How to clean a suede hat at home: 8 proven methods


  • 1 Cleaning features
    • 1.1 Light pollution: 4 solutions
    • 1.2 Thorough cleaning: 4 methods
  • 2 Conclusion
Suede hats need to be cared for regularly.Suede hats need to be cared for regularly.

Products made of suede look especially attractive, but the material is quite capricious in the care. Cleaning a suede hat, for example, is a real challenge for many. However, not everything is so difficult! I'll tell you about all the effective ways to clean the cap at home from natural suede.

Cleaning features

Brush for suede perfectly copes with light pollutionBrush for suede perfectly copes with light pollution

Suede does not tolerate excessive moisture, but if the product gets wet through, then it is immediately deformed, coarse and completely loses its appearance. This property complicates the task of cleaning, so you can only clean the suede thing in a dry way, not with a wash.

Light pollution: 4 solutions

Fresh stains, dust and dirt can be removed without any extra effort if you use:

  • special brush for suede;
  • ordinary rubber eraser;
  • steam generator;
  • salt and bread (wheat).

All of the above tools are good in dealing with fresh stains or in order to refresh the look of the product.

The steam generator can help out in the issue of cleaning suede productsThe steam generator can help out in the issue of cleaning suede products

To prevent the headgear from getting wet in the rain, it is advisable to purchase a water-repellent spray in specialized departments. Its price is available to almost everyone, and it can be used for shoes and suede jackets.

Water repellent spray will keep suede from getting wetWater repellent spray will keep suede from getting wet

So, how to clean the cap at home from light pollution:

A photo Instruction
table_pic_att15070024574 Method 1: use a special brush

To raise the villi or remove excess dust or dried dirt, it is recommended to use a special brush for suede products:

  • brush passes over the entire surface, removing particles of dust or dirt;
  • it is desirable to carry out in one direction, so that the villi lie the same;
  • You can use a vacuum cleaner beforehand to remove dust and dirt from the surface.
table_pic_att15070024575 Method 2: Eraser

A regular school eraser not bad displays small stains and brings the cap into a neat look.

It is enough just to rub the villi and remove the excess eraser by shaking the headgear.

table_pic_att15070024596 Method 3: steam cleaning

As you know, it is impossible to wet suede, but you can steam it with:

  • walk the steam generator on the surface of the entire product, paying special attention to the problem areas;
  • if there is no steam generator, you can hold the product over boiling water, and then go with a brush.
table_pic_att15070024607 Method 4: bread and salt

Bread and salt meet not only guests, but also fresh grease stains on suede:

  • sprinkle salt on the fresh spot, not sparing;
  • leave for some time to absorb excess fat into the salt;
  • shaking off the remains of salt, walk the crumb of wheat bread over the problem area, and then brush the place with a brush. The stain should disappear.

Dry the suede products only in a natural way - away from heating appliances and direct sunlight.

Thorough cleaning: 4 methods

You can clean the suede at home, even if there are greasy areas and old spots. The table describes in detail how to clean the suede takes from suede, if serious contamination is found:

Picture Description
width = "2048" Method 1. Petrol
  • moisten a cotton swab or a clean cloth in a small amount of gasoline;
  • Gently rub the problem area until the stain disappears;
  • blot the cleaned area with a clean, dry towel.
table_pic_att15070024768 Method 2 Ammonia and vinegar
  • we part 1 part of liquid ammonia in 4 parts of water;
  • blot a cotton swab in the solution and process the problem area;
  • Dissolve 5 ml of vinegar in 200 ml of water and process all the areas with a cotton swab;
  • remove excess moisture with a paper napkin or towel.
table_pic_att15070024769 Method 3. Milk and Soda
  • 1 part of soda is dissolved in 10 parts of skimmed milk;
  • in the resulting solution promakivaem and squeeze a clean cloth;
  • we pass a rag on the polluted sites;
  • clean and damp cloth remove excess solution;
  • dry towel remove excess moisture from the cap.
table_pic_att150700247710 Method 4. Starch and ammonia
  • part of the starch (enough one teaspoon) mixed with 5 ml of ammonia;
  • stir until a slurry;
  • apply gruel to pollution and leave for a couple of minutes;
  • remove residues from the surface and wipe with a slightly damp clean cloth.

Do not allow suede to soak through. When treating it with water-based cleaners, always soak the problem area with a dry towel.


All these methods allow you to clean suede hats with your own hands. But remember, the gentle handling of delicate material, timely cleaning and care will ensure the product has an excellent appearance for a long time.

The video in this article clearly shows the nuances of cleaning suede hats at home. And if you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them in the comments!

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