.
  2. Replace the relay if a fault occurs.
F02 The start relay is open (does not start). Perhaps there was an overload in the network, a sudden surge in voltage. Diagnose and install a new item.
F03 Incorrect operation of the control module. For inspection, remove the card from the installation site. Diagnostics should be entrusted to the master. He will call the contacts and elements of the module, perform repair or replacement.
F04 The fan in the freezer does not work. Causes:
  • Frozen ice.
  • Wiring fault.
  • The motor of the fan has burnt out as a result of voltage drops.
  • The lubricant was dried in the bearings of the motor.
What can be done:
  • When naledi on the blades, unfreeze the chamber.
  • Inspect the wiring for damage. Replace the cable if integrity is compromised.
  • Install a new fan motor.
  • Refresh the bearing lubrication.
F05 The control flap is broken. Checking and replacing the item.
F06 The element that controls the operation of the defrost heater does not function. It is better to contact the master for verification and further replacement.
F07 The integrity of the defrost heater wiring is broken. Looking for all parts of the wiring, replacement of burnt parts.
F08 The motor solenoid valve has broken. Your actions:
  • Diagnosis of breakage.
  • Possible repair or replacement of parts.
F09 Problems with EEPROM. Infringement of an insertion of a payment. Checking and flashing the module is necessary.
F10 Depends on the model:
  • Technique with NO-FROST - problems with the damper.
  • Units with CCZ - problems with the switching valve.
Call a specialist for diagnosis.
F11 The control element of the fan failed. Install a working item.
F12 The connections between the electronic board and the screen are broken. Check the contacts. Perhaps you need to tighten connections.
F13 The fan in the refrigerator does not function. The reasons are similar to error F10. Only the repair of the part will help.
F14 The control module does not function correctly. Inspect and install the new part.
F15 In the Mutiflow system, a thyristor fault has occurred that controls the heater. Carrying out an inspection, searching for solutions for troubleshooting.
F16 Fan blades in the refrigerator compartment do not work. In models No Frost - a fault in the heater control element.
F17 Problems with the electronic valve (Aqua Care, F18). Problems with the pump (Ever Fresh).
F20 The light in the refrigerator does not light up. Install a new light bulb.
F21 The NTC sensor is broken. Will help change the non-working element.
F22, F23 NTC does not work in the refrigerator or in the evaporator.
F24, F25 Breakage of NTC in the freezer or in its evaporator.
F26 NTC does not work in the CCZ system.
F28 Problems with the control board of the screen. Diagnosis of a specialist, repair.

Below are the errors that indicate a problem with the keys on the control panel.

Error code Key What to do
F 40 Start Check wiring, tighten the contacts. Install a new button.
F 41 I Sage
F 42 holidays
F 43 Ice Party
F 44 Ever Fresh
F 45 Super Freeze
F 46 Super cold (Super Cool)
F 47 Alarm message
F 49 Frigo +
F 50 Frigo-
F 51 CCZ
F52 Freezer +
F53 Freezer-

Breakage of A1 and A2 in Hotpoint Ariston refrigerators

The fault code A1 means that the temperature in the compartments exceeds the norm.

Possible causes:

  • The fan has overgrown with ice and does not work. Cold air does not enter the compartment.
  • The evaporator freezes. His sensor is broken.
  • The heater is burned out.
  • The main board does not work correctly.

What you can do yourself:

  • Check the tightness of the door to the cabinet. The hinges may have slipped or the seal was worn. Then the chamber receives warm air and the temperature rises. Replace the sealer easily with your own hands. Try to tighten the door fasteners or replace the hinges.
  • The refrigerator is off, since there is no electricity. Reboot the system and re-enable the machine.

If you recently downloaded the products to the camera, wait 20-30 minutes until the temperature recovers.

  • Defrost the technique until the walls of the ice and snow build up.

If these methods do not help, it is better to consult a specialist.

Error A02 indicates a temperature rise in the freezer compartment. Actions are the same as in the previous case. In addition, you can check the thermostat, the correct values ​​are set.

Now you know what to do if the code is displayed on the screen. Do not tighten with a check so that the breakdown does not become fatal.

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